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Mon Apr 23 10:44:29 2018

Information about: ricefarmer.blogspot.com
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TitleRice Farmer (view sites with similar title)
Description Rice Farmer Rice Farmer lives out in the hills, growing rice and veggies organically. Tuesday, May 14, 2013 News Links, May 14-15, 2013 ## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ## Industrial production up slightly in Europe China's debt: a crisis in the...
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Rice Farmer. Rice Farmer. Rice Farmer lives out in the hills, growing rice and veggies organically.
Tuesday, May 14, 2013.News Links, May 14-15, 2013.## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Industrial production up slightly in Europe. China's debt: a crisis in the making? "If corporate and household debt is also counted, China's total debt load balloons to more than 200% of gross domestic product."
China's Latest Economic Numbers: Not Reassuring. Banks on Verge of Collapse in Denmark Win Time in FSA Review.
German finance minister advocates 2-step approach to building European banking union. Nothing going on with these mortgages, just keep walking: OSFI (Canada)
Low water levels causing problems for Great Lakes shipping. Retailers embrace reforms in Bangladesh as search for bodies ends; death toll put at 1,127.
The great Indian mall doom."If dams and large public sector companies were the temples of Nehru's India, shopping malls were supposed to be the sacred space of liberalised India

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  1. Industrial production up slightly in Europe
