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Thu Jun 20 07:12:08 2019

Information about: interactions.org
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TitleInteractions.org - Particle physics, high energy physics, news and resources (view sites with similar title)
Description Particle Physics news and resources
Keywordsparticle physics, high energy physics, high-energy physics, physics, neutrinos, HEP, photos, images, database, press release, press releases, CERN, SLAC, DESY, fermilab, brookhaven, FNAL, BNL, berkeley, cornell, frascati, gran sasso, ihep, JINR, INFN, jlab, jefferson, kek, slac, stanford, TRIUMF
Address http://www.interactions.org/cms/ Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @particlenews
News from the world's particle physics laboratories.
Precision Physics of Antiatoms: Physicists Bound the Charge of Antihydrogen - http://t.co/rzSpnWL5xT

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Interactions.org - particle physics, high energy physics, news and resources. News. Latest Newswires.
28 March 2013 - fermilab. NOvA neutrino detector records first 3-D particle tracks.27 March 2013 - infn.
OPERA observed a third neutrino tau.26 March 2013 - ihep. Observation of a charged charmoniumlike structure at BESIII.
25 March 2013 - cern. ATRAP experiment makes world's most precise measurement of antiproton magnetic moment.
14 March 2013 - Lawrence berkeley National Laboratory. Building the Massive Simulation Sets Essential to Planck Results.
14 March 2013 - cern. New results indicate that particle discovered at cern is a Higgs boson.
12 March 2013 - gran sasso Laboratory of infn. New results on geo-neutrinos from Borexino at gran sasso Laboratory of infn.
5 March 2013 - kek. Lectures of EDIT 2013 are broadcasted by the Ustream.1 March 2013 - cern.
LHC experiments to present latest results at Moriond conference.25 February 2013 - desy.
High school students hunting particles at the ...

