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Sat Jan 20 19:10:54 2018

Information about: shieldonalert.net

Shieldonalert information:

TitleThe Shield On Alert (view sites with similar title)
Description A shield is something needed to protect and guard against onslaughts by unscrupulous people as well as unexpected occurrences.
KeywordsShield, God, Jesus, Business, Asset protection
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Shieldonalert Summary

The shield On Alert. Solutions That shield. A shield (knowledge) will help protect us from a world.
today, where virtually no one wants to accept responsibility. If something goes askew, the majority of people want to.
place blame on someone else. They also want the “perceived.responsible party” (right or wrong) to PAY.
for their actions. Not only do they try to ostracize that individual, but.often they file a law suit. A few even attempt to have some “pay” by.
maiming or killing. Does this sound familiar? It should! Listen to the evening news. These situations are related.
in 90% of the “news” articles.
This.world is a perilous place in which to live, conduct business and raise.our families.
There is Good News however ... a.
tremendous safeguard (The god of the Bible) that protects in this very same environment where we are not only.

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