  2. China's debt: a crisis in the making?
  3. China's Latest Economic Numbers: Not Reassuring
  4. Banks on Verge of Collapse in Denmark Win Time in FSA Review
  5. German finance minister advocates 2-step approach to building European banking union
  6. Nothing going on with these mortgages, just keep walking: OSFI
  7. Low water levels causing problems for Great Lakes shipping
  8. Retailers embrace reforms in Bangladesh as search for bodies ends; death toll put at 1,127
  9. The great Indian mall doom
  10. $1 Billion of Gold Has Been Shipped From New York to South Africa This Year
  11. BHP chief on austerity drive
  12. UAE leapfrogs Saudi as Middle East's biggest construction market
  13. Russia's Plan For The BRICS To Dismantle The Dollar System
  14. Argentina Peso Gap Between Official And Black Market Rate Hits To 100%, BMWs Become Inflation Hedge
  15. Virgin America Cuts Losses and Sees IPO
  16. SAS Agrees To Sale of Norwegian Regional Subsidiary
  17. Airlines look to make a killing, without informing you of extra charges
  18. Post-merger American Airlines could rake in $1 billion in bag fees
  19. EasyJet is set to halve its losses
  20. The Skyrocketing Cost Of Airfare For Business Travel
  21. Mid-size Airports Suffer Biggest Cuts in Airline Service
  22. UN faces uphill battle to reduce global airline emissions
  23. FAA aircraft maintenance oversight ineffective, inspector general says
  24. Deutsche Post DHL net profits fall 5.9 percent as tougher economy slows freight revenues
  25. Airlines took in more than $6 billion in baggage and reservation change fees in 2012
  26. Boeing Dreamliners Back in Business After 4-Month Grounding
  27. World's biggest anti-mine naval exercise after Iranian threats to close Gulf
  28. Chinese fishing boats harassed by unknown vessels in S China Sea
  29. Unknown submarine detected in Okinawan waters
  30. Abe warns of possible military response to intruder subs
  31. Japan seizes Taiwanese fishing boat
  32. US, South Korea Begin Joint Naval Exercises Involving US Aircraft Carrier
  33. Fighting Piracy in Africa – too little too late
  34. Vietnam firms involved in 'illegal land grabs'
  35. Banks accused of funding Asian land grabbing
  36. Under the black flag of al-Qaeda, the Syrian city ruled by gangs of extremists
  37. WWIII has already started …
  38. US drone takes off from warship for first time
  39. Israeli airport sorts passengers with 'Jewish stickers' and 'Arab stickers'
  40. Nigeria president declares state of emergency in 3 states because of Islamic extremist attacks
  41. Asia Is Becoming Israel's New Frontier - Here's Why
  42. Worker Walkout Closes Hundreds of Factories in Bangladesh
  43. Second day of bus strike will affect 70,000 passengers
  44. Growing Labor Unrest in South Africa's Mining Industry: Anglo American Threatens to Cut 14,000 Jobs
  45. Major protest planned ahead of G8 meeting
  46. Security Forces Tear Gas Protesters in Ivory Coast
  47. Occupy protesters cleared from Gill Tract in Albany
  48. March Against Monsanto planned for over 30 countries
  49. Taxi drivers strike as social unrest mounts in Iran
  50. Greek workers walk out to protest ban on teachers' strike
  51. Sharjah faces fuel shortages again
  52. Kenya: Fuel Shortage Looming Over Mombasa Oil Refinery Crisis
  53. Blackouts hit polling centers
