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Tue Sep 17 04:19:53 2019

Information about: openvotingconsortium.org

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TitleOpen Source Voting: Accurate, Accountable | Open Voting Consortium (view sites with similar title)
Description | Register Open Source Voting: Accurate, Accountable Done OVC is not active and we no longer have any plans to try to revive this organization. We will leave this web site up as a resource for people interested in the topic. We thank everyone who...
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Openvotingconsortium Summary

Open Source Voting: Accurate, Accountable | Open Voting Consortium. | Register. Open Source Voting: Accurate, Accountable.
Done.OVC is not active and we no longer have any plans to try to revive this organization.
We will leave this web site up as a resource for people interested in the topic. We thank everyone who has contributed to this effort.
Current Efforts.OVC's three founders, Alan Dechert, Arthur Keller, and Doug Jones continue to work on the issue of voting system integrity. Doug Jones (with Barbara Simons) recently finished writing Broken Ballots . Arthur Keller is chair of the IEEE 1622 standards committee. On June 8 2012 Alan Dechert filed to run for California Secretary of State for 2014.
Recent News & Events. Universal Voter Registration. I received a letter (dated APR 7) via US mail the other day from a radio station in Michigan on WPRR, Inc. letterhead, WPRR 1680, from Bob Goodrich. I responded with a letter via mail three pages. I was tempted to respond with a simple, "no," ...

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  10. The Future of Voting Technology in California, the U.S. and the World: Why We Need a Decision Now
  11. OVC Presentation at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Washington D.C.
  12. available here in PDF format
  13. workshop presenters at NIST.
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  33. Development by Antinomia

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