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Fri May 24 03:10:00 2019

Information about: openid.net
Popularity/access rank: Site number 2462 (.net extension); 43794 (global rank)
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Openid information:

TitleOpenID Foundation website (view sites with similar title)
Category: Computers / Security / Authentication / Single Sign-On / OpenID
Description OpenID is a safe, faster and easier way to log in to web sites.
Keywordsopenid, authentication, security, identity
Address http://openid.net/ Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @openid
RT @INVISPIDE: @openid #ID - Salesforce OpenID Connect Playground http://t.co/whQcVAmNHT via @iglazer

Openid - Site Review: OpenID - An open and decentralized identity system, designed "not to crumble if one company turns evil or goes out of business". Official site, with description, specifications, documentation, and resources.

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Openid Summary

openid Foundation website. Home. Get an openid. Add openid. Developers. Foundation. Community.
WGs. Government. openid. Can't remember your s? Tired of filling out registration forms?
openid is a safe, faster , and easier way to log in to web sites. openid News and Activity.
openid Connect and Account Chooser Deployers Meeting at IETF 85 October 4, 2012.People interested in openid Connect, Account Chooser, and how they relate to IETF specifications such as OAuth, JSON Web Token (JWT), and Read more.
openid Connect Technology Meeting, Oct 22 , 2012 October 4, 2012.openid Connect Technology Meeting will be held on Oct. 22, 2012 at Google, Mountain View.
Bluewater Tech Talk Room.Google Building 1220.1220 Read more. Announcing the openid Backplane Protocol Work Group August 21, 2012.
For website owners, enabling web applications to talk to one another within the same web page can be frustrating and Read more.
Benefits of openid.Learn about the many benefits of openid for: Bloggers and ...

Popularity Rank of openid.net
Alexa Rank Alexa Rank Date
43794 2013-05-15
39656 2013-05-01
40473 2013-04-15
42941 2013-04-01
41437 2013-03-15
41451 2013-03-01
39187 2013-02-15
38013 2013-01-30
38253 2013-01-08
37737 2012-11-17
23506 2011-12-06
18552 2011-08-13
16201 2010-06-10
16637 2010-03-07
24504 2009-05-28
41302 2008-12-23

Access traffic rank of openid.net (site position)

Server IP of openid.net: (hosted by Oregon State System of Higher Education)
Domain extension: .net (list top sites in .net (Networks))

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  1. Home
  2. Get an OpenID
  3. Add OpenID
  4. Developers
  5. Foundation
  6. Community
  7. WGs
  8. Government
  9. OpenID News and Activity
  10. OpenID Connect and Account Chooser Deployers’ Meeting at IETF 85
  11. OpenID Connect Technology Meeting, Oct 22 , 2012
  12. Announcing the OpenID Backplane Protocol Work Group
  13. Bloggers and individuals
  14. Website operators
  15. IDentity.Next'12
  16. Tweet this!
  17. Follow @openid
  18. Everyone
  19. Google
  20. Six Apart
  21. Yahoo!
  22. Flickr
  23. MySpace
  24. Facebook
  25. Wordpress
  26. Verisign
  27. AOL
  28. Get Help
  29. Contact Us

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