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TitleTax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) (view sites with similar title)
Description Tax Administration Jamaica - All the relevant Information on Taxation in Jamaica.
Keywordsjamaica, tax, taxation, gct, trn, tcc, threshold, income, laws, businesses, individuals, forms
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tax Administration jamaica (TAJ) Feedback Our Offices Government of jamaica. Home About TAJ Welcome Corporate Profile TAJ Organisation Chart Our Offices Citizen's Charter History of tax Administration Newsletters Magazines Publications Assets tax General General Consumption tax (gct) income tax Motor Vehicle Driver's Licence Payroll Property tax Room tax Stamp Duty Transfer tax tax Bulletins tax Compliance Certificate (tcc) taxpayer Registration Number (trn) tax Kit forms Contractor's Levy Declaration of Assets Direct Banking Education tax General Consumption tax income tax Motor Vehicle Driver's Licence Online Registration Payroll Room tax School Visit Request tcc tax Reminder trn Media Room TAJ In The News News Releases Audio Video e-Services Using jamaica tax Portal tax Portal FAQs Link to tax Portal.
Home. Information For.... individuals businesses tax Professionals Charitable Org. Donations.
Information About.... Payroll tax Type Motor Vehicle Driver's Lic. Rates and Fees Refunds tcc trn ...

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Government of Jamaica
Government of Jamaica
Guest Accommodation Room Tax (GART)
Guest Accommodation Room Tax (GART)
TAJ - Keeping You Informed
TAJ - Keeping You Informed
Don't waste time....Pay Online!
Don't waste time....Pay Online!
Customer Service Competition
Customer Service Competition

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  1. Feedback
  2. Our Offices
  3. Government of Jamaica
  4. Welcome
  5. Corporate Profile
  6. TAJ Organisation Chart
  7. Our Offices
  8. Citizen's Charter
  9. History of Tax Administration
  10. Newsletters Magazines
  11. Publications
  12. Assets Tax
  13. General
  14. General Consumption Tax (GCT)
  15. Income Tax
  16. Motor Vehicle Driver's Licence
  17. Payroll
  18. Property Tax
  19. Room Tax
  20. Stamp Duty Transfer Tax
  21. Tax Bulletins
  22. Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC)
  23. Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN)
  24. Tax Kit
  25. Forms
  26. Contractor's Levy
  27. Declaration of Assets
  28. Direct Banking
  29. Education Tax
  30. General Consumption Tax
  31. Income Tax
  32. Motor Vehicle Driver's Licence
  33. Online Registration
  34. Payroll
  35. Room Tax
  36. School Visit Request
  37. TCC
  38. Tax Reminder
  39. TRN
  40. Media Room
  41. TAJ In The News
  42. News Releases
  43. Audio
  44. Video
  45. e-Services
  46. Using Jamaica Tax Portal
  47. Tax Portal FAQs
  48. Link to Tax Portal
  49. Individuals
  50. Businesses
  51. Tax Professionals
  52. Charitable Org. Donations
  53. Payroll
  54. Tax Type
  55. Motor Vehicle Driver's Lic.
  56. Rates and Fees
  57. Refunds
  58. TCC
  59. TRN
  60. Direct Banking
  61. FAQs
  62. Related Sites
  63. Feedback
  64. COTA Login
  65. Facebook
  66. Twitter
  67. Tax Offices Can No Longer Accept Payments For Amnesty Tickets
  68. Taxes due January 14, 2013
  69. TAJ Extends Opening Hours Final Day Of Traffic Ticket Amnesty
  70. 2
  71. 3
  72. 4
  73. 5
  74. 6
  75. 7
  76. 8
  77. 9
  78. 10
  79. End
  80. Click here to see more dates.
  81. Click here to see more dates.
  82. Supply and Installation of Air Conditioning Units.
  83. View details
  84. New threshold and corporate income tax rate January 1
  85. Tax Offices Close Early Today
  86. Traffic Ticket Amnesty Hub
  87. Payroll - Employer's Guide
  88. 2012 - 2013 Budget Presentation
  89. White Paper on Tax Reform
  90. Privacy, Security and Accessibility Policy

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