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Thu Apr 26 19:54:50 2018

Information about: hsbte.org
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TitleHaryana Board of Technical Education (view sites with similar title)
Description Haryana Board of Technical Education About HSBTE Organization Chart Act and Constitution Bye Laws Old Syllabus New Syllabus w.e.f Session 2012-13 Syllabus For New Branches Sample Papers for HSBTE Pattern of Examinations Criteria for Grace Marks Schedule...
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Hsbte Summary

Haryana Board of Technical Education. Haryana Board of Technical Education. About HSBTE. Organization Chart.
Act and Constitution. Bye Laws. Old Syllabus. New Syllabus w.e.f Session 2012-13. Syllabus For New Branches.
Sample Papers for HSBTE. Pattern of Examinations. Criteria for Grace Marks. Schedule for PCA Forms.
Nodal/Networking Centers. List of Ids. Committee. Governing Council. Finance Committee. Migration Form.
PCA Form. Affiliation Form. Result May - June 2012. Screen Shot for filing of Rechecking Application by Institute.
Policy Decision for Establishment of New Institutions and Introduction of New/Additional Courses.
Last date for filling PCA form without late fees for Dec/Jan 2012-13 Exam is 31/10/12. Untitled Document.
Affiliation to HSBTE. Polytechnic. Advt./Expression of Interest. Faculty Development. Institutions/Branch Codes.
Equivalency. Datesheet/Academic Calender. Student Corner. UMC. UMC Cases Instructions. List of UMC Cases.
UMC Decision. Migration. Migration Rules. ...

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Alexa Rank Alexa Rank Date
273183 2013-05-15
284220 2013-05-01
263569 2013-04-15
284029 2013-04-01
203943 2013-03-15
245513 2013-03-01
493258 2013-02-15
513000 2013-01-30
613288 2013-01-08
628096 2012-11-17
635271 2011-12-06
146834 2011-08-13
607783 2010-06-10

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  1. About HSBTE
  2. Organization Chart
  3. Act and Constitution
  4. Bye Laws
  5. Old Syllabus
  6. New Syllabus w.e.f Session 2012-13
  7. Syllabus For New Branches
  8. Sample Papers for HSBTE
  9. Pattern of Examinations
  10. Criteria for Grace Marks
  11. Schedule for PCA Forms
  12. Nodal/Networking Centers
  13. List of Ids
  14. Committee
  15. Governing Council
  16. Finance Committee
  17. Migration Form
  18. PCA Form
  19. Affiliation Form
  20. Result May - June 2012.
  21. Screen Shot for filing of Rechecking Application by Institute
  22. Policy Decision for Establishment of New Institutions and Introduction of New/Additional Courses.
  23. Affiliation to HSBTE
  24. Polytechnic
  25. Advt./Expression of Interest
  26. Faculty Development
  27. Institutions/Branch Codes
  28. Equivalency
  29. Datesheet/Academic Calender
  30. Student Corner
  31. UMC Cases Instructions
  32. List of UMC Cases
  33. UMC Decision
  34. Migration Rules
  35. Migration Results/Orders
  36. Migration Fees Refund
  37. Archive
  38. EDUSAT Cell Information
  39. EDUSAT Detail
  40. EDUSAT Learning Material
  41. Placement Cell Information
  42. Job Mela/Placement Results
  43. Our Directory
  45. Check Your Mail
  46. Final Datesheet for Dec/Jan 2012-13 Exam
  47. Instruction regarding preparation of DMCs of DET-L students
  48. Revised PCA shcedule
  49. Schedule For Sports & Cultural 18.10.2012
  50. Examination Reforms
  51. Guidelines for Awarding Weightage for Attendance and Continuous Evaluation
  52. Regarding Bilingual Question Papers of 1st Yr from January 2013
  53. Mercy Chance-Dec/Jan 2012-13 Exam
  54. New ID's for 1st Semester for all batches w.e.f Nov/Dec 2012 Exam
  55. NHFDC Scheme of 1500 Scholarships for the students with disabilities
  56. The Haryana Prohibition of Ragging in Educational Institution Ordinance, 2012
  57. Clarification regarding UMC Decisions
  58. Maintaining of Mandatory Disclosure as per latest AICTE guidelines on institutional website
  59. Appellate Committee Decision of May June 2012 Exam UMC Cases
  60. Exemption from submission of No objection Certificate/Migration Certificate for diploma holders for admission to higher education system.
  61. Minutes of the Meeting held under the Chairmanship of Honble C.M. on 1.8.2012"
  62. Status of Installation of Biometric Machine and Maintaining Institute website
  64. Forthcoming Events of STCs (Jul-Sep, 2012) at NITTTR Chandigarh
  65. Decision of New Polytechnics - UMCs of July 2012 Exams.
  66. Instructions regarding Grace Marks for 2009 Batch
  67. Notice for the candidates having UMCs in May/June 2012, HSBTE Exam including UMCs detected at TMCs
  68. Procedures to be followed by students for revaluation
  69. Minutes of UMC Committee Meeting held on 12th, 13th & 14th July 2012 at SJJP Damla.....
  70. Dec 2011 pass percentage of Polytechnic
  71. June 2011 pass percentage of Polytechnic
  72. State-wise list of Fake Universities as on - 2010
  73. Affiliation Bye-laws & Examination Regulations
  75. Scheme and pattern of question paper w.e.f. Nov/Dec 2011
  76. New Scheme of Roll No. for 2010-11 onwards
  77. www.aicte.nic.in
  78. www.haryana.gov.in
  79. www.nitttrchd.ac.in
  80. www.hscs.net.in
  81. www.techeduhry.nic.in
  82. www.hsbte.com
  83. Jayanti Software Solutions
  84. free website hit counter

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