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Tue May 22 04:43:47 2018

Information about: paralelovenezuela.com

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TitleDollar Paralelo Venezuela Today. (view sites with similar title)
Description Black exchange market en Venezuela and Maiquetia airport | The parallel Dollar at this moment
Keywordsdollar, dolar, paralelo, Venezuela, official, goverment, market, dollar, taxes, cupos, economy, control, politic, CADIVI, calculate, CANTV, bolívar fuerte, change
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dollar paralelo venezuela Today. renovado: Wednesday 1-5-2013 at 04:50 pm (en Caracas) The dollar paralelo venezuela today: 25.454.
1 US$ = 0.762 Euro. 1 Euro = 1.3124 Us$. All information about the Parallel dollar.The Parallel dollar in venezuela.
If you are accustomed to the venezuelan financial market, you have probably heard about the parallel dollar. If you.
want to read more about this special currency then please.read on to find out. Alongside the official U.S. currency exchange market.
there exists a so called "parallel market" where the.value of the currency is regulated by the government.
of the Republic of venezuela. Bolívar fuerte.The government announced on 7 March, 2007 that the.
bolívar would be revalued at a ratio of 1 to 1000 on 1.January 2008 and renamed the bolívar fuerte in an effort.
to facilitate the ease of transaction and accounting. The new name is literally translated as "strong bolívar",
but also references an old coin called the Peso fuerte.worth 10 Spanish ...

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