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Tue Aug 21 23:36:26 2018

Information about: internetgovernance.org
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Internetgovernance information:

TitleIGP Blog (view sites with similar title)
Description Home About People Events Publications Press Subscribe Donate Archives December 13, 2012 What really happened in Dubai? When I stopped monitoring the WCIT process around 5:30 pm (CET) December 13, it appeared that the delegations were attempting to...
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IGP Blog. Home. About. People. Events. Publications. Press. Subscribe. Donate. Archives.
December 13, 2012. What really happened in Dubai? When I stopped monitoring the WCIT process around 5:30 pm (CET) December 13, it appeared that the delegations were attempting to finalize something very close to a consensus document. The almost-final draft of the ITRs that I reviewed at that time did not mention the Internet by name at all – a victory for Internet defenders. The all-important Article 9, under which most international Internet interconnections are made, had not been significantly altered. There was no language about cybersecurity. There may have been a few subtleties here or there that were not perfect, but on the whole this was a set of ITRs that could have been passed.
The only downside was a plenary resolution entitled “To foster an enabling environment for the greater growth of the Internet.” This resolution, which ( contrary to some inaccurate reporting ) was not part of the ITR ...

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