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Tue Feb 20 10:44:21 2018

Information about: ieee-cis.org
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TitleIEEE Computational Intelligence Society
Category: Computers / Artificial Intelligence / Neural Networks / Research Groups
Description From its institution as the Neural Networks Council in the early 1990s, the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society has rapidly grown into a robust community with a vision for addressing real-world issues with biologically-motivated computational paradigms. The Society offers leading research in nature-inspired problem solving, including neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, fuzzy systems, and hybrid intelligent systems. Members contribute to the theory, design, application, and development of biologically and linguistically motivated computational paradigms, emphasizing neural networks, connectionist systems, genetic algorithms, evolutionary programming, fuzzy systems, and hybrid intelligent systems in which these paradigms are contained.
Keywordsieee, intelligency, intelligence, society, biological, linguistic, computational, paradigms, neural, networks, evolutionary algorithms, fuzzy systems, hybrid intelligent systems
Address http://cis.ieee.org/ Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @ieeecis
The IEEE Computational Intelligence Society is a professional society of the IEEE which focuses on Nature-inspired problem solving.
IEEE TFS Table of Contents: http://t.co/TDC1NAtwms
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Ieee - Site Review: IEEE Computational Intelligence Society - Brings together the community of scientists and engineers in the field of neural networks and connectionist systems. Includes mission statement, activities, publications and contact information.

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ieee computational intelligence society. ieee.org. ieee Xplore Digital Library. ieee Standards.
ieee Spectrum. More Sites. Sign in. Join CIS. Welcome to the ieee computational intelligence society's new website. Please use the search bar or the tabs below to navigate to the page you are trying to locate. Please update your existing bookmarks and remember to check back often for new updates!
Search ieee computational intelligence society. Follow: Share: Home. About CIS. Awards.
Conferences. History. Education. Membership. Publications. Technical Activities. Vladimir Vapnik Receives 2012 ieee Frank Rosenblatt Award.
James C. Bezdek at poster sessions. ieee CIS Members enjoying CI games. ieee CIS VP of Membership Pablo A. Estevez.
Attendees exploring part of the poster area at ieee WCCI 2012. ieee CIS President Marios M. Polycarpou and INNS President Ron Sun at ieee WCCI 2012.
The Committee and GO Players at the ieee WCCI 2012 GO Competition. News & Announcements. Database

