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Fri Apr 20 23:03:48 2018

Information about: sandyskitchenadventures.com
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TitleSandy's Kitchen (view sites with similar title)
Description Pages Home Breakfast Appetizers Main Entrees Side Dishes Desserts *Medifast Recipes Only* Medifast Info Sunday, October 28, 2012 Mock Cajun Dirty "Rice" This is a dish that I grew up with and that I love. My father grew up in a small town in Texas near...
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Sandy's Kitchen. Pages. Home. Breakfast. Appetizers. Main Entrees. Side Dishes. Desserts.
*Medifast Recipes Only* Medifast Info. Sunday, October 28, 2012. Mock Cajun Dirty "Rice"
This is a dish that I grew up with and that I love. My father grew up in a small town in Texas near the border closest to Louisiana so he was influenced by Cajun cooking. Not to mention we spent most of my growing up years living in both Louisiana and Texas so dirty rice and gumbo were commonly seen on our kitchen table. There are several different ways to make dirty rice. Everyone seems to have their own special recipe. You could use ground beef or sausage, but I chose to use Jimmy Dean turkey sausage so that I could have this as a side dish and still have part of a lean left over. Plus I think the sausage has more flavor. It is also common to use chicken livers and gizzards when making this, which would sweat into the white rice and cause it to turn brown, hence the name dirty rice :) I do not like liver or gizzards so you ...

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