  54. Energy costs require rethink for EU heavy industry-IEA
  55. The Dangers of Complacency
  56. Eni Sees Kashagan to Produce 75,000 bopd First Month
  57. Nigeria may be Next OPEC Member to Fall
  58. Clean Energy Progress is Sluggish, Coal Demand Looks Robust
  59. Nuclear Power Falters, Engulfed by 'Cauldron' of Bad Luck
  60. The Illogic And Folly Of Peak Oil (Or Is It Peak Gas?) Alarmism
  61. Yergin's predictions have a terrible track record
  62. Platts London Crude Oil Summit: a word of caution about shale delirium
  63. Large gain seen in Alberta oil production
  64. Old Technology Fuels New Energy Boom
  65. IEA: U.S. Will Lead Oil Supply Recovery
  66. Low gas prices in Western Canada stifle upstream investment, impact power generation
  67. Glistening City of Future Rises in Oil-Rich Desert
  68. Saudi Arabia to maintain its current oil production capacity
  69. Libya to lift subsidies on all fuel
  70. BP Withdraws Staff from Libya
  71. Nigeria oil production slides amid unrest
  72. Oil and Gas Theft in Mexico Doubled in 2013
  73. Rainforest plays critical role in hydropower generation
  74. Africa Oil Demand to Expand Faster Than Most of World, IEA Says
  75. The U.S., Mexico And The Decline Of The Colorado River
  76. Blackouts ruining us, screams industry
  77. Road crews tear down Mayan pyramid to make gravel
  78. Kitchen Gardeners International
  79. UN urges people to eat insects to fight world hunger
  80. French Chef Puts Crickets on Menu in Push to Use Insects as Food
  81. SCOTUS Upholds Monsanto Soybean Patent, Postponing Debate Over Self-Replicating Technologies
  82. Corn Rises as Rain May Curb U.S. Yields; Soybeans, Wheat Gain
  83. Monsanto's win is a loss for American farmers
  84. Over half the world's population could rely on food imports by 2050 – study
  85. Science proves what we all know: Nature is Good for your Health!
  86. Indonesia to extend ban on forest clearing: government
  87. Cases Of Mysterious Valley Fever Rise In American Southwest
  88. No source determined for 200 sickened at Las Vegas restaurant
  89. Middle East Virus Spreads Between Hospitalized Patients
  90. Saudi Arabia confirms four new coronavirus cases
  91. Vietnam's Appetite For Rhino Horn Drives Poaching In Africa
  92. China's growing, sprawling cities said causing climate changes
  93. Obama administration allows wind farms to kill eagles, birds despite federal laws
  94. New strains of Hong Kong flu could cause pandemic
  95. Beach litter mars U.S. – and world's – coastlines
  96. Antibiotic-resistant superbugs afflict one in 12 patients daily in hospitals across Canada: survey
  97. 'Best estimate' for impact of melting ice on sea level rise
  98. South African Anti-Fracking Activist Calls for Global Alliance
  99. Rivers Carry Away Waste Heat Form Power Plants at a Cost to the Environment
  100. Use These Secret NSA Google Search Tips to Become Your Own Spy Agency
  101. Government uses subpoena to gain wide swath of Associated Press telephone records
  102. FBI Shrugs Off Law Requiring Email Warrants
  103. Google Fights Glass Backlash Before It Even Hits The Street
  104. Taiwan and Philippines engaged in cyberwar over shooting incident
  105. Watergate Was For Amateurs: Justice Department Spied For Months On Associated Press Reporters
  106. 'Outrageous HSBC Settlement Proves The Drug War Is A Joke'
