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Fri May 24 03:10:34 2019

Information about: infojokes.com
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TitleFunny Jokes - Blonde Jokes (view sites with similar title)
Description Free Funny Jokes and Blonde Jokes. Thousands of funny jokes. Blonde jokes, adult jokes, yo mama jokes, redneck jokes, lawyer jokes, animal jokes, sports jokes, relationship jokes
Keywordsfunny jokes, free jokes, free funny jokes, blonde jokes
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funny jokes - blonde jokes. funny jokes blonde jokes. Free funny jokes and blonde jokes. Cats don’t go to heaven.
Jul 28 2012. July 28, 2012. Posted by admin at 9:22 pm Animal Jokes No Responses The little girl returned from church deeply musing on the sermon, in which the preacher had declared that animals, lacking souls, could not go to heaven. As the result of her meditation, she presented a problem to the family at the dinner table, when she asked earnestly:
“If cats don’t go to heaven, where do the angels get the strings for their harps?” Blonde Astronaut?
Jul 27 2012. July 27, 2012. Posted by admin at 5:32 pm blonde jokes No Responses A blond, a brunette, and a redhead were trying out for a new NASA experiment.
on sending women to different planets. First, They called the brunette in and.asked her a question.
“If you could go to any planet, what planet would you want? To go to and.why?” After pondering the question she answered, “I would like to go to Mars,
because it

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