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Tue May 22 05:06:49 2018

Information about: lesfeldick.org
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TitleThrough the Bible with Les Feldick (view sites with similar title)
Category: Society / Religion and Spirituality / Christianity / Organizations / Ministries / Teaching and Education
Description Excellent Genesis-Revelation Bible study, Rightly-Dividing the Word: 82 books and MP3 Audio on-line. Les is an Oklahoma rancher who teaches non-denominational, home-style Bible classes.
KeywordsBible, study, Jesus, Christ, apostle, Paul, Christian, non-denominational, Israel, rapture, millenium, Genesis, Romans, Body of Christ, old Adam, dispensation, gospel, tribulation, grace, King James Version, KJV, Jews, Gentiles
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Lesfeldick - Site Review: Les Feldick Ministries - Focused on teaching a two and a half year course that covers every verse of the Bible. Site features newsletters, TV and radio schedules, a Biblical timeline, books and tapes.

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Lesfeldick Summary

Through the bible with Les Feldick.Les Feldick has 82 books on-line below in both text and MP3 audio format.
Also available on cable TV (ION), satellite TV (including DIRECTV and Dish Network), local TV, and radio stations.
Who is Les Feldick? Doctrinal Statement. Plan for Heaven. Introductory Audio. TV & Radio Schedule.
Order Books/Tapes/CDs/DVDs. Contributions. Search this Site. Class Schedule. Seminar Schedule.
Download Books. Newsletters. bible Questions. Technical Questions. Contact us. Copyright Policy.
Recommended Reading. Links. Biblical Timelines.See Questions and Answers from the bible for answers to more than 90 bible questions.
A Note from Les: I have not retired! But at 84 years we concluded it was time to slow down. I felt we had covered the scriptures from genesis to Revelation in the 984 programs, so we ended our tapings with Book 82. We are still traveling to seminars, but not as extensively as before. We still hold occasional classes in Oklahoma, and I am on the ...

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  1. Also available on cable TV (ION), satellite TV (including DIRECTV and Dish Network), local TV, and radio stations.
  2. Who is Les Feldick?
  3. Doctrinal Statement
  4. Plan for Heaven
  5. Introductory Audio
  6. Order Books/Tapes/CDs/DVDs
  7. Contributions
  8. Search this Site
  9. Class Schedule
  10. Seminar Schedule
  11. Download Books
  12. Newsletters
  13. Bible Questions
  14. Technical Questions
  15. Contact us
  16. Copyright Policy
  17. Recommended Reading
  18. Links
  19. Biblical Timelines
  20. here
  21. Read Book 1
  22. Read Book 2
  23. Read Book 3
  24. Read Book 4
  25. Read Book 5
  26. Read Book 6
  27. Read Book 7
  28. Read Book 8
  29. Read Book 9
  30. Read Book 10
  31. Read Book 11
  32. Read Book 12
  33. Read Book 13
  34. Read Book 14
  35. Read Book 15
  36. Read Book 16
  37. Read Book 17
  38. Read Book 18
  39. Read Book 19
  40. Read Book 20
  41. Read Book 21
  42. Read Book 22

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