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  1. IEEE.org
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  3. IEEE Standards
  4. IEEE Spectrum
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  11. Home
  12. About CIS
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  18. Publications
  19. Technical Activities
  20. http://cis.ieee.org/university-curricula.html
  21. CIS Education Center
  22. http://goo.gl/oFWVJ
  23. cis.socialmedia@gmail.com
  24. Click here for previous announcements!
  25. IEEE SSCI 2013
  26. travel grants
  27. http://www.ieee-ssci.org/
  28. http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/stamp/stamp.jsp?tp=&arnumber=6074934
  29. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
  30. Access online (IEEE Xplore)
  31. Information for Authors
  33. Unsupervised Learning by Minimal Entropy Encoding
  34. Nonparametric Mixtures of Gaussian Processes With Power-Law Behavior
  35. Generalization Bounds of ERM-Based Learning Processes for Continuous-Time Markov Chains
  36. Neural Network Based Online Simultaneous Policy Update Algorithm for Solving the HJI Equation in Nonlinear Control
  37. Cost-Sensitive Sequences of Bregman Divergences
  38. Noise-Tuning-Based Hysteretic Noisy Chaotic Neural Network for Broadcast Scheduling Problem in Wireless Multihop Networks
  39. Exponential Stabilization of Memristive Neural Networks With Time Delays
  40. Descent Algorithms on Oblique Manifold for Source-Adaptive ICA Contrast
  41. Sparse Approximation to the Eigensubspace for Discrimination
  42. Adaptive Subset Kernel Principal Component Analysis for Time-Varying Patterns
  43. Robust Single-Hidden Layer Feedforward Network-Based Pattern Classifier
  44. Compositional Generative Mapping for Tree-Structured DataPart I: Bottom-Up Probabilistic Modeling of Trees
  45. Real AdaBoost With Gate Controlled Fusion
  46. IIJCNN-Dallas, TX
  47. 2014 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence
  48. IEEE open access publishing [advertisement]
  49. IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Information
  50. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks information for authors
  51. IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems
  52. IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems publication information
  53. Robust Nonfragile Filtering of Fuzzy Systems With Linear Fractional Parametric Uncertainties
  54. Adaptive Fuzzy Control of a Class of Nonlinear Systems by Fuzzy Approximation Approach
  55. Robust Control for Fuzzy Dynamical Systems: Uniform Ultimate Boundedness and Optimality
  56. An Extension of Fuzzy Measures to Multisets and Its Relation to Distorted Probabilities
  57. Observer-Based Piecewise Affine Output Feedback Controller Synthesis of Continuous-Time TS Fuzzy Affine Dynamic Systems Using Quantized Measurements
  58. A Global Exponential Fuzzy Observer Design for Time-Delay TakagiSugeno Uncertain Discrete Fuzzy Bilinear Systems With Disturbance
  59. Improved Structure Optimization for Fuzzy-Neural Networks
  60. A Kernel-Based Framework for Learning Graded Relations From Data
  61. Preference Learning Using the Choquet Integral: The Case of Multipartite Ranking
  62. A Novel Approach to Filter Design for TS Fuzzy Discrete-Time Systems With Time-Varying Delay
  63. Fuzzy c-Means Algorithms for Very Large Data
  64. TSK Fuzzy CMAC-Based Robust Adaptive Backstepping Control for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
  65. Uncertain Alternating Renewal Process and Its Application
  66. LMI Solution for Robust Static Output Feedback Control of Discrete TakagiSugeno Fuzzy Models
  67. Relaxed Stabilization Criterion for TS Fuzzy Systems by Minimum-Type Piecewise-Lyapunov-Function-Based Switching Fuzzy Controller
  68. 2013 International Conference on Fuzzy Systems
  69. Open Access [advertisement]
  70. IEEE Xplore Digital Library [advertisement]
  71. IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems information for authors
  72. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation
  73. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation publication information
  74. The Technology of the Gaps: An Evolvable Hardware Synthesized Oscillator for the Control of a Flapping-Wing Micro Air Vehicle
  75. Continuous Dynamic Constrained OptimizationThe Challenges
  76. Hybrid Metaheuristics Based on Evolutionary Algorithms and Simulated Annealing: Taxonomy, Comparison, and Synergy Test
  77. An Efficient Resource Allocation Scheme Using Particle Swarm Optimization
  78. Evolving Boolean Networks on Tunable Fitness Landscapes
  79. Efficient Forest Data Structure for Evolutionary Algorithms Applied to Network Design
  80. An Artificial Immune System for Classification With Local Feature Selection
  81. The Automatic Design of Multiobjective Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms
  82. Acknowledgment to reviewers
  83. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation information for authors
  84. IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development
  85. IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development publication information
  86. A Unified Account of Gaze Following
  87. A Developmental Approach to Structural Self-Organization in Reservoir Computing
  88. Predicting Visual Stimuli From Self-Induced Actions: An Adaptive Model of a Corollary Discharge Circuit
  89. Human-Recognizable Robotic Gestures
  90. Intrinsic Motivation and Introspection in Reinforcement Learning
  91. Model-Free Reinforcement Learning of Impedance Control in Stochastic Environments
  92. IEEE Foundation
  93. IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development information for authors
  94. IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games
  95. IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games publication information
  96. Ensemble Determinization in Monte Carlo Tree Search for the Imperfect Information Card Game Magic: The Gathering
  97. Introducing Individual and Social Learning Into Evolutionary Checkers
  98. Evolutionary Design of FreeCell Solvers
  99. Monte Carlo Tree Search for the Hide-and-Seek Game Scotland Yard
  100. AntBot: Ant Colonies for Video Games
  101. Bayesian-Game-Based Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning Control for Decentralized POMDPs
  102. IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games information for authors
  103. IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine
  104. IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Publications
  105. CIM Editorial Board
  106. Propelling Bioinformatics a Notch Higher [Editor's Remarks]
  107. Strength of Diversity [President's Message]
  108. CIS Society Officers
  109. 2013 IEEE CIS Awards [Society Briefs]
  110. Computational Intelligence Meets Game of Go @ IEEE WCCI 2012 [Society Briefs]
  111. CIS Publication Spotlight [Publication Spotlight]
  112. IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence 2012 (IEEE WCCI 2012) [Conference Reports]
  113. 2012 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (IEEE CIBCB 2012) [Conference Reports]
  114. IEEE CIM List of Reviewers 2012 [Reviewers]
  115. CIS Transactions Introduce Mandatory Over-Length Page Charges
  116. Special Issue on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics [Guest Editorial]
  117. Data Mining Over Biological Datasets: An Integrated Approach Based on Computational Intelligence
  118. An Analysis Pipeline with Statistical and Visualization-Guided Knowledge Discovery for Michigan-Style Learning Classifier Systems
  119. A Systems Biology Approach to Solving the Puzzle of Unknown Genomic Gene-Function Association Using Grid-Ready SVM Committee Machines
  120. ????Enhanced Encoding with Improved Fuzzy Decision Tree Testing Using CASP Templates
  121. Novel Recurrent Neural Network for Time-Varying Problems Solving [Research Frontier]
  122. A Fully Decentralized Multi-Agent System for Intelligent Restoration of Power Distribution Network Incorporating Distributed Generations [Application Notes]
  123. Bio-Inspired Self-Organizing Robotic Systems (Meng, Y. and Jin, Y.; 2011) [Book Review]
  124. [Conference Calendar]
  125. IJCNN
  126. 2013 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI)
  127. 2013 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC)
  128. 2013 IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG)
  129. 2013 IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning and Epigenetic Robotics (ICDL)
  130. 2014 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI)
  131. An Egg-Boiling Fuzzy Logic Robot
  132. Fuzzy Logic:  An Introduction
  133. Sitemap
  134. Contact CIS
  135. Privacy Opting Out of Cookies
  136. Terms Conditions
  137. Nondiscrimination Policy

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