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Information about: independentsentinel.com
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TitleIndependent Sentinel | (view sites with similar title)
Description Aggregate & commentary on political news with a satirical twist. Right on the issues.
Keywordspolitics, commentary, satire, conservative
URL http://www.independentsentinel.com Add this site to your favorite list

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Independentsentinel Summary

Independent Sentinel | Log In Register. Home. About. General News. World News at a Glance.
The State of the Nation. The State of New York. Long Island Sound Bites. Opinion. Dells Bottom Line.
Watcher of Weasels. The Outpost. History. Strange Things to Know. satire & Entertainment. Book Excerpts  The Amateur
Dough the Obama Dog. Dough the Dog Autobiography. Bronx Cheer & Kisses. Privacy policy. U.S. & State Debt Clocks & Days Without A Budget.
Registration.Register top, right for.occasional updates. Mission Statement.We aggregate news, offer commentary & provide original content. Our news is largely political & we currently lean right due to the happenings in D.C.
We are interested in all points of view, but our goal is to counteract the spin that is eroding freedom of the press, and we often do it satirically.
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Alexa Rank Alexa Rank Date
431671 2013-05-15
451933 2013-05-01
317805 2013-04-15
229686 2013-04-01
234998 2013-03-15
316902 2013-03-01
368055 2013-02-15
323889 2013-01-30
227989 2013-01-08
234003 2012-11-17

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  1. Log In
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  3. Independent Sentinel
  4. Home
  5. About
  6. General News
  7. World News at a Glance
  8. The State of the Nation
  9. The State of New York
  10. Long Island Sound Bites
  11. Opinion
  12. Dell’s Bottom Line
  13. Watcher of Weasels
  14. The Outpost
  15. History
  16. Strange Things to Know
  17. Satire & Entertainment
  18. Book Excerpts – “The Amateur”
  19. Dough the Obama Dog
  20. Dough the Dog Autobiography
  21. Bronx Cheer & Kisses
  22. Privacy policy
  23. U.S. & State Debt Clocks & Days Without A Budget
  24. Obama Is a Narcissist Who Rules a Narcissistic Nation
  25. Frank S.
  26. Inhaling Carcinogens from Cannabis Is A-Ok in the USA
  27. Omar and Abdul
  28. Our National Security Is In Good Hands
  29. Obama, Sandy, Election & Benghazi Ironies
  30. John Kerry Seeks to Lead Troops He Sold Out
  31. Redirect to this.options[this.selectedIndex].value;'>
  32. US Media Is An Extension of Hamas Propaganda Machine as War Looms in Gaza
  33. Sara Noble
  34. Bush Is Bad; His Tax Cuts Good
  35. Dell's Bottom Line
  36. Obama- From Captain Clueless to Captain Courageous?
  37. Frank Salvatore
  38. Obama’s Destruction of Small Business
  39. Anderson Cooper Can Lie With a Straight Face
  40. Ambassador Rice’s Dissemination of Misinformation Is the Republicans’ Fault
  41. Yes! Allen West Gets His Early Voting Recount!
  42. The Next Secretary of Defense
  43. Marx Moves to Philly
  44. Hostess Closing Because of Unions Who Blame Wall Street
  45. Behind Benghazigate: Intelligence Talking Points Given to Susan Rice Were Altered
  46. Hanoi Kerry as Secretary of Defense Can Help Obama Destroy US Defense
  47. The Council Has Spoken! This Week’s Watcher’s Council Results!
  48. When is the “N” word appropriate?
  49. Desiree Moore
  50. James Soviero
  51. Jill Kelley Visited White House in September
  52. Petraeus Resignation Because of Benghazi Not Sex Scandal
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  54. 3
  55. 170
  56. Bookworm Room
  57. Gay Patriot
  58. Great Satan's Girlfriend
  59. Joshua Pundit
  60. NewZeal
  61. Noisy Room
  62. Rhymes With Right
  63. Simply Jews
  64. The Colossus of Rhodey
  65. The Glittering Eye
  66. The Mellow Jihadi
  67. The Political Commentator
  68. The Razor
  69. The Right Planet
  70. Virginia Right
  71. Watcher of Weasels
  72. 912 Super Seniors
  73. ABC News
  74. Ace of Spades
  75. American Rattlesnake
  76. American Spectator
  77. American Thinker
  78. Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs at Ashland University
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  81. Bloomberg Finance
  82. Breitbart TV
  83. Cato Institute
  84. CBS News
  85. Chicago Tribune
  86. CNBC
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  89. Conservative Policy Research and Analysis: The Heritage Foundation
  90. Daily Caller
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  116. Townhall
  117. Victor David Hanson's Private Papers
  118. Wall Street Journal
  119. Washington Examiner
  120. Washington Post
  121. Weasel Zippers
  122. Weekly Standard
  123. Copyright © 2012 Independent Sentinel
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  125. WordPress

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