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Fri Jan 18 02:24:28 2019

Information about: shamanportal.org
Popularity/access rank: Site number 29753 (.org extension); 772752 (global rank)
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TitleShaman Portal - The resource for all things shamanic (view sites with similar title)
Description The resource for all things shamanic, Post and find shamanic healers, shamanic teachers, shamanic workshops, shamanic books, shamanic trips, shamanic films, shamanic supplies, shaman Apprenticeships, shaman training, shaman drums, shamanic circle.
Keywordsshamanic directory, shamanic listing, shaman, shamanism, shamanic, yachak, brujo, pachamama, native, medicine man, medicine woman, tata inti, shamanic healer, shamanic healing, healing, indigenous, indigenous wisdom, elder, elders, herbal medicine, spirit, spiritual, apprenticeship, fire ceremony, ritual, shamanic ceremony, ceremonial healing, sacred, shamanic conference, gathering, gatherings, shamanic events, drum, drumming, shamanic circle, shamanic journey, course, courses, rattle, rattles, shamanic center, centers, solstice, mystical, mystic, ritual, rituals, body, mind, soul, oneness, retrieval, soul retrieval, chakra, therapeutic, therapeutics, meeting, foundation, foundations, shamanic foundations, power, powers, powerful, shamanic techniques, principles, elders, traditional healing, shamanic studies, circle, circles, drumming circle, drumming circles, retreat, retreats, shamanic retreats, shamanic program, drum making, shamanic programs, trance, teacher, teachers, teaching, spirit extraction, shamanic film, earth
Address http://www.shamanportal.org Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @shamanportal
The most comprehensive shamanic site with Listings, Fresh News, Forum, Article, Blogs, Videos, Lectures and hundreds of links to shamanic services providers.
Hi! Wisdom Keeper of The Month of May is-Christina Pratt. See our choices of Book and film of the month http://t.co/Wgmg0IfKon
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Shamanportal Summary

shaman Portal - The resource for all things shamanic. Global Resources. ADD NEW LISTING.
Click here to reach thousands in the. shamanic community! STEP 1: Select a Region: Each continent has it's own.
listings, click to see more. > North America Central - South America Europe Middle East Asia Africa Australia/ Pacific.
RSS.Subscribe to our feed. Activities. apprenticeship. (11) Conferences. (2) gatherings.
(8) Global Online Training. (7) Training. (18) Trips Worldwide. (16) Workshops. (22)
Resources. Animal healing. (13) Aroma Therapy. (4) Art. (32) Ayahuasca retreats. (16)
Books. (156) Broadcast. (5) Clothing. (3) Dreams. (2) drums. (28) Film. (13) Healers.
(229) Masks. (3) Music. (31) Organizations. (58) Photography. (5) Plant Medicine retreats.
(12) Publications. (17) Rental Facilities. (9) retreat Facilities. (18) shamanic Astrology.
(11) shamanic Breathwork. (3) shamanic Ministers. (10) shamanic Reiki. (17) shamanic Yoga.
(6) ...

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772752 2013-05-15
964076 2013-05-01
940065 2013-04-01
842692 2013-03-01
587170 2013-02-15
833265 2013-01-30
495356 2012-11-17
646031 2011-12-06
551894 2011-08-13
902161 2010-06-10

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  13. Finding your life Purpose
  14. Painting the Dream: The Shamanic Life and Art of David Chethlahe Paladin
  15. Paola Ambrosi - Shamanic Counselling & Healing
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  18. Rejuvenated after Bali trip
  19. Baboon urine, Zimbabwe's best love portion
  20. California Indian tribe stunned after thieves use power saws to cut 3,000-year-old sacred drawings
  21. Faith healer claims wide cures
  22. Miners don't believe in muti, says bishop
  23. Smartphone app could help save Australian Aboriginal language from extinction
  24. Worshipping the sun gods
  25. See more shamanic news
  26. Lena & José Stevens
  27. Other Wisdom Keepers
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  29. Islands of Refuge: Adventures with a living kahuna
  30. Other Books
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