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Sun Aug 19 07:00:55 2018

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TitleThe Public Record | Intrepid New Journalism (view sites with similar title)
Description The Public Record (TPR) is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and empowering the public by producing in-depth original reporting on a wide-range of domestic and international issues. TPR sifts through the treasure trove of documents available in the public record, extracts important nuggets of news that would otherwise go unreported, and our reporters then use that information to break news. Jason Leopold, Leopold Jason
KeywordsJason Leopold, Leopold Jason, citizen, journalism, new journalism, citizen journalism, public record, the public record, public, record, nonprofit journalism, investigative reporter, Karl Rove Valerie Plame leak, CIA leak case, Patrick Fitzgerald Scooter Libby indictment, Joe Wilson Niger intelligence, incisive, independent journalism, online news, web magazine, breaking news, torture, waterboarding, guantanamo, bush administration, domestic surveillance, john yoo, office of legal counsel, alberto gonzales, dick cheney approved waterboarding, dick cheney, jay bybee, CIA, CIA interrogation, harsh interrogations, CIA black site prisons, tortured to death, George W. Bush criminal, George W. Bush broke the law, NSA, ACLU, freedom of information act, bush administration torture, cheney approved waterboarding. Jason Leopold Public Record, Jason Leopold Karl Rove,
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Twitter @ThePublicRecord
Intrepid New Journalism (founded by @JasonLeopold)
The Prosecution Of Free Speech And Activism http://t.co/PiNPjUq004
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The public record | Intrepid New journalism. Articles | Comments | Email | Twitter | Facebook |
Home. World. torture. Religion. Politics. TPRvideo. Law. Commentary. Nation. Donate.
Latif Letter About guantanamo Speaks From The Grave: “I Am Being Pushed Toward Death Every Moment”
“The Atomic Victims As Human Guinea Pigs” BP to Shareholders: We’re Already Working With EPA to Lift Federal Contract Ban.
investigative reporter jason leopold Discusses guantanamo Closure, Prisoner Death On HuffPost Live.
Gitmo Detainee Death Mystery Deepens With News Of Drug Overdose. Autopsy Report Claims guantanamo Prisoner Adnan Latif Committed Suicide.
World. Latif Letter About guantanamo Speaks From The Grave: “I Am Being Pushed Toward Death Every Moment”
By Truthout - The public record.This report was written by jason leopold and Jeffrey Kaye and originally published at Truthout. Explosive claims in a letter to his lawyers reveal a Gitmo detainee’s fears about his captors’ intentions,

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