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Sun Feb 25 04:49:23 2018

Information about: iacenter.org
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TitleIACenter.org (view sites with similar title)
Category: Society / Activism / Multi-Issue
Society / Issues / Global / Hegemonism
Society / Issues / Peace / Activism and Peace Work
Description Home About the IAC IAC Books and Resources Current Actions Local Actions Contact Us JAN 12 GALA - Ramsey Clark 85th Birthday - IAC 20th Anniversary: NYC Ramsey Clark / IAC Gala will be LIVE STREAMED To access go to CPRmetro.org from 6:45-8:15 PM Follow...
Address http://www.iacenter.org Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @iacenter
Our goal is the liberation and freedom of all peoples living in the U.S. and around the world.
Local Actions and Events http://t.co/QXxTCv6l47

Iacenter - Site Review: International Action Center - Coordinates activism and information opposing domestic and international injustices. Founded by Ramsey Clark. International Action Center - American organization which fights US militarism, war, and corporate greed. International Action Center - Provides information, activism, and resistance to U.S. militarism, war, and corporate greed. Action alerts, news, and analysis of events around the world.

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IACenter.org. Home. About the IAC. IAC Books and Resources. Current Actions. Local Actions.
Contact Us. JAN 12 GALA - Ramsey.Clark 85th Birthday - IAC 20th Anniversary: NYC. Ramsey Clark / IAC Gala will be LIVE STREAMED.
To access go to CPRmetro.org from 6:45-8:15 PM. Follow us on Twitter at @iacenter.Gala Hashtags: #ramseyclarkgala #IACgala #IAC20th #ramseybirthday.
#ramseygala #riversidechurchnyc #ramseyclark. IAC CELEBRATES TWENTY YEARS OF ACTIVISM. The International Action Center’s first two decades: A beacon of struggle for the world’s anti-imperialists.
(Jan 11, 2013 9:04 PM) Ramsey Clark 85th Birthday / IAC 20th Anniversary Gala Invitation.
Please Join the International Action Center at Our 85th Birthday / 20th.Anniversary Gala Celebrating the 85th Birthday of Ramsey Clark:
the 20th Anniversary of the IAC: JAN 12, RIVERSIDE CHURCH, NYC. Ramsey Clark remains a unique political figure in the United States. At great.
sacrifice he has consistently opposed U.S. intervention abroad and fought ...

