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Thu Aug 22 18:33:26 2019

Information about: niemanlab.org
Popularity/access rank: Site number 1879 (.org extension); 62191 (global rank)
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Category: News / Media / Journalism / Resources
Description A collaborative effort to figure out the future of journalism. A project of Harvard University.
Address http://www.niemanlab.org Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @niemanlab
We are the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard. We're trying to figure out the future of news.
The Digital Media Law Project is shutting down, but its most important projects will find new homes http://t.co/FdfI4ef1Eo
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Niemanlab - Site Review: Nieman Journalism Lab - A collaborative effort to figure out the future of journalism. Includes news and an encyclopedia. A project of Harvard University.

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Niemanlab Summary

Nieman Journalism Lab Pushing to the Future of Journalism. Explore Harvard's Nieman network.
Nieman Fellowships. Nieman Lab. Nieman Reports. Nieman Storyboard. If an app could tell you what people around you are reading would you be more likely to talk with them? nie.mn/TO9pE0.
LATEST NEWS. SHARE. ABOUT. Pushing to the future of journalism A project of the Nieman Foundation at Harvard.
About. Contact. Subscribe. Archives. Fuego. Encyclo. Wire. Twitter. Search. Search our archives.
200+ tweets Kevin Nguyen The future of the feature: Breaking out of templates to build customized reading experiences In print, decades of design language have helped publications draw extra attention of readers. But news web design has mostly been straitjacketed in rigid templates. A few news sites are trying to break out.
Flipboard Flipboard is a news-reading application for the iPad and iPhone that presents stories and links... A sample from Encyclo, the Lab's encyclopedia of the future of news.
Justin Ellis 14 hours

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62191 2013-05-15
51407 2013-05-01
42094 2013-04-15
49069 2013-04-01
65128 2013-03-15
60603 2013-03-01
64265 2013-02-15
62487 2013-01-30
46402 2013-01-08
49598 2012-11-17
26951 2011-12-06
40372 2011-08-13
48988 2010-06-10
92099 2010-03-07
98842 2009-05-28
441745 2008-12-23

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  1. Explore Harvard's Nieman network
  2. Nieman Fellowships
  3. Nieman Lab
  4. Nieman Reports
  5. Nieman Storyboard
  6. Twitter
  7. nie.mn/TO9pE0
  8. Retweet
  9. ABOUT
  10. Fuego
  11. Contact
  12. Subscribe
  13. Archives
  14. Encyclo
  15. Wire
  16. Flipboard
  17. The newsonomics of thin ice, from the BBC and FT to The New York Times and The Washington Post
  18. FW: FW: Fw: FW: Fwd: fwd: fw: LazyTruth tackles false claims in email chain letters
  19. Tuesday QA: Tumblr editor Jessica Bennett on new platforms for news and the rise of the GIF
  20. The New York Times’ Chronicle tool explores how language — and journalism — has evolved
  21. nytimes.com w/ @ejensenNYC
  22. poynter.org
  23. news.cnet.com ...
  24. news.cnet.com
  25. allthingsd.com
  26. nytimes.com
  27. pandodaily.com
  28. jimromenesko.com
  29. poynter.org #webpub
  30. @niemanlab : Follow us on Twitter for a steady stream of the best links about the future of journalism, all day weekdays.
  31. This Week in Review: Twitter vs. TV on election night, and the significance of Nate Silver
  32. Election night traffic, trends and strategies from The New York Times, CNN, BuzzFeed, and more
  33. Luring developers into the newsroom: A new class of Knight-Mozilla fellows tries to bridge a cultural divide
  34. The newsonomics of the newspaper industry as the Republican Party
  35. The New York Times is trying to make its mobile apps more than simple containers for news stories
  36. This Week in Review: Truth and lies on Twitter during Sandy, and the pundits vs. Nate Silver
  37. Nonprofit, for-profit, and all the shades in between: How to choose what kind of civic-minded news organization to start
  38. Upworthy has a recipe for chocolate-covered news broccoli that actually tastes delicious
  39. The newsonomics of aggressive, public-minded journalism
  40. The Lab in your pocket : Download the Lab's iPhone app it's the best way to stay up-to-the-minute on the future of journalism. It's free and available now in the App Store.
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