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Information about: muhas.ac.tz
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Description Health University Medicine Pharmacy Nursing
KeywordsHealth University Medicine Pharmacy Nursing
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Muhas Summary

MUHIMBILI UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH AND ALLIED SCIENCES - MUHAS. Home About MUHAS. A Brief History Administration Vision and Mission Our Values Policies and Plans Facts and Figures.
Study at MUHAS. Diploma Adv Diploma Programmes Entry Requirements Fee Structure Application forms Undergraduate Programmes Entry Requirements Fee Structure Application forms Electives Programme Postgraduate Programmes Entry Requirements Fee Structure Application forms.
Academics. Schools School of Medicine School of Pharmacy School of Dentistry School of Nursing School of Public Health Directorates Undergraduate Education Postgraduate Studies Library Services Planning and Development.
Muhimbili Campus Mloganzila Campus. Continuing Education Directorate of ICT Research and Publications Institutes Institute of Allied Health Sciences Institute of Traditional Medicine.
Services. ICT Services Library Services E-Mails Services Students Services. Student Services Bureau.
Research Contacts. Top Management Directorates Schools ...

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  2. About MUHAS
  3. A Brief History
  4. Administration
  5. Vision and Mission
  6. Our Values
  7. Policies and Plans
  8. Facts and Figures
  9. Study at MUHAS
  10. Programmes
  11. Entry Requirements
  12. Fee Structure
  13. Application forms
  14. Programmes
  15. Entry Requirements
  16. Fee Structure
  17. Electives Programme
  18. Programmes
  19. Entry Requirements
  20. Fee Structure
  21. Academics
  22. Schools
  23. School of Medicine
  24. School of Pharmacy
  25. School of Dentistry
  26. School of Nursing
  27. School of Public Health
  28. Directorates
  29. Undergraduate Education
  30. Postgraduate Studies
  31. Library Services
  32. Planning and Development
  33. Muhimbili Campus
  34. Mloganzila Campus
  35. Continuing Education
  36. Directorate of ICT
  37. Research and Publications
  38. Institutes
  39. Institute of Allied Health Sciences
  40. Institute of Traditional Medicine
  41. ICT Services
  42. Library Services
  43. E-Mails Services
  44. Students Services
  45. Student Services Bureau
  46. Contacts
  47. Top Management
  48. Directorates
  49. Schools
  50. Institutes
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  52.
  53.
  54.
  55. Kunduchi Beach Hotel
  56. Read More !
  57. MUHAS ranked the first in the Country
  58. IAESTE-Scholaships 2013
  59. Selected Applicants for Global Health Courses 2013
  60. MUHASSO Draft Constitution
  61. Admission into Postgraduate Programmes 2013/2014
  62. Read More !
  63. SARIS
  64. E-learning
  65. Institutional Repository
  66. MUHAS Library Catalogue
  67. Medical Journals
  68. Read More!
  69. Downloads Newsletters
  70. News Bulletins
  71. Prospectus
  72. Almanac
  73. Policy Documents
  74. Annual Reports
  75. Strategic Plans
  76. Read More!
  77. MEDISHARE Project
  78. Kagera AIDS Project
  79. TaMoVac Project
  80. Pharmrd RD Lab
  81. Muhimbili Wellcome Programme
  82. The MUHAS Kalenga Guest House (KGH)
  83. News Archive
  84. Disclaimer
  85. SiteMap

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