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Sun May 19 10:34:40 2019

Information about: skepticfinance.com
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Skepticfinance information:

TitlePersonal Finance Advice: Skeptic Finance (view sites with similar title)
Description Taking a closer look at personal finance advice
Keywordshow to budget, budget, financial advice, finance, personal finance, money, budgeting, insurance, investing, income, retirement, 401k, roth, ira, investment, fund, share, stock, etf
Address http://www.skepticfinance.com Add this site to your favorite list

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Skepticfinance Summary

Personal finance Advice: Skeptic finance. Skeptic finance. A Skeptic's Take On All Things money.
About. Skeptic. Behind The Scenes. A Recent Favorite (And My Wifes Appendectomy) Favorites , Personal.
3 Responses » Oct 30 2012.I have been a bit absent from the PF blogosphere lately, although I havent forgotten it& Here is one of my favorite posts from the last week or so. I like it because MMM dispells the idea that frugality and cheapness are one and the same. I consider myself frugal, but I havent stooped to the level of eating goat heads or making my own toilet paper (which may turn out to be even more economical on a diet of goat heads).
Frugal vs. Cheap | Mr. money Mustache  If you havent read the Mr. money Mustache (MMM) blog yet, I highly suggest you check it out.  [Warning: He does swear occasionally]
On a more personal note my wife had her appendix removed on Friday. Praise God for health insurance. We havent yet received our statement of benefits from the insurance company, but it ...

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