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Sun Sep 15 08:04:57 2019

Information about: peele.net
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TitleThe Stanton Peele Addiction Website (view sites with similar title)
Category: Health / Addictions / Substance Abuse / Centers and Counseling Services
Description Stanton Peele, Ph.D, is a social/clinical psychologist who has greatly influenced the addiction field. This site contains many of his writings on the issue of addiction, which have been published in widely read journals.
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Peele - Site Review: Stanton Peele Addiction Web Site - Presents information about Peele and his approach to addiction, his coaching services, lectures, and a list of books he wrote. Also information about phone services.

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Peele Summary

The Stanton Peele Addiction Website. Home. About Peele. Treatment. Video. Resource Library.
Bookshop. Blog. Contact. Stanton Peele is a psychologist who has changed the addiction field. He has pioneered, among other things, the idea that addiction occurs with a range of experiences, recognition of natural recovery from addiction, and the ¿harm reduction¿ approach to addiction.
This site includes many of his widely read writings (see, for example, Why Addiction Isn't a Disease ) and media appearances, including Oprah , Bill O'Reilly and Fox Friends .
STANTON’S 40-YEAR ADDICTION REPORT CARD.Stanton began working on Love and Addiction (which was published in 1975) in 1970. In these forty years he has predicted a remarkable number of addiction trends. By now it is clear that the way in which Stanton has reframed addiction for the past four decades – sometimes facing extreme opposition – has been prescient. Addiction is not a consequence of taking drugs and drinking. Rather, it arises from the way in ...

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  1. Home
  2. About Peele
  3. Treatment
  4. Video
  5. Resource Library
  6. Bookshop
  7. Blog
  8. Contact
  9. Why Addiction Isn't a Disease
  10. Oprah
  11. Bill O'Reilly
  12. Fox Friends
  13. More...
  14. Skill at Substance Use
  15. Stanton Debates AA
  16. Who Is the Most Reality Challenged — Democrats or Republicans?
  17. Is Petraeus Strung Out on Love?
  18. We Need a Conceptual Breakthrough in the War on Drugs
  19. Podcast Tonight (10/29/12)
  20. We’re All Gonna Die
  21. Lurking Beneath (But Not Very Far Beneath) the Surface at the Al Smith Dinner
  22. Are Minority Men More Likely to Be Gay? Why?
  23. Mental Gymnastics: ‘I Believe, Then I Think’
  24. Blog Archive
  25. Terms Conditions

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