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TitleSri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (view sites with similar title)
Category: Regional / Asia / Sri Lanka / Business and Economy / Employment
Description The official website of Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment.
URL http://www.slbfe.lk Add this site to your favorite list

Slbfe - Site Review: Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment - Provides on-line job bank, exam results, list of employment agencies and activities of bureau. In English and Sinhala.

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Slbfe Summary

Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment. Home News About Us Bureau Senior Management Key Departments of the SLBFE Sri Lanka Skilled Manpower Services Services to Migrant Workers Helping Hand Directory Bureau Contacts Regional Resource Centres District Resource Centres Training Centres Foreign Missions Online Visa Service -ETA System General Information Important Information Deciding on Foreign Employment Finding Employment through an Agent Finding Employment through a Friend Recruitment Procedure Pre departure training Job Agreements Preparing for the Journey Working Abroad Returning to Sri Lanka Obtaining Insurance Claims Obtaining License Renewing License Approval to Recruit Approval before departure Mandatory Registration Social Insurance Scheme - Cyprus Social Insurance Scheme - Saudi Arabia Statistics Feedback Download SLBFE Act Applications-Scholarship Programme 2013 Tender Nocices Social Insurance Scheme - Saudi Arabia.
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81972 2013-05-15
85079 2013-05-01
67754 2013-04-15
68870 2013-04-01
63399 2013-03-15
67722 2013-03-01
92153 2013-02-15
86785 2013-01-30
85341 2013-01-08
52514 2012-11-17
114122 2011-12-06
308517 2011-08-13
567764 2010-06-10
249532 2009-05-28
225333 2008-12-23

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Job Oppotunities
Job Oppotunities
Online Job Bank.
Online Job Bank.
Employment Agencies
Employment Agencies
Employment Agencies
Employment Agencies

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  1. Home
  2. News
  3. About Us
  4. Senior Management
  5. Key Departments of the SLBFE
  6. Sri Lanka
  7. Skilled Manpower
  8. Services
  9. Helping Hand
  10. Directory
  11. Regional Resource Centres
  12. District Resource Centres
  13. Training Centres
  14. Foreign Missions
  15. Online Visa Service -ETA System
  16. General Information
  17. Deciding on Foreign Employment
  18. Finding Employment through an Agent
  19. Finding Employment through a Friend
  20. Recruitment Procedure
  21. Pre departure training
  22. Job Agreements
  23. Preparing for the Journey
  24. Working Abroad
  25. Returning to Sri Lanka
  26. Obtaining Insurance Claims
  27. Obtaining License
  28. Renewing License
  29. Approval to Recruit
  30. Approval before departure
  31. Mandatory Registration
  32. Social Insurance Scheme - Cyprus
  33. Social Insurance Scheme - Saudi Arabia
  34. Statistics
  35. Feedback
  36. Download
  37. Applications-Scholarship Programme 2013
  38. Tender Nocices
  39. more
  40. more
  41. Skill Test Date, Time Venue
  42. more
  43. Medical test dates Hospitals for 10th EPS-TOPIK Passers - 2012
  44. more
  45. Special EPS-TOPIK
  46. more
  47. mini
  48. Job Oppotunities
  49. charter
  50. Online Job Bank.
  51. Employment Agencies
  52. Magazine
  53. Employment Agencies
  54. korean
  55. jitco

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