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Tue Apr 24 15:02:07 2018

Information about: ourvmc.org
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TitleVMC (view sites with similar title)
Description VMC EMPLOYEE User Id COUNCIL Office of Mayor Office of Dy. Mayor Elected Members Special Committees Organizational chart - Elected Wing ADMINISTRATION VMC at a Glance Administrative Structure Commissioner Staff Profiles Quality Policy...
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Ourvmc Summary

VMC. EMPLOYEE User Id. COUNCIL. Office. of Mayor. Office of Dy. Mayor. Elected Members.
Special Committees. Organizational chart - Elected Wing. ADMINISTRATION. VMC at a Glance.
Administrative Structure. Commissioner. Staff Profiles. Quality Policy. Credit Rating. Budget 2012 - 2013.
Financial Statements. JNNURM Accounts Update. Public Disclosure. COMMISSIONERs. MESSAGE.
VISITs. GRIEVANCES. Register Complaint. Complaint Reminder. Complaint Status. Search Registration No.
Other Details. INITIATIVES. Litter Free Colonies. Rationalization of Dumper Bins. TAXATION.
Property Tax Calculator. Property Tax Dues. Measurement Details. VLT DUES. FAQs on Property Tax.
Assesment Books. Other Details. PUBLIC HEALTH. Birth Register Details. Death Register Details.
D O Trade Dues. D O Trade Paid Details. D O Trade Rates. ENGINEERING. Works Overview. Ongoing Works.
Work Details. Bill wise Details. AE wise Info of works. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT. U.C.D. Activities.
S.J.S.R.Y Group Loans. ...

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900376 2013-05-01
779108 2013-01-30
967746 2012-11-17

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Domain extension: .org (list top sites in .org (Non-Profit Organization))

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  1. Office of Mayor
  2. Office of Dy. Mayor
  3. Elected Members
  4. Special Committees
  5. Organizational chart - Elected Wing
  6. VMC at a Glance
  7. Administrative Structure
  8. Commissioner
  9. Staff Profiles
  10. Quality Policy
  11. Credit Rating
  12. Budget 2012 - 2013
  13. Financial Statements
  14. JNNURM Accounts Update
  15. Public Disclosure
  17. Complaint Reminder
  18. Complaint Status
  19. Search Registration No.
  20. Other Details
  21. Litter Free Colonies
  22. Rationalization of Dumper Bins
  23. Property Tax Calculator
  24. Property Tax Dues
  25. Measurement Details
  26. VLT DUES
  27. FAQs on Property Tax
  28. Assesment Books
  29. Birth Register Details
  30. Death Register Details
  31. D O Trade Dues
  32. D O Trade Paid Details
  33. D O Trade Rates
  34. Works Overview
  35. Ongoing Works
  36. Work Details
  37. Bill wise Details
  38. AE wise Info of works
  39. U.C.D. Activities
  40. S.J.S.R.Y Group Loans
  41. Self Help Groups
  42. General Tenders
  43. Bidder Details
  44. Contractor Details
  46. ESCO
  47. Vehicle Outsourcing
  48. Spot Billing
  49. Double Entry System
  50. eAccounting
  51. Prajavani
  52. CM Peshi Grievances
  53. AP GOs
  54. Press Note
  55. Acrobat Reader
  56. Flash Player
  57. Post your concern directly and confidentially to the Commissioner
  58. Dumper Bin Information IIIT SELECTIONS FROM 2011-12 BATCH STUDENTS VMC SCHOOLS : SSC-2011-12 RESULTS TOPPERS MISSION : Malaria Free City by 2014
  60. Your Taxes at Work - 2012 Promotions of SGTs to School Assistants under RMSA Developments and Projects Perceived Y.S.R Smriti Vanam
  61. Water Front
  62. Vijayawada Signage
  63. List of Deepam Beneficiaries (Sanctioned) List of New Pensions Sanctioned List of Pensions Sanctioned under Abhayahastam List of Ineligible Pensions - Rachabanda Sadaram Camp Socio-Economic Caste Census RWAs
  64. JNNURM Housing Beneficiaries List
  65. Reforms Undertaken by VMC
  66. Sustainability of Drinking Water
  67. RTI Act
  68. Citizen Charter
  69. Contact Us
  70. Photo Gallary
  71. City Map
  72. City Population
  73. Register Yourself
  74. Know Your Bill Status

site visit date: 2012-11-23 01:40:30
ourvmc.org site information

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