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Sun Aug 19 00:50:56 2018

Information about: ikotler.org

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TitleItzik Kotler איציק קוטלר (view sites with similar title)
Description Itzik Kotler
Address http://www.ikotler.org Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @itzikkotler
I'm a father, husband, hacker, open source enthusiast, and an entrepreneur. What more can I say? `perl -e 'print q|A| x 1024'`
RT @dalmoz_: Cracking Lexical CAPTCHAs by utilizing Lexical Analsys methods, PoC code now at: https://t.co/kyww1b6JXC #crack #captcha /cc:@…

Ikotler Summary

Itzik Kotler איציק קוטלר Itzik Kotler <ik@ null ikotler.org> Itzik Kotler is an Independent consultant and entrepreneur. Before that, he was the Chief Technology Officer for Security Art where he researched, designed, and developed new security services and products. Prior to joining Security Art, Itzik was the Security Operation Center (SOC) Team Leader at Radware (NASDQ: RDWR) where he led a team responsible for the security research and content delivery for all Radware products. Prior to Radware, Itzik worked at several start-up companies as a Security Researcher and Software Engineer.
More information: Blog | LinkedIn | Twitter | Resume. Software Projects. Hackersh ("Hacker Shell") is a free and open source shell (command interpreter) written in Python with Pythonect-like syntax, builtin security commands, and out of the box wrappers for various security tools. It is like Unix pipeline, but for processing security information and metadata rather than bytes. Hackersh is written in ...

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848543 2013-05-01

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  33. Reverse Engineering with LD_PRELOAD."
  34. Abusing .CTORS and .DTORS for Fun and Profit
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