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  1. About the IAC
  2. IAC Books and Resources
  3. Current Actions
  4. Local Actions
  5. Contact Us
  6. JAN 12 GALA - Ramsey Clark 85th Birthday - IAC 20th Anniversary: NYC
  8. The International Action Center’s first two decades: A beacon of struggle for the world’s anti-imperialists
  9. Ramsey Clark 85th Birthday / IAC 20th Anniversary Gala Invitation
  10. SIGN the Petition for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui! Repatriate Aafia to Pakistan!
  11. Cynthia McKinney, Sara Flounders travel to Pakistan in solidarity with political prisoner
  12. Tell U.S. to ‘Free Aafia Siddiqui!’
  13. The frame-up of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui
  14. Mumia Abu-Jamal fights life imprisonment
  15. Our visit with Mumia Abu-Jamal
  16. Free Mumia! Your Help is Needed
  17. Donate to the Free Mumia! Campaign
  18. Millions4Mumia: http://www.millions4mumia.org/
  19. Fact Sheet on Mumia Abu-Jamal
  20. Free Leonard Peltier!
  21. Leonard Peltier: Silence Screams - Background Information
  22. PETITION for the safety, wellbeing release of Leonard Peltier
  23. Manning picked as Person of the Year
  24. PressTV interview on Bradley Manning: 'US must support and encourage more people like Manning'
  27. Free Lynne Stewart!
  28. Free Tarek Mehanna!
  30. Over 400 Organizations and Individuals Endorse Call to Free Ahmad Sa'adat and all Palestinian Prisoners!
  31. Cease-fire halts Israeli assault; Gaza struggle unresolved
  32. Condemnation of Israel goes global
  33. Israel ‘Guilty,’ says Russell Tribunal on Palestine
  34. GAZA RESISTS U.S.-backed Israeli terror
  35. Gaza Resistance Book Released with Foreword by Ramsey Clark
  36. Open political battle breaks out over Egypt’s Constitution
  37. Egypt erupts over Morsi power grab
  39. U.S. backs Bani Walid’s destruction
  40. Syria defends itself from imperialist onslaught
  41. Puppets use chemical weapons against Bani Walid, Libya
  42. Libya becomes focus of U.S. election
  43. On Turkey's Grounding of Syrian Airliner - NATO MOVES CLOSER TO WAR
  44. 3 IAC Interviews: U.S. role in the widening war in Syria today
  45. Non-Aligned Movement meets in Iran, defies U.S.
  46. Veterans For Peace Appeals to Non-Alignment Movement Leaders: Stop War, Stop Sanctions on Iran
  47. Solidarity with Iran - SI Statement; also in Spanish and Farci
  48. Iraqi mass-kidnapping mystery solved. Disappeared Ministry of Higher Education officials, arrested by Iraqi National Police in November 2006, end up in mass grave
  49. U.S. out of Afghanistan
  50. More on political meaning of Bo Xilai’s suppression
  51. Setback for U.S. war plans in Asia
  52. Korea International War Crimes Tribunal, June 23, 2001, New York: Report and Final Judgment on US Crimes in Korea 1945-2001
  53. VIDEO: Lucy Pagoada's speech about the FNRP at the 4th ILPS Assembly in Manila
  54. The ‘ironclad unity of the Bolivarian gov’t’
  55. World’s people show solidarity with Chávez
  56. Haiti’s reconstruction barely begun
  57. Colombian peace talks begin
  58. Albany, N.Y., protest demands fracking ban
  59. Coal miners, Hurricane Sandy and China’s GreenGen
  60. Climate change affects life in the Arctic
  61. Monsanto, genetic engineering and food, part 2
  62. Monsanto, genetic engineering and food
  63. U.S. Invasion Turned Iraqi Cities Hot with Depleted Uranium
  64. DVD: Poison DUst: A New Look at U.S. Radioactive Weapons
  65. New Video on Depleted Uranium: "When the Dust Settles"
  66. More on Depleted Uranium
  68. View the Dinner Menu
  69. Help IAC Move - Support January 12 Ramsey Clark / IAC Gala
  70. Gala to honor IAC and its founder, Ramsey Clark
  71. Ramsey Clark’s unique contribution to human rights
  72. Messages from Mumia and the Cuban 5 to the Ramsey Clark 85th Birthday / IAC 20th Anniversary Gala
  73. Invitation Letter from Father Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann to the JAN 12 Ramsey Clark 85th Birthday / IAC 20th Anniversary GALA
  74. Ramsey Clark's 85th Birthday / IAC 20th Anniversary GALA Donations
  75. Ramsey Clark, founder of the International Actin Center, is recipient of UN Human Rights Award; award made every five years to five human rights defenders whose life's work has been outstanding
