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Fri Nov 15 12:02:56 2019

Information about: macwright.org
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Titlemacwright.org (view sites with similar title)
Description New things and writing about learning, technology, and art
Address http://macwright.org/ Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @tmcw
guitarist http://t.co/4xGXXbfuQS / keyboardist http://t.co/vyI6WEveap @mapbox
@thomaslevine the earmuffs though

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Macwright Summary

macwright.org. Tom MacWright. Archive. RSS. The Code: Access vs. Ownership.My previous article about the inaccessibility of complete copies of the DC Code.
was read and commented on pretty widely. I hope that it was a useful introduction.to an important issue, but its evident that some of it needs more explicit explanation.
The first is the difference between access and ownership . Quite a few people posted a link to.
Westlaws portal that gives you access to the law , and asked if you can get the law here, whats the problem?
The problem is that you cant have a a complete, digital, public-domain copy , despite. the code being technically and legally public domain .
The West portal is neither copyright-free or nor copyable, and West.has gone to great lengths to guarantee those things.
Since the portal has Wests copyright.embedded and a Terms of Service.that restricts automated copying, there is no other.
complete, online copy of the code. This means that.were reliant on West as the sole provider of the ...

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  1. Tom MacWright
  2. Archive
  3. RSS
  4. The Code: Access vs. Ownership
  5. the inaccessibility of complete copies of the DC Code
  6. Westlaws portal that gives you access to the law
  7. the code being technically and legally public domain
  8. Wests copyright
  9. Terms of Service
  10. the sole provider of the code and the portal
  11. the constitution
  12. US Constitution
  13. National Archives
  14. printable constitution
  15. $1 pocket constitution
  16. copyleft images on Flickr
  17. download the constitution as a PDF
  18. The State Decoded
  19. Archive.org
  20. printed
  21. public domain
  22. cc-by-na AJ Ashton
  23. composes and publishes its bills
  24. compiled and de-facto owned by a private contractor
  25. 2012 Contract with West
  26. Westlaw
  27. LexisNexis
  28. well-known court case
  29. Literate Jenks Natural Breaks and How The Idea Of Code is Lost
  30. color
  31. in Javascript
  32. Python
  33. in Java and Fortran
  34. the Wikipedia article about Jenks natural breaks
  35. Alan Kay
  36. Bill Morris
  37. University of Kansas Geography Department
  38. simple-statistics
  39. library for literate, beginner-friendly statistics
  40. literate implementation
  41. dynamic programming
  42. the V8 engine
  43. 12x faster than a Python implementation
  44. Bill Mill points out
  45. PyPy
  46. few other tweaks
  47. other algorithms included
  48. just use the jenks implementation as a standalone
  49. uglify-js
  50. Projects
  51. About
  52. @tmcw

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