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Wed Feb 21 04:10:27 2018

Information about: spectrum.ieee.org
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TitleIEEE Spectrum: Technology, Engineering, and Science News (view sites with similar title)
Description Latest engineering, technology and science news. Articles, podcasts, videos, and webinars about robotics, electronics, computing, energy, biomedical devices, nanotechnology, and other cool tech.
KeywordsEngineering, Technology, Science, Electronics, Aerospace, Biomedical, Computing, Consumer Electronics, Energy, Green Tech, Robotics, Semiconductors, Telecom, At Work
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Twitter @IEEESpectrum
The latest technology news and analysis from world's leading engineering magazine. Advertising Info.: http://t.co/spHL5IwrBQ
Parrot's Mini Quadrotor and Jumping Robot to Hit Stores in August. Watch these two robots in action http://t.co/mM5H7ezAzq
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IEEE Spectrum: technology, engineering, and science News. Continue to site ➔ ADVERTISEMENT.
IEEE.org. IEEE Xplore Digital Library. IEEE Standards. IEEE Spectrum. More Sites. Follow on:
Advertisement. engineering Topics. Special Reports. Blogs. Multimedia. The Magazine. Professional Resources.
Search. Event Highlights. Quadrotor With Tilting Propellers Can Twist in Midair. Why Teaching a Robot to Fetch a Cup of Coffee Matters.
ICRA 2013: The World's Largest Robot Research Conference. MIT Cheetah Robot Runs Fast and Efficiently.
Robots Learn What Squishy Really Means. Recent. Viewed. Commented. organic layout. grid layout.
robotics. Linkbot: That Modular Robot You've Always Wanted Is Now on Kickstarter.These small, easy to program modules snap together to make bigger robots 28 May.
Gadgets. Quantum Dot-Enabled LCDs Draw Closer to Store Shelves.Last year they said quantum dot-enabled LCDs were six months away, we're now told they're still in the works 28 May.

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  1. IEEE.org
  2. IEEE Xplore Digital Library
  3. IEEE Standards
  4. More Sites
  5. Quadrotor With Tilting Propellers Can Twist in Midair
  6. Why Teaching a Robot to Fetch a Cup of Coffee Matters
  7. MIT Cheetah Robot Runs Fast and Efficiently
  8. Robots Learn What Squishy Really Means
  9. Robotics Linkbot: That Modular Robot You've Always Wanted Is Now on Kickstarter These small, easy to program modules snap together to make bigger robots 28 May
  10. Gadgets Quantum Dot-Enabled LCDs Draw Closer to Store Shelves Last year they said quantum dot-enabled LCDs were six months away, we're now told they're still in the works 28 May
  11. Green Tech Better Place Turns Out to Be Not Better Enough A bad spot on the long and winding road to an electrified automotive future 28 May
  12. Computing IT Hiccups of the Week: RBS Antagonizes Two Million More Customers Spokane's multiple 911 system backup failures, CA court jury system issue, Montreal’s Métro out again 28 May
  13. At Work Is Data Science Your Next Career? Opportunities abound, and universities are meeting them with new programs 28 May
  14. Semiconductors A Glimmer of Light From Silicon Engineers get silicon nanowires to emit light, but a silicon laser remains on the horizon 27 May
  15. At Work Profile: Kenny Greenberg This neon wizard combines art and engineering 24 May
  16. Gadgets Navigating Las Vegas Lighthouse Signal's WiFi fingerprints mean Android phones can navigate inside Las Vegas hotels. 24 May
  17. Robotics Video Friday: AR Drone Stunt, Real Transformer, and Futurama Justice What better way to kick off the weekend than with a flaming flying robot? 24 May
  18. At Work Will Face Recognition Ever Capture Criminals? Despite thousands of cameras on the scene, the Boston Marathon bombers weren’t caught by face recognition technology 24 May
  19. Energy Swiss Warehouse Helps Buffer the Grid IBM project aims to show how cold storage can act like a virtual battery 24 May
  20. Semiconductors Graphene-based Ink Promises Future Flexible Electronics Northwestern researchers develop method for producing an ink out of graphene that doesn't lose any of the material's attractive characteristics 24 May
  21. Semiconductors Heinrich Rohrer: The Modest Pioneer of Nanotechnology Co-inventor of the STM and winner of 1986 Nobel Prize in Physics Dies at 79 23 May
  22. Computing Intel Takes Aim at "Cool Technology" The chip giant has a new CEO and a brand new structure 23 May
  23. Biomedical Wireless Technique Gives Quick, Cheap Read on Brain Injuries The brain’s impedance shows signatures of injury 23 May
  24. Robotics TurtleBot 2 Tutorial: Installing ROS Want to install ROS on your desktop PC? It's a lot easier than it sounds 23 May
