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Wed Nov 13 08:50:52 2019

Information about: korokithakis.net
Popularity/access rank: Site number 39506 (.net extension); 695613 (global rank)
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TitleSoftware development et al - Stavros' Stuff (view sites with similar title)
Description Stavros' Stuff Blog Tutorials Learn Python in Ten Minutes How to create an internet radio station How to use BitTorrent to send files How to download files with uTorrent How to delete emails on a POP3 server Downloads Downloads Various scripts About me...
Address http://www.korokithakis.net Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @stavros
Astronaut, part-time dad, professional voice actor, F1 driver, liar.
@xarisd, ξέρεις αν μπορώ να ρωτήσω κάποιον αν μας δίνει αίθουσα για το Py meetup στο city; http://t.co/463nat8cXw

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Korokithakis Summary

Software development et al - Stavros' Stuff. Stavros' Stuff. Blog. Tutorials. Learn Python in Ten Minutes.
How to create an internet radio station. How to use BitTorrent to send files. How to download files with uTorrent.
How to delete emails on a POP3 server. Downloads. Downloads. Various scripts. About me.
My GitHub. My résumé Latest Tweet: Prev Post. Next Post. How to replace a Django model field with a property.
Posted on 11 Dec 2012 . If you use Django for your web apps, you will probably have come across a situation where you need to run some custom code on assigning a value to a model field. You've probably hacked around this by overriding the save() method or some other arcane hackery, but this is not only unnecessary, but it's more complicated than it should be.
You can use a Python property to add a getter/setter to the field and run your custom code there. Even better, you don't even have to ...
Continue reading. Proxying two connections in Go. Posted on 12 Nov 2012 . I ...

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695613 2013-05-15
913201 2013-05-01
919652 2013-04-01
581921 2013-03-15
579445 2013-03-01
889644 2013-02-15
799019 2012-11-17
468337 2011-12-06
374558 2011-08-13
215238 2010-06-10

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  1. Stavros' Stuff
  2. Learn Python in Ten Minutes
  3. How to create an internet radio station
  4. How to use BitTorrent to send files
  5. How to download files with uTorrent
  6. How to delete emails on a POP3 server
  8. Various scripts
  9. About me
  10. My GitHub
  11. My résumé
  12. My Picasa
  13. My LinkedIn
  14. My Google+
  15. My Twitter
  16. Blog items feed
  17. Latest Tweet:
  18. How to replace a Django model field with a property
  19. property
  20. Proxying two connections in Go
  21. Adding a " as user" button to the Django admin interface
  22. Instahero
  23. Developing an IRC frontend in Go
  24. Instabot
  25. A bug of life and death
  26. Stochastic Technologies
  27. Dead Man's Switch
  28. Developing a back-scratching robot
  29. How to highlight code in Python
  30. The curious case of the range() function
  31. Developing and deploying Python apps using pip and virtualenv
  32. ebook
  33. A schemaless layer over SQLite

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