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Tue Apr 24 14:58:16 2018

Information about: rosamundsbower.com

Rosamundsbower information:

TitleRosamund's Bower - Free Patience and Solitaire Games (view sites with similar title)
Description Home
Address http://www.rosamundsbower.com Add this site to your favorite list

Rosamundsbower Summary

Rosamund's Bower - Free Patience and Solitaire Games. Home </> Browse Games </> Forums </>
Site News </> Glossary </> Game of the week. Eight Off. Eight off is an ancestor of Freecell. In this game, only one card can be removed at a time, and cards are stacked by suit. There are eight cells that can be used for temporary storage, although four are filled at the start of the game. The aim is to move all cards to the foundations.
Random game Algerian Patience. Algerian patience is an unusual two pack patience game. The aim is to build four foundations up from ace to king and four down from king to ace. Cards are stacked by suit in either direction, but stacks can only be moved in reverse order. When no more moves are available, more cards are dealt to the reserve at the bottom, or in the last deal onto the play area.
Browse All Games: By game plays. By age. By name. Recent Site News. Downtime. New Games.
Stats! Ratings. Minor update. Newest. Crazy Quilt. Graffiti Solitaire.

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