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Wed Aug 22 03:07:24 2018

Information about: society-in-science.org
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Society information:

TitleSociety in Science | Fellowships, Post Doc Program, Science, Research Funding (view sites with similar title)
Description Society in Science – The Branco Weiss Fellowship is a program that provides young postdoctoral researchers around the world with a generous personal grant, providing them with the freedom to work on whatever topic they choose anywhere in the world.
KeywordsSociety in Science, fellowship, program, stipend, ETH Zurich, Zürich, post-doc, scholarship, financial support to young researchers
Address http://www.society-in-science.org Add this site to your favorite list

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Society Summary

society in science | fellowships, Post Doc program, Science, Research Funding. Skip navigation.
Home. News and Events. FAQs. Contact us. Imprint. Skip navigation. About us. Goals and Objectives.
Corporate Video. Eureka Video. Charters. FAQs. News and Events. eth zurich. Links to Other fellowships.
Contact us. Fellows. 2012. 2011. 2010. 2009. 2008. 2007. Alumni. How to apply. Eligibility.
Duration. Funding. Application Materials. Timelines. Directorate. Branco Weiss. Heidi Wunderli-Allenspach.
Peter Chen. Administration. Strategy Committee. Nina Buchmann. Julián Cancino. David Gugerli.
Wilfred van Gunsteren. Andreas Hierlemann. Christophe Schneble. Andreas Tönnesmann. Rahel Zoller.
Former Advisory Board. "We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing can be attained."
Eureka video for society in science - The Branco Weiss fellowship. Launched on November 29, 2012.
Offering Unique Postdoc fellowships. society in science – The Branco Weiss fellowship is a unique ...

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  1. News and Events
  2. FAQs
  3. Contact us
  4. Imprint
  5. Society in Science Logo
  6. About us
  7. Goals and Objectives
  8. Corporate Video
  9. Eureka Video
  10. Charters
  11. ETH Zurich
  12. Links to Other Fellowships
  13. Fellows
  14. Alumni
  15. How to apply
  16. Eligibility
  17. Duration
  18. Funding
  19. Application Materials
  20. Timelines
  21. Directorate
  22. Branco Weiss
  23. Heidi Wunderli-Allenspach
  24. Peter Chen
  25. Administration
  26. Strategy Committee
  27. Nina Buchmann
  28. Julián Cancino
  29. David Gugerli
  30. Wilfred van Gunsteren
  31. Andreas Hierlemann
  32. Christophe Schneble
  33. Andreas Tönnesmann
  34. Rahel Zoller
  35. Former Advisory Board
  36. ETH Zürich
  37. Major donation from Branco Weiss
  38. Insufficient Sleep May Lead to Metabolic Disorders
  39. Society in Science Symposium 2012

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