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Sun Aug 19 07:00:14 2018

Information about: raw.info
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TitleRAW.INFO: Introducing RAW
Description RAW is campaigning to expose the true cost of factory farming and push for positive, practical food and farming solutions.
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Twitter @RawTeam
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Raw Summary

RAW.INFO: Introducing RAW. Close What is RAW? Factory farms are everywhere - they raise around 2 in every 3 farm animals. But they're not working. Industrialised meat and dairy farming is dangerous, unfair and dirty, placing untold pressure on animals, people and the planet.
RAW is an ambitious, international campaign to kickstart a food and farming revolution. RAW will expose and explore the true cost of factory farming and build a movement for positive, practical food and farming solutions. RAW believes in better farming; farming that is safer, fairer and greener; farming that gives us all access to healthy, affordable food.
Sign up to RAW  and help expose the true cost of factory farming. Let's kickstart a food and farming revolution together. All about Raw.
Pledge your support! 1. We're growing a movement to end factory farming and would love your support, it will only take a moment.
We just need... Your email address: 2. This bit is optional, but we would love to know a little bit ...

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  1. Sign up to RAW
  2. All about Raw
  3. RAW
  4. Tweet
  5. Animal cruelty
  6. Climate change
  7. Resource waste
  8. Biodiversity loss
  9. Pollution
  10. Food inequality
  11. Health threats
  12. Damaged livelihoods
  13. What Next?
  14. see all impacts
  15. Our Latest Campaign Act now
  16. Home
  17. Food farming
  18. The problem
  19. Our solution
  20. Evidence
  21. Debating factory farming?
  22. Experience of a factory farm?
  23. See full media feed
  24. Otago Daily Times: Sustainable farm systems needed
  25. Guardian: Corn a sign of Brazil's growing clout
  26. All RAW stories
  27. Feature
  28. Review
  29. Contact us
  30. Donate
  31. Accessibility
  32. Cookies Privacy
  33. ciwf.org
  34. Twitter
  35. You Tube
  36. Media

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