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Tue Feb 20 10:42:22 2018

Information about: preterhuman.net
Popularity/access rank: Site number 7878 (.net extension); 137949 (global rank)
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TitleHigher Intellect | Information at the speed of thought (view sites with similar title)
Category: Computers / Bulletin Board Systems / Hotline
Description Higher Intellect is a World Wide Web server hosting a searchable database of over 500,000 text files on a variety of subjects. We also host a server running on the Hotline and KDX protocols featuring a vast collection of antique software, obscure operating systems, and open source software.
Keywordstexts, free, text files, ebook, pdf, document, education, learning, hotline, obscure, server, software, kdx, p2p
Address http://www.preterhuman.net Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @paullezica
Sysadmin at http://t.co/XEbQOaeA, noob photographer, backyard mechanic, musician who refuses to give up the 80's.
#preterhuman maintenance was mostly successful and the new storage is up and stable. further future updates planned.
Facebook higherintellect

Preterhuman - Site Review: Higher Intellect - Presents the server that hosts open source and abandonware software as well as other files that seem important to its users. Also offers a tracker to find other Hotline servers.

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Preterhuman Summary

Higher Intellect | Information at the speed of thought. Home. Areas. About. hotline/kdx. server/Tracker.
Forums. Support. Resources. Donate. alien ufo. anarchy privacy control. art. automotive. body health.
computer culture. computing. conspiracy. drugs. education. engineering. finance marketing.
gaming diversion. geography. government information. history. laugh. law. literature. lyrics music related.
mathematics. movie TV scripts. news media. politics. food recipes. religion, occult, new age.
science technology. sex. space. sporting recreation. survival. terrorism pyrotechnics. thought writing.
underground. UN NATO. wars weapons. >> view complete directory. 794,679 files online. Total size is 146gb.
Latest Forum Activity. Higher Intellect network map (2013) How to design a social networking website.
Re: Site updates and changes. Re: Site updates and changes. VMware ESXi 5.1 - fixing "inaccessible" VMs.
>> Go to forums. Latest Wiki Articles. Paul_Lezica. About. Digital_libraries. >> Go to Wiki.

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Alexa Rank Alexa Rank Date
137949 2013-05-15
129352 2013-05-01
106595 2013-04-15
111810 2013-04-01
142752 2013-03-15
154168 2013-03-01
166215 2013-02-15
166561 2013-01-30
215461 2013-01-08
453244 2012-11-17
959474 2011-08-13
569512 2009-05-28

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Domain extension: .net (list top sites in .net (Networks))

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  1. Home
  2. Areas
  3. About
  4. Hotline/KDX
  5. Server/Tracker
  6. Forums
  7. Support
  8. Resources
  9. Donate
  10. alien ufo
  11. anarchy privacy control
  12. art
  13. automotive
  14. body health
  15. computer culture
  16. computing
  17. conspiracy
  18. drugs
  19. education
  20. engineering
  21. finance marketing
  22. gaming diversion
  23. geography
  24. government information
  25. history
  26. laugh
  27. law
  28. literature
  29. lyrics music related
  30. mathematics
  31. movie TV scripts
  32. news media
  33. politics
  34. food recipes
  35. religion, occult, new age
  36. science technology
  37. sex
  38. space
  39. sporting recreation
  40. survival
  41. terrorism pyrotechnics
  42. thought writing
  43. underground
  44. UN NATO
  45. wars weapons
  46. >> view complete directory
  47. facebook.com/higherintellect
  48. twitter.com/paullezica
  49. Debian.org
  50. Higher Intellect network map
  51. How to design a social networking website
  52. Re: Site updates and changes
  53. VMware ESXi 5.1 - fixing "inaccessible" VMs
  54. Paul_Lezica
  55. Digital_libraries
  56. >> Go to Wiki
  57. Known Terrorist Names List
  58. ABCs Of Science
  59. On The Job Training
  60. Children of a Lesser Marxism
  61. EFF and the Bill Of Rights
  62. Higher Intellect Submission Page
  63. View older entries...
  64. Canhost
  65. Altexxa Group

site visit date: 2013-02-18 17:04:36
preterhuman.net site information

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