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Tue Feb 20 10:42:56 2018

Information about: kurzweilai.net
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TitleKurzweil Accelerating Intelligence (view sites with similar title)
Category: Computers / Artificial Intelligence
Computers / History / Pioneers / Kurzweil, Raymond
Description Launched in 2001, KurzweilAI explores the forecasts and insights on accelerating change articulated in Ray Kurzweil’s landmark books — notably The Age of Spiritual Machines and The Singularity Is Near — and updates these books with key breakthroughs in science and technology. The “AI” in KurzweilAI refers to “accelerating intelligence,” a core concept that underlies the exponential growth of the pervasive information-based technologies — both biological and machine — that are radically changing our world.
Keywordsbiotechnology, nanotechnology, molecular electronics, computation, artificial intelligence, robotics, cognitive science, neuroscience, physics, cosmology, Internet, energy, computers, electronics, pattern recognition, virtual reality, quantum, human enhancement, brain reverse engineering, brain, medicine, body augmentation, singularity, social networking, space, augmented reality, survival, defense
Address http://www.kurzweilai.net Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @KurzweilAINews
KurzweilAI (http://t.co/KD0Hq6D66p) is a newsletter/blog covering nano-bio-info-cogno-cosmic breakthroughs in accelerating intelligence
Improved supercapacitors for better batteries, electric vehicles: Researchers at the University of California,... http://t.co/Ney5F6Rrgc

Kurzweilai - Site Review: Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence Network - KurzweilAI.net explores trends in emerging technologies in the 21st century. Also, it attempts to showcase leading technologies in AI and related fields. KurzweilAI.net - News, analysis, and essays on emerging trends in many technologies: AI, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, life extension, related areas.

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Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence. KurzweilAI | Accelerating Intelligence. Skip to content.
Home. News. Blog. Blog. Ask Ray. Essays. Contributors. Kurzweil Collection. Kurzweil Projects Companies.
Ray Kurzweil in the Press. About Ray Kurzweil. Public Speaking Information. Essays by Ray Kurzweil.
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Privacy Policy. prev stop next. Latest Videos. Prev. Daniel Wolpert: the real reason for brains.
Audi piloted driving at CES 2013. At CES, more gadgets talk to each other. CES 2013: flying a helicopter with brain waves.
Meet Diego-san, a robot baby than learns. How you can change the past. Asteroid to fly between Earth, satellites.
Arthur C. Clarke predicting the future in 1964. Optical motion control of maglev ...

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29419 2013-01-30
17505 2013-01-08
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32703 2011-12-06
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47442 2009-05-28
63901 2008-12-23

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  28. Privacy Policy
  29. How to Create a Mind: Now Available.
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  117. InteraXon
  118. available for pre-order

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