  76. Ramsey Clark implores Nebraska to “Free Ed and Mondo”
  77. Mass outpouring for Chávez’s gov’t in Venezuela
  78. Southern conference in solidarity with nurses, dock workers
  79. Pacific Northwest longshore workers reject cutbacks
  80. East Coast ports strike looms — Feb. 6 deadline
  81. Urgent: Colombian autoworkers on a hunger strike for justice need our support!
  82. January Delegation to Venezuela: Witness Historic Inaugurations and Advances in Food Sovereignty, Human Rights, and Community Power
  83. ‘This is what solidarity looks like!’--Leslie Feinberg: Open call to submit photos for multimedia dedication to CeCe McDonald
  84. Drop the charges against Leslie Feinberg: Court re-charges transgender author for action supporting CeCe McDonald Call the City Attorney today!
  85. A National Call for a People's Power Assembly
  86. Campaign to Free Palestinina Leader Ahmad Sa'adat
  87. Demonstrations in Palestine, around the world say ‘Free Khader Adnan!’
  88. Support Chuck Turner! The Struggle Continues!
  89. Solidarity with Dr. Tarek Mehanna
  90. Hurricane Sandy and capitalism
  91. IAC delivers aid to Occupy Sandy
  92. In defense of peoples’ power
  93. Building for people’s power
  94. A pardon for the Wilmington 10
  95. Riders transit workers protest anti-Muslim subaway ads/ also in French and German
  96. From Oakland to NYC, family members, activists assail police brutality
  97. Trayvon the war against Us
  98. Hoax of the ‘fiscal cliff’: How Pentagon feasts while jobless crisis drains budget
  99. What ‘Fiscal Cliff’? / ¿Qué "Precipicio Fiscal"? by Mumia Abu-Jamal
  100. Rape, there and here
  101. Spain: Free Alfon!
  102. Origins of Michigan’s ‘right-to-work’ union-busting law
  103. Sandy Hook tragedy: Its roots go deeper than guns
  104. South African farmworkers on strike
  105. NEW BOOK: WAR Without Victory; The Pentagon’s Achilles Heel, by Sara Flounders, Co-Director, IAC
  106. Capitalism and the roots of inequality
  107. Join the Occupy for Jobs Network
  108. Letter to the Occupy Wall Street Movement
  109. Statement against FBI and grand jury repression
  110. SIGN to Drop All Charges against Carlos Montes and Stop FBI Represssion of the Chicano, Immmigrant Rights, Anti-war and International Solidarity Movements
  111. SIGN to Stop FBI Repression of Anti-War Activists NOW
  112. Sara Flounders, Co-Director, International Action Center
  113. DONATE Support our work
  114. JOIN US Sign up for action alerts
  115. Share
  116. Afghanistan
  117. Africa
  118. Anti-war
  119. Balkans
  120. Bolivia
  121. Class Struggle
  122. Colombia
  123. Cuba
  124. Environment
  125. GI’s Veterans
  126. Haiti
  127. Honduras
  128. Immigrants
  129. Iran
  130. Iraq
  131. International Anti-Occupation Network
  132. Korea
  133. Labor Solidarity
  134. Latin America-Caribbean Solidarity Committee
  135. Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans
  136. Native Rights
  137. North Africa Middle East
  138. Palestine Lebanon
  139. Philippines
  140. Political Prisoners
  141. Puerto Rico
  142. Racism Oppression
  143. Venezuela
  144. World Conference Against Racism
  145. Women
  146. In the U.S.
  147. Around the world
  148. Email this page
  149. Printer friendly
  150. AddThis Feed Button
  151. Atlanta
  152. Baltimore
  153. Boston
  154. Buffalo/Western NY
  155. Charlotte, N.C.
  156. Detroit
  157. Jersey City and Newark
  158. Los Angeles
  159. Western Massassachusetts
  160. New York City
  161. Philadelphia
  162. Raleigh, N.C.
  163. San Diego
  164. San Francisco
  165. Seattle
  166. Tucson
  167. Occupy 4 Jobs
  168. PeoplesVideo on YouTube
  169. Bail Out the People Movement
  170. FIST Youth
  171. Stop War on Iran Campaign
  172. Poison DUst
  173. Peoples Video Network
  174. United American Indians of New England
  175. and more links
  176. Condemn Political Repression in Honduras
  177. Say No! to Racist Arizona-Style Anti-Immigrant Laws
  178. Solidarity with Iran
  179. International campaign for a civil rights investigation of the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal
  180. Stop war on Iran
  181. Food not troops - End the U.S. military occupation of Haiti
  182. For the safety of Leonard Peltier
  183. Archives

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