  107. Biometrics: A new intelligence discipline
  108. Email: Even The CIA Uses It. Time To Get Serious About Its Legal Protections
  109. Netflix chewing up increased share of North America bandwidth
  110. Skype with care – Microsoft is reading everything you write
  111. National unrest: Nigeria sliding into lawlessness – Sultan of Sokoto
  112. 10 Scenes From The Economic Collapse That Is Sweeping Across The Planet
  113. Social Mood Darkens in Europe, Especially France, as Eurozone Economy in Freefall
  114. Bangladesh Generators Ingredient for Danger as Structures Crack
  115. Sharp Corporation: Sharp to Downsize European Operations
  116. Sharp president replaced after company reports huge loss
  117. Japan Seeks Fiscal Reconstruction Plan
  118. Japan's Vacant Houses: Visions of Detroit
  119. Nuclear Regulator To Confirm Tsuruga Plant Sits On Active Fault
  120. How Fukushima Contamination May Have Spread via Waterways
  121. NRA wants Monju to remain shut down
  122. Fukushima fishermen's distrust leads to rejection of TEPCO groundwater plan
  123. Japanese mayor sparks outrage with sex-slave remarks
  124. Hashimoto asks U.S. military to use sex industry in Japan
  125. Japan's Electronics Under Siege
  126. Chinese Power Consumption Collapses: Economic Growth Slowest Since Early 2009
  127. China's April oil demand up 3.2% y/y, lowest in 8 months
  128. Chinese iron and cement industry struggling to keep afloat
  129. China April factory output disappoints, clouds outlook
  130. China Hikes Gasoline, Diesel Prices Starting May 10
  131. Myanmar Pipelines To Benefit China
  132. China Seen Boosting Emergency Oil-Storage Capacity, IEA Says
  133. China: High and dry
  134. Minister: NHS will collapse if elderly bed blocking continues
  135. British Gas owner Centrica enjoys profits boost after cold snap
  136. Northern Ireland's top policeman gives wake-up call on paramilitaries
  137. Canterbury Cathedral faces closure unless it can find £10m for repair bill
  138. Federal government creates more low-wage jobs than Walmart
  139. U.S. Postal Service posts $1.9 billion loss, despite efficiency efforts
  140. Detroit's 45-day report: Orr calls city 'dysfunctional and wasteful' after years of mismanagement, corruption
  141. Detroit May Run Out Of Cash Next Month
  142. At least 19 injured in New Orleans Mother's Day shooting
  143. U.S. Labor Participation May Be Low for Years: Fed Study
  144. Saudi Man Arrested At Detroit Airport For Owning Pressure Cooker
  145. Pentagon Unilaterally Grants Itself Authority Over 'Civil Disturbances'
  146. New Bank Stress Tests Coming, Generated Under Self-Direction
  147. New taxes make electric vehicle owners pay their share
  148. LAUSD's Free Breakfast Program Has Gone Bad, Teachers Union Alleges
  149. Fierce fire season predicted for West
  150. Lehman Reaches Beyond Grave to Grab Millions From Nonprofits
  151. Ammunition Shortage Reaches All Time High
  152. Defense to furlough most of its 800,000 civilians
  153. U.S. car use falls as younger generation shifts gears: study
  154. Federal Reserve ZIRP has essentially destroyed household income growth
  155. The Tesla Stock Rally and Electric Car Rally Is Over!
  156. Debt Sold by Bank Of America and Citigroup Would Be JUNK Without Government Guarantees
  157. Is A Billion-Dollar Border Security Program Finally Due?
  158. Is Lumber The New Baltic Dry?
  159. Police Drone Crashes into Police
  160. Deep-voiced chief executives are more successful, scientists say
  161. Man in grocery store overnight eats 6 steaks, birthday cake
  162. Permanent Link
  163. Read Between the Lines: IMF Admits Spain is Bankrupt; Get Your Money Out While You Can
  164. Central Banks Keep Easing After Cuts Fail to Spur Growth
  165. Vietnam Cuts Interest Rates as Global Monetary Easing Spreads
  166. Mexico Industry Output Falls Three Times More Than Forecast
  167. Huge Bubble in India Home Prices Ready to Burst
  168. Slovenia self-inflicts austerity plan to avoid bailout
  169. Gross Says Bond Bull Market Probably Ended April 29
  170. France Suffers 'Adjustment Fatigue' on Austerity, Moscovici Says
  171. German Export Machine Hits Skids; Imbalances Intensify: Exports Drop 4.2% YoY, Imports Drop 6.9% YoY
  172. Amplats plans 6,000 job cuts in South Africa
  173. Venezuela inflation nears 30 percent
  174. Argentina's Modest Proposal: Buy Bonds Or Go To Jail
  175. It's not just stocks; everything is overvalued
  176. The hidden crisis in the gold business
  177. 'No sacred cows': Air Canada to cut costs, freeze hiring
  178. Air Canada, WestJet downgraded on competition, economy
  179. IAG losses widen as Iberia's problems wipe out progress at British Airways
  180. Iberia struggling with turnaround
  181. Smaller airports have fewer departures, seats as airlines become more profitable
  182. U.S. cancels plan to close control towers at smaller airports
  183. The Navigator: Fee-happy airlines raise the bar again
  184. Middle East airlines may need 2,370 new planes over 20 years
  185. SRQ airport departures plummet 38 percent in 6 years
  186. International Consolidated Airlines Q1 Loss Widens
  187. US airlines increase change fees as corporate demand softens.
  188. SriLankan air taxi grounded as a loss, flies anew with Cinnamon Air
  189. European airlines give way to Asian competitors
  190. Taiwan protests to Philippines after fisherman shot
  191. Police stations bombed, British embassy cuts Libya staff
  192. Hackers, Makers, and Tinkerers: Here's How TPP Would Hurt You
  193. U.S. Recognizes Japan's Sovereignty over Okinawa: Official
  194. Iran unveils new attack drone
  195. Rafsanjani's last-minute entry transforms Iranian race
  196. New laser gun put to the weather test
  197. Turkey calls for US to enforce Syria no-fly zone
  198. Car bombs kill 43 in Turkey near Syrian border
  199. U.S. Currently Fighting 74 Different Wars … That It Will Publicly Admit
  200. China's Military Build-up Continues: Pentagon
  201. Mind-blowing Map of World Population
  202. China set to test first jet-powered stealth drone, Lijian
  203. Number of casualties from north Tikrit explosion increased up to 15 killed, 22 wounded
  204. Photos from Guantanamo's force-feeding facilities
  205. Thousands of Israelis take to the streets to protest austerity measures
  206. Fast-food workers stage walkouts over wages
  207. China battery plant protest gives voice to rising anger over pollution
  208. 'Kill the Syrians': Turkish mobs search out civil war refugees after devastating car bomb
