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Thu Mar 22 14:49:30 2018

Information about: plospathogens.org
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TitlePLOS Pathogens: A Peer-Reviewed Open-Access Journal (view sites with similar title)
Category: Science / Biology / Microbiology / Publications / Journals
Description From molecules to physiology
Keywordsplos pathogens
Address http://www.plospathogens.org Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @plospathogens
A non-profit, Open Access journal that publishes important new ideas on bacteria, fungi, parasites, prions & viruses. Image Credit: Konstantin Sparrer
.@PLOSPathogens author Romas Geleziunas at http://t.co/MQ14Cw1ony @CENDUCBerkeley on work towards #HIV eradication http://t.co/qrKN0bKsCI
Facebook plos.org

Plospathogens - Site Review: PLoS Pathogens - Open-access journal publishing peer-reviewed papers on bacteria, fungi, parasites, prions and viruses that contribute to understanding the biology of pathogens and their interactions with their hosts.

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Plospathogens Summary

plos pathogens: A Peer-Reviewed Open-Access Journal. Advertisement. plos.org. create account.
sign in. Search. Search. advanced search. Browse. Current Issue. Journal Archive. Collections.
For Authors. Submit your Manuscript. Top Open Access journal for pathogens research. International Editorial Board and community of readers.
get started. Editorial and Publishing Policies. Author Guidelines. Figure and Table Guidelines.
Submit Your Paper. Submit to Other PLOS Journals. About Us. Journal Information. Editorial Board.
Editors-in-Chief. Reviewer Guidelines. Open-Access License. Article-Level Metrics. Media Downloads.
Guidelines for Comments and Corrections. Help Using this Site. Contact Us. most recent. most viewed.
featured discussions. Most Recent. Human Tetherin Exerts Strong Selection Pressure on the HIV-1 Group N Vpu Protein.
Blood Flukes Exploit Peyer's Patch Lymphoid Tissue to Facilitate Transmission from the Mammalian Host.
Transmission of Equine Influenza Virus during an Outbreak Is

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  24. Human Tetherin Exerts Strong Selection Pressure on the HIV-1 Group N Vpu Protein
  25. Blood Flukes Exploit Peyer's Patch Lymphoid Tissue to Facilitate Transmission from the Mammalian Host
  26. Transmission of Equine Influenza Virus during an Outbreak Is Characterized by Frequent Mixed Infections and Loose Transmission Bottlenecks
  27. COX5B Regulates MAVS-mediated Antiviral Signaling through Interaction with ATG5 and Repressing ROS Production
  28. 4′-Phosphopantetheinyl Transferase PptT, a New Drug Target Required for Mycobacterium tuberculosis Growth and Persistence In Vivo
  29. All recently published articles
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  32. Cell Division in Apicomplexan Parasites Is Organized by a Homolog of the Striated Rootlet Fiber of Algal Flagella
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  34. Can Human Movements Explain Heterogeneous Propagation of Dengue Fever in Cambodia?
  35. PLOS Genetics
  36. Recurrent Targeted Genes of Hepatitis B Virus in the Liver Cancer Genomes Identified by a Next-Generation Sequencing–Based Approach
  37. PLOS Pathogens
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  46. Speaking of Medicine
  47. TEDx San Francisco: 7 Billion Well
  48. Childhood nonsexual trauma: The long-term outcomes of physical and emotional maltreatment and neglect
  49. The humanitarian impact of European laws targeting Google News
  50. Is Something Fishy In the White House?
  51. Freshman 15 – Fact or Fiction?
  52. Data as Culture
  53. Redesigned PLOS Journals – now launched
  54. A redesign for the PLOS Journals – coming soon
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