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  3. NOvA neutrino detector records first 3-D particle tracks
  4. OPERA observed a third neutrino tau
  5. Observation of a charged charmoniumlike structure at BESIII
  6. ATRAP experiment makes world's most precise measurement of antiproton magnetic moment
  7. Building the Massive Simulation Sets Essential to Planck Results
  8. New results indicate that particle discovered at CERN is a Higgs boson
  9. New results on geo-neutrinos from Borexino at Gran Sasso Laboratory of INFN
  10. Lectures of EDIT 2013 are broadcasted by the Ustream
  11. LHC experiments to present latest results at Moriond conference
  12. High school students hunting particles at the Large Hadron Collider
  13. Colliders colliding
  14. The Higgs Boson: Past, Present, and Future
  15. Proof: Cosmic Rays Come from Exploding Stars
  16. First three-year LHC running period reaches a conclusion
  17. Linear Collider Collaboration Press Conference
  18. Help choose the next iconic "Big Science" image
  19. Honoring the past and exploring the future - IHEP celebrates its 40th birthday
  20. Inauguration of the INFN's National Centre in Trento
  21. The Farthest Supernova Yet for Measuring Cosmic History
  22. Duke Physicist to Lead Brookhaven Lab's Nuclear and Particle Physics Program
  23. The Second Collide@CERN-Geneva Prize Is Awarded to a Film Maker
  24. Advanced laser system could power the next Large Hadron Collider
  25. Evidence grows for neutrino mutation
  26. Synopsis: A Year-Long Search for Dark Matter
  27. Tau Neutrino, Ultra-Rare Particle, Observed For Third Time In CERN Experiment
  28. Cern discuss future plans for the LHC as it hunts for universe's mysteries
  29. Elusive 'Superman' Particle Found Changing Flavor
  30. Visualized: step inside CERN's particle-detecting Compact Muon Solenoid
  31. Rare find backs shape-shifting neutrino - scientists
  32. Planck snaps infant Universe
  33. Physicists Measure Magnetic Moment of Single Antimatter Particle
  34. The search for dark matter continues under the Northern Hills
  35. Higgs physics on the cheap
  36. Italians see third 'shape-shifting' neutrino
  37. ScienceShot: A New Class of Supernova
  38. Antimatter's Magnetic Charge Determined In Particle Physics Study
  39. How the Higgs Boson Might Spell Doom for the Universe
  40. The Higgs boson illumination
  41. After Higgs Hunt, Fermilab Charts New Paths in Physics Research
  42. Cosmos Study Dashes Hope for New Neutrino
  43. First Map of Infant Universe Shows Asymmetry, Dark Matter
  44. Planck: Big Bang's afterglow reveals older universe, more matter
  45. Berkeley Lab scientists read the cosmic writing on the wall
  46. Best Image of Big Bang Afterglow Ever Confirms Standard Cosmology
  47. CERN hosts the first day of the SMS Lake Geneva Conference on Strategic Management
  48. To Infinity and beyond: In pursuit of dark energy
  49. CERN upgrading Large Hadron Collider, giving it more power to smash particles
  50. Plasma-surfing could forge Higgs bosons on the cheap
  51. Dark matter's telltale sign
  52. Scientists more certain that particle is Higgs boson
  53. Higgs Boson Discovery Confirmed
  54. Higgs boson case strengthened by new CERN data analysis
  55. Obama: Sequester Cuts (at Fermilab) Could Hinder U.S. Economy
  56. CERN Now Certain It Has Discovered The Higgs Boson
  57. New Evidence Strengthens Fermilab's Case for the Higgs Boson
  58. Rolf-Dieter Heuer, Director General of CERN
  59. It's Official: We've Found the Higgs Boson. But Which One?
  60. President Obama Visits Argonne: Live Updates from Patch
  61. Physicists Increasingly Confident They've Found the Higgs Boson
  62. Neutrino Physics: The Status And The Future Experiments
  63. CERN Physicists See Higgs Boson in New Particle
  64. Higgs boson: scientists confident they have discovered the 'God particle'
  65. Why the Higgs boson 'God particle' matters
  66. CERN: We've found 'a Higgs boson'; but is it predicted version?
  67. Higgs Boson Positively Identified
  68. Does Illinois have a nuclear future?
  69. Scientists believe newly discovered particle is the real Higgs boson
  70. New Data Boosts Case for Higgs Boson Find
  71. Physicists Observe Higgs Boson, the Elusive 'God Particle'
  72. 'God Particle' Update: Scientists Think They've Pinned Down The Higgs Boson
  73. Beyond Higgs: 5 Other Elusive Particles
  74. Life After Higgs: What's Next for World's Largest Atom Smasher?
  75. Higgs Boson FInd 'Even More Certain' After New Research
  76. Case for Higgs Boson Strengthened by New CERN Analysis
  77. Physicists Say They Have Found a Higgs Boson
  78. A closer look at the Higgs boson
  79. Analysis "strongly indicates" Higgs boson found: CERN
  80. LHC cements Higgs boson identification
  81. Physicists say they have found long-sought Higgs boson
  82. AURA Announces Appointment of Steve Kahn as LSST Director
  83. Twin Black Holes Created at Large Hadron Collider
  84. Dark matter shapes the Milky Way
  85. Mystery boson earns Higgs status thanks to W particle
  86. Mini Black Holes Easier To Make Than Thought
  87. Newfound Particle Still Looks Like a Higgs Boson
  88. 'Cern particle looking more and more like Higgs boson'
  89. Hangout with CERN: Latest news on the new boson
  90. Rumour points to completely boring Higgs boson
  91. Birth of a new particle
  92. Higgs boson almost identified by scientists but require more proof to say for sure
  93. Particle looking 'more' like Higgs boson
  94. Data reveal that the Higgs boson still looks like a Higgs boson
  95. Higgs boson closer than ever
  96. All Signs Point to Higgs, but Scientific Certainty Is a Waiting Game
  97. Shy Higgs boson continues to vex particle hunters
  98. High-Energy Physics Is Still a Worthwhile Investment
  99. Fermilab Researchers Could Face Furloughs
  100. Chasing the Higgs Boson
  101. LHC spots mesons flipping between matter and antimatter
  102. Rencontres de Moriond 2013 Webcast - Wednesday 6 March from 8:30am to 12:00pm and from 5:00pm to 8:30pm (CET, Geneva time)
  103. Update on Possible Higgs Boson Discovery Coming Next Week
  104. LHC's D-meson study wraps up antimatter 'flip' story
  105. Does the UK need to spend more on basic research?
  106. Dispatch From CERN: Which Higgs?
  107. What Is Dark Matter?: Podcast Interview With Dr. Matthew Walker
  108. Budget ax hangs over Chicago research labs
  109. Dark Matter May Not Exist At All
  110. How the Large Hadron Collider Bends Physics
  111. Physicists team up in Vancouver to build particle collider
  112. Particle Physics Research Sheds New Light On Possible 'Fifth Force of Nature'
  113. Dark-matter hunt gets deep
  114. CERN data center passes 100 petabytes
  115. ISS Dark Matter Experiment Poised To Yield Big News, Particle Physicist Says
  116. LHC shuts down to prepare for peak energy in 2015
  117. Scientists sense breakthroughs in dark-matter mystery
  118. The Next Big Physics Machines Are Neutrino Detectors
  119. Multiparton interactions at the Large Hadron Collider
  120. Welsh scientist behind CERN Large Hadron Collider announces new project
  121. MIT physicist’s experiment pulls dark matter into the spotlight
  122. New documentary explains why Fermilab is still relevant
  123. LHC switches off for two-year break
  124. http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2013/02/beyond-the-higgs/
  125. Documentary sheds new light on Fermilab scientists
  126. CERN Research Has Greek Core
  127. Scotland Celebrates Big Bang Science
  128. £30 million to lead global computing technology
  129. LHC set to halt for upgrades
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