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Mon Sep 23 13:39:35 2019

Information about: rhrealitycheck.org
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TitleRH Reality Check | Reproductive Health Information, News, Commentary and Community (view sites with similar title)
Category: Health / Reproductive Health
Description /Register or e-mail: * : * Create new account Request new Facebook Twitter You Tube RSS Email Updates The Death of Savita Halappanavar: A Tragedy Leading to Long Overdue Change? by Carole Joffe ELECTION 2012: Women Told...
Address http://www.rhrealitycheck.org Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @rhrealitycheck
Sexual and reproductive health and justice reporting, analysis, commentary, investigations, action and community.
Four ways to create culture change around #abortion http://t.co/ojL3ttBCXF #prochoice
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Rhrealitycheck - Site Review: RH Reality Check - News, analysis, commentary and information on reproductive health issues.

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RH Reality Check | Reproductive Health Information, News, Commentary and Community. /Register.
or e-mail: * : * Create new account. Request new Facebook. Twitter. You Tube. RSS.
Email Updates. The Death of Savita Halappanavar: A Tragedy Leading to Long Overdue Change?
by Carole Joffe. ELECTION 2012: Women Told the Nation, Loud and Clear, This Election was About the Economy and Jobs.
by Lisa Maatz. ELECTION 2012: The Under-the-Radar State, County, and City Races That Produced Surprising Results.
by Jessica Luther. ELECTION 2012: Millennials Are Bringing It. Democrats Ignore Them At Their Peril.
by Sarah Burris. Amendment 6 Defeat and Anti-Choice Electoral Reactions. How do pro-choice activists pull out such an awesome defeat of Amendment 6 in Florida? An examination. Also, more reporting on conservative reaction to major anti-choice electoral losses.
more Reality Cast... 1 2 3. HuffPost Live: Contraception Crisis. Nov 20, 3:48pm. comments.
Editor in Chief Jodi Jacobson joined ...

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  12. Sarah Burris
  13. Amendment 6 Defeat and Anti-Choice Electoral Reactions
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  17. more Reality Cast...
  18. HuffPost Live: Contraception Crisis
  19. GOP Rape Debate an Extension of 2010 Agenda
  20. Republican "Rape Caucus" Suffers Heavy Losses
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  22. RH Reality Check on Facebook
  23. When it Comes to Women's Health and Rights, South Dakota Is Still in the "Hoghouse"
  24. Robin Marty
  25. Politics
  26. Michigan Rep. Barb Byrum on "Fetal Tax Credit:" "This Is Absurd"
  27. Abortion
  28. Two of Three "Consumer" Positions on Ohio Medical Board Now Anti-Choice Activists
  29. Michigan Republicans Push for Tax Breaks for Fetuses
  30. DesJarlais Wins Election But May Be Forced to Step Down
  31. British Minister Says "People's Views" Are Why Abortion Limit Should Be Rolled Back
  32. Iowa Telemed Study Reveals Increased Access to Safe Early Abortion Care
  33. Yet Another Lawsuit Contests the Birth Control Benefit
  34. Jessica Mason Pieklo
  35. Law and Policy
  36. Anti-Choice Ohio Legislature Reject Bill to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy
  37. Contraception
  38. Post-Election, Republicans Vow No More Akins
  39. They Are Coming for Your Birth Control: Condoms are "Murder" and Contraception is "Rape"
  40. Harrisburg, PA Creates 20 Feet Clinic Buffer to Protect Patients and Staff
  41. more News...
  42. One Study Raises Questions About Anti-Depressants in Pregnancy; Another Says Depressed Women Use Birth Control Less Consistently
  43. Martha Kempner
  44. Sexual Health
  45. Sexual Health Roundup: Waiting Longer May Lead to Happier Relationships and Size May Matter
  46. Sexual Health Roundup: HPV Vaccine Doesn't Lead to Promiscuity; Condom Use Low Among Women on the Pill
  47. Sexual Health Roundup: Study Finds Gardasil is Safe, New Jersey Lawmaker Seeks Ban on Reparative Therapy
  48. Sexual Health Roundup: California Teens Spared Harmful Therapy, Syphilis Spikes in Houston, NY Men Like Big Condoms
  49. more Weekly Roundups...
  50. 2.5m worldwide infected with HIV in 2011, states new UNAIDS report - The News International
  51. How improving healthcare helps alleviate poverty in Nigeria's Jigawa - Reuters AlertNet (blog)
  52. Study: Family planning jabs raise risk of HIV infection - The Citizen Daily
  53. Dating, sex is daunting for youth with disabilities - The Province
  54. Ideology masquerading as evidence: pro-life opposition to contraception - The Conversation
  55. The shocking story behind Ireland's low maternal deaths - Hindustan Times (blog)
  56. Victory — and Defeat — in Battle Over Contraception Mandate - The New American
  57. Teach Your Kids What They Need to Know - TheBody.com
  58. more RH Wire...
  59. Bush Appointee Rejects Hobby Lobby Arguments Against Birth Control Benefit
  60. Imani Gandy
  61. Silence and Denial Don't Work: Ireland, Malta, the European Union and the Lessons of Savita's Death
  62. Johanna Westeson
  63. Ohio Is The Latest Battlefield in the War on Contraception
  64. Amanda Marcotte
  65. I Know This Much Is True: Abortion Is A Medical Intervention to Which Women Need Access
  66. Marianne Møllmann
  67. Death in Ireland is a Wake Up Call to Fight Bans on Later Abortion Here at Home
  68. Susan Yanow
  69. Women and Gay People of Texas, Beware! Tea Partying State Senator Dan Patrick is Coming for Your Rights
  70. Andrea Grimes
  71. Human Rights
  72. more Commentary...
  73. Will Senate Republican Women Support the Paycheck Fairness Act?
  74. Sheila Bapat
  75. What's Next In The Litigation Over The Obamacare Contraception Mandate?
  76. Administration's Renewed Focus on Filling Federal Court Vacancies Reveals Mixed Bag of Nominees
  77. Birds of the Same Feather: Gay Penguin Play Cancelled by Austin Independent School District
  78. Sexuality
  79. SCOTUS Looks Ready To Gut Voting Rights Act
  80. The Legal Challenge To Obamacare Nobody's Talking About But Should
  81. more Analysis...
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