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Tue Mar 20 04:38:25 2018

Information about: scirp.org
Popularity/access rank: Site number 3563 (.org extension); 109370 (global rank)
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TitleJournals, Conferences, Proceedings, Open Access Journals, SCIRP (view sites with similar title)
Description Scientific Research Publishing is an academic publisher of open access journals. It also publishes academic books and conference proceedings. SCIRP currently has 100+ open access journals in the areas of Earth Environmental Sciences, Medicine Healthcare, Biomedical Life Sciences, Computer Science Communications, Chemistry Materials Science, Engineering, Physics Mathematics, Business Economics and Social Sciences Humanities.
KeywordsJournals, Conferences, Proceedings, Open Access Journals, Scientific Research Publishing
Address http://www.scirp.org Add this site to your favorite list
Facebook scirp.healthlife

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Scirp Summary

journals, conferences, proceedings, Open Access journals, SCIRP. Homepage. Favorites. Scientific Research.
Open Access. OPEN ACCESS. Home. journals. Books. conferences. News. About Us. Jobs. Browse Menu >>
journals by Subject. journals by Title. Browse Subjects >> Earth & Environmental Sciences.
Medicine & Healthcare. Biomedical & Life Sciences. Computer Science & Communications. Chemistry & Materials Science.
Engineering. Physics & Mathematics. Business & Economics. Social Sciences & Humanities.
Paper Submission. Manuscript Tracking System. Call for Special Issue Proposals. Call for New Journal Proposals.
Connect with Scirp >> Contact Us >> Customer@scirp.org. Text Contact. Voice Contact. 001(209)730-6998.
scientific research publishing. (SCIRP: http://www.scirp.org) is an academic publisher of open access journals.
It also publishes academic books and conference proceedings. SCIRP currently has. more than 200 open access journals in the areas of science, technology and medicine.

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Alexa Rank Alexa Rank Date
109370 2013-05-15
86615 2013-05-01
75492 2013-04-15
70199 2013-04-01
65808 2013-03-15
78998 2013-03-01
99742 2013-02-15
99690 2013-01-30
107865 2013-01-08
93392 2012-11-17
175561 2011-12-06
260228 2011-08-13
401401 2010-06-10
618231 2009-05-28

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Server IP of scirp.org: (hosted by New World Telecom Ltd., Hong Kong)
Domain extension: .org (list top sites in .org (Non-Profit Organization))

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  1. Open Access
  2. Home
  3. Journals
  4. Books
  5. Conferences
  6. News
  7. About Us
  8. Jobs
  9. Journals by Title
  10. Earth & Environmental Sciences
  11. Medicine & Healthcare
  12. Biomedical & Life Sciences
  13. Computer Science & Communications
  14. Chemistry & Materials Science
  15. Engineering
  16. Physics & Mathematics
  17. Business & Economics
  18. Social Sciences & Humanities
  19. Paper Submission
  20. Manuscript Tracking System
  21. Call for Special Issue Proposals
  22. Call for New Journal Proposals
  23. Contact Us >> Customer@scirp.org
  24. Text Contact
  25. Voice Contact
  26. Business Economics
  27. Chemistry Materials Science
  28. Medicine Healthcare
  29. Biomedical Life Sciences
  30. Another 35 journals are indexed by Proquest-CSA
  31. USA TODAY has reported a research work published by American...
  32. 47 journals from SCIRP have been added into National Science...
  33. More>>
  34. A Twenty-Year Follow-up Case Study of an Office Worker Who Returned to Work despite Serious Memory Disorder Caused by Herpes Encephalitis
  35. Catalpol Upregulates Hippocampal GAP-43 Level of Aged Rats with Enhanced Spatial Memory and Behavior Response
  36. Prenatal and Postnatal Exposures to 1-Methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetra Hydropyridine (MPTP) Impaired Mouse Midbrain Dopamine System and May Produce a Predisposing and Inducing Model for Parkinson’s Disease
  37. Sitemap

site visit date: 2012-11-30 15:12:14
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