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Wed Aug 22 03:05:17 2018

Information about: interactivestory.net
Popularity/access rank: Site number 30120 (.net extension); 524995 (global rank)
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TitleInteractiveStory.net (view sites with similar title)
Description launch announcement , post-release comments reviews on various blogs discussion forum Over 1 million downloads since July 5, 2005 (c) 2005-2012 Procedural Arts donations goodies a one-act interactive drama download Façade for free or mail-order a 2-CD...
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Interactivestory Summary

InteractiveStory.net launch announcement , post-release comments. reviews on various blogs.
discussion forum. Over 1 million downloads since July 5, 2005 (c) 2005-2012 Procedural Arts.
donations. goodies. a one-act interactive drama. download Façade for free.
or mail-order a 2-CD installer. get the "Behind the Façade " guide. and other fun Façade goodies.
an. release. group blog. description and screenshots. FAQ.
help and troubleshooting. feedback and forums. vision and motivation. press. presentations and papers.
using the technology. collaborators. Michael Mateas , Andrew Stern. Grand Jury Prize Winner,
2006 Slamdance Indie Games Festival ! Exhibited at these group art shows. credits.
links, etc. AI-based, real-time rendered 3D virtual characters. Grace and Trip in Façade.
"This is the future of video games." - The New York Times ...

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524995 2013-05-15
478978 2013-05-01
587055 2013-04-15
572927 2013-04-01
547729 2013-03-15
489571 2013-03-01
505565 2013-02-15
491679 2013-01-30
470742 2013-01-08
817665 2012-11-17

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  1. launch announcement
  2. post-release comments
  3. reviews on various blogs
  4. discussion forum
  5. description and screenshots
  6. FAQ
  7. help and troubleshooting
  8. feedback and forums
  9. vision and motivation
  10. using the technology
  11. Michael Mateas
  12. Andrew Stern
  13. Grand Jury Prize Winner,
  14. The New York Times Arts Section
  15. The Atlantic Monthly
  16. Newsweek
  17. int'l edition
  18. The Boston Phoenix
  19. Edge Magazine
  20. Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling
  21. Games For Windows
  22. Ernest Adams, Gamasutra
  23. Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC.ca)
  24. Most Innovative Game
  25. Independent Games Conference
  26. Most Innovative Independent Game of 2005
  27. Grand Text Auto
  28. 2004 Independent Games Festival
  29. 2004 Inter Society
  30. When looks are no longer enough
  31. Review blurb
  32. Sometimes There Is a Free Lunch
  33. Coming Soon: Online Sex Games
  34. TV interview
  35. Want drama? Enter virtual soap opera
  36. USA Today
  37. Business Week
  38. International Business Times
  39. International Herald Tribune
  40. Forbes
  41. Washington Post
  42. Fox News
  43. Type What You Feel
  44. Behind the Mask
  45. Reprinted
  46. Glamour magazine (Italy)
  47. Who's Afraid of Interactive Drama?
  48. G4 videogame TV
  49. Going beyond the gaming ghetto
  50. Game Over
  51. Game/Play writeup
  52. PC Zone Magazine (UK)
  53. Idle Thumbs review
  54. Ã¥Ã?FaçadeÃ¥Ã? joue sur les sentiments
  55. translated
  56. Quel videogame �¬ controcorrente no violenza, si gioca coi sentimenti
  57. New blood for the next generation...
  58. Façade: Metti una sera a casa di amici
  59. The World of Indie Games
  60. 50 Greatest Game Design Innovations
  61. 50 Really Good Indie Games
  62. Game Informer
  63. All the World's a Stage
  64. An Exit
  65. Society for the Promotion of Adventure Games (SPAG) review
  66. Adventure
  67. Sound
  68. Game Tunnel joint review
  69. H Magazine review
  70. Gratis computerspil buldrer frem p�´ nettet
  71. Mac Observer review
  72. The Play's the Thing
  73. The Cold Hotspot
  74. Dichtung Digital
  75. Narrative and the Split Condition of Digital Textuality
  76. Playable Media and Textual Instruments
  77. A Conversation with Chris Crawford
  78. Talk to Me
  79. 'I kill you.'
  80. Redefining Games: How Academia is Reshaping Games of the Future
  81. Silicon Kane
  82. GDC review
  83. Feature article Preview
  84. Bringing emotions to video games
  85. Twisty Little Passages
  86. Agitating for Dramatic Change
  87. AAAI Intelligent Narrative Technologies
  88. Game Developers Conference
  89. Intelligent Virtual Agents
  90. Slamdance Independent Games Festival
  91. Grand Jury Prize
  92. Digital Arts and Culture
  93. FuturePlay
  95. AIIDE
  96. Digital Games Research Conference
  97. Game Developers Conference panel
  98. talk
  99. ISEA
  100. Technologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling and Entertainment (TIDSE
  101. Façade : An Experiment in Building a Fully-Realized Interactive Drama
  102. Procedural Authorship: A Case-Study Of the Interactive Drama Façade
  103. The Game Design Reader: A Rules of Play Anthology
  104. Structuring Content in the Façade Interactive Drama Architecture
  105. Build It to Understand It: Ludology Meets Narratology in Game Design Space
  106. Natural Language Understanding in Façade : Surface-text Processing
  107. powerpoint
  108. video
  109. First Person: New Media as Story, Performance, and Game
  110. Electronic Book Review
  111. A Preliminary Poetics for Interactive Drama and Games
  112. Response to Bernstein and Greco
  113. this paper
  114. A B ehavior L anguage: Joint Action and Behavioral Idioms
  115. Life-like Characters. Tools, Affective Functions and Applications
  116. A Behavior Language for Story-based Believable Agents
  117. AAAI symposium
  118. IEEE Intelligent Systems
  119. Architecture, Authorial Idioms and Early Observations of the Interactive Drama Façade
  120. Creating Emotional Relationships with Virtual Characters
  121. Emotions in Humans and Artifacts
  122. Narrative Intelligence
  123. Narrative Intelligence AAAI symposium
  124. Virtual Babyz: Believable Agents with Narrative Intelligence
  125. Interactive Stories: Real Systems, Three Solutions

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