  209. Greece: Civil mobilization order to teachers ahead of strike
  210. Shale Bust: North America Natural Gas Production set to Seriously Decline
  211. Natural Gas Rig Count in U.S. Drops to 350, Baker Hughes Says
  212. The solar paradox: boom, bust or both?
  213. Kofi Annan: Africa plundered by secret mining deals
  214. Electric energy requirement for 13 Indian mega cities estimated at 168 billion units by 2017
  215. Panama Canal Cuts Water Use as Drought Prompts Energy Rationing
  216. Availability of oil in the long term is dubious, as oil prices could in fact retreat, helping the tanker market
  217. Peak Oil Revisited - Oil Limits Are Now Debt Limits
  218. EU Said to Plan Duties Up to 67.9% on China Solar Panels
  219. Solar thermal chief predicts third year of recession
  220. Electricity rates to go up
  221. Coking Coal Contracts Seen Slipping to Record Low, Survey Shows
  222. Metal thefts on the rise nationally, locally
  223. How China Will Eat Your Lunch
  224. Florida citrus industry plagued by disease with no known cure
  225. The Plight of the Honeybee
  226. Europe's other potentially toxic food: salmon
  227. Cambridge-based scientists develop 'superwheat'
  228. Financial Security Ceases to Exist: Good for Low-Energy Survival on a Changing Planet
  229. Eco-friendly green burials catching on in the U.S.
  230. Modern life causing dementia earlier, study finds
  231. Greenhouse Gases Hit Threshold Unseen in 3 Million Years
  232. Google Earth Engine unveils how Earth has altered
  233. Saudi reports two more cases of new coronavirus
  234. WHO says new coronavirus may be passed person to person
  235. France confirms 2nd case of SARS-related virus
  236. White House Denies Any 'Substantive' Edits To Benghazi Memo
  237. U.S. Kicks Drug-War Habit, Makes Peace With Afghan Poppies
  238. America's Roads Have Been Turned Into A Revenue Generating Surveillance Grid
  239. Japan, U.S. to Boost Cooperation to Fight Cyberattacks
  240. Ministry cyber-attack plot thickens / U.S.-Foreign Ministry files thought leaked
  241. Big retailers are tracking your phone's Wi-Fi signal
  242. Apple deluged by police demands to decrypt iPhones
  243. Experts Marvel At How Cyber Thieves Stole $45 Million
  244. Law enforcement agencies grappling with spike in multi-million-dollar cyber scams
  245. Shady Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA
  246. US cyberwar strategy stokes fear of blowback
  247. GDP will make a generation of Americans miserable
  248. Sword of division is poised over Iraq
  249. Fukushima closes 2 parking lots for emergency decontamination work
  250. Terrorist drill held for Fukushima nuclear plant
  251. Japan is 'adding a Ponzi scheme to a Ponzi scheme'
  252. Expect a Spike in Long-Term Japanese Interest Rates; Currency Crisis Just Around the Corner
  253. Sharp to cut another 5,000 jobs as part of restructuring
  254. 5 suffer heatstroke as temperatures fluctuate across Japan
  255. Japan's current account surplus plummets to smallest amount ever
  256. Universities lure students with upscale dorms
  257. Abandoned houses increasing in urban areas
  258. China's Data Manipulation In One Chart, And Why The Real Data Implies Weakest GDP Growth In Over 20 Years
  259. Shanghai Ends H7N9 Bird Flu Emergency Measures; Poultry Shares Gain
  260. Chinese Consumers Rapidly Shift From Luxury To Thrift
  261. Chinese authorities ban human rights, political discussions at universities
  262. Private eyes to track down EU students who owe £50m in loans
  263. Aircraft carrier 'omnishambles' wastes £100 million
  264. Tests for new chemical guns in late stages
  265. Recession is a good time to exploit cheap labour, says Cameron aide
  266. Campaigners warn against rise of the 'mega-farms': Could massive pig, fish and dairy units harm the environment?
  267. Biometric Database of All Adult Americans Hidden in Immigration Reform
  268. NYPD Sergeant Says 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent' Is Just The Price We Pay For A 'Free Society'
  269. Model S boosts Tesla, but mass market electric cars still elusive
  270. Bankrupt Alabama county sees exit plan in June-lawyer
  271. Obama Wants to Elevate Linemen to First Responder Status
  272. 1/3 Population of Puerto Rico Gets Food Stamps from U.S. Gov't -- $2 Billion in 2012
  273. What does it mean to be retired in the United States? The age of disappearing pensions, dependence on Social Security, and stock market speculation.

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