  25. Green Tech Google Acquires Airborne Wind Power Company Makani Already a backer of the kite-based turbine designers, Google brings it fully under its wing 23 May
  26. Gadgets Smartwatch Saves Battery Life with Two Processors The Agent, a crowd-funded smartwatch, offers a second, low-power processor, wireless charging, and fashion-forward design 22 May
  27. Semiconductors Phonon Lasers Make a More Practical Sound NTT’s sound lasers are a step toward real applications 22 May
  28. Computing Credit Union: Bitcoin's New Best Friends? The Internet Archive Credit Union comes to the 2013 Bitcoin conference waving an olive branch 22 May
  29. Robotics Here's Microsoft's New Kinect Sensor The new Kinect was announced yesterday, and it's better. Way better. 22 May
  30. Energy Is Obama Delivering on Environmental Policy? And what has been the role of grassrooots activism? 22 May
  31. Semiconductors A Next-Gen Transistor Material Loses Its Luster Vanadium dioxide might just make the ultimate transistor material—but physicists know less about how it works than they once thought 21 May
  32. At Work 'Redshirt' Programs Could Help Generate More Engineers One extra year to prep for undergrad degree could make a big difference for some students 21 May
  33. At Work “Seven or Never”: Emerging Technology’s Seven-Year Odyssey The Nanoclast looks back to see where the technologies it's covered in the past are at today 21 May
  34. Robotics IBM’s Watson Tries to Learn…Everything What happens when Watson learns a million databases? RPI students and faculty hope to find out 21 May
  35. Robotics Robot Octopus Shows Off New Sculls What tentacled swimming gait works best for a robotic octopus? 21 May
  36. Geek Life Building a Bicycle Barometer A networked dial makes it easier to choose whether to commute by bike or train 21 May
  37. Computing 'Strongbox' for Leakers Offers Imperfect Anonymity Humans still represent the weakest link in a new online tool for anonymous sources 20 May
  38. Robotics Robotic Insect Eyes Destined for Next-Gen Micro Drones This flexible new camera can see even better than bugs do 20 May
  39. Energy Global CO2 Concentration Reaches 400 Parts Per Million Now what? 13 May
  40. Gadgets 3-D Printed Gun's First Shot Has Big Implications A mostly 3D-printed gun represents an imperfect weapon with big implications 8 May
  41. Biomedical Bioengineers Make DNA Into a Living Flash Drive Cellular memory system could bring better control to biotechnology 23 May 2012
  42. Computing IT Hiccups of the Week: Lie Detector Lies? No-swipe payment system swipes customers’ money; Big Apple worries that e-voting will take a bite out of mayoral election 20 May
  43. Robotics Next-Gen Zeno R-50 Puts a Face on Research Robots Hanson Robotics' latest version of its Zeno R-50 robot gets a new face, hints at cheaper cousins 1 Aug 2012
  44. At Work Special Report: Dream Jobs 2013 Engineering careers come in all shapes and sizes 30 Jan
  45. Telecom Lost in America: Still No Phone Service After Hurricane Sandy In several communities, Verizon has not restored landline phone service in seven months—and may never 14 May
  46. Robotics The Coolest Flying Robot Projects At IROS Conference Wing-flapping micro robots, unmanned helicopters, formation flight algorithms among the highlights 6 Nov 2007
  47. Computing D-Wave's Quantum Computing Claim Gets Boost in Testing In some cases, D-Wave's computer proved 3600 times faster than standard computers 10 May
  48. Robotics MIT Robots Can Assemble Your IKEA Furniture For You These robots can assemble your Swedish furniture, without even looking at the instructions 8 May
  49. Geek Life The Poor Man’s Solder Reflow Oven A cheap controller and a Walmart toaster oven kept the price down 27 Mar 2012
  50. Robotics KUKA's youBot Mobile Manipulator Unveiled With a 5-DOF manipulation arm sitting on omnidirectional wheels, KUKA's youBot has open interfaces that roboticists can use to experiment with the machine 11 Jun 2010
  51. Robotics MIT Cheetah Robot Runs Fast, and Efficiently It's now the second fastest legged robot in the world 14 May
  52. Robotics Robot Combat League: Heather Knight Tells Us About Her Experiences on the Show CMU roboticist Heather Knight describes her experiences on Syfy's new robot combat show 19 Mar
  53. Green Tech Too Tall for Steel: Engineers Look to Concrete to Take Wind Turbine Design to New Heights Iowa State researchers think a modular concrete design could allow turbines to climb up to stronger wind currents 16 May
  54. At Work The Job Market of 2045 What will we do when machines do all the work? 22 Jan
  55. Robotics How Google's Self-Driving Car Works Google engineers explain the technology behind their autonomous vehicle and show videos of the road tests 18 Oct 2011
  56. Computing Death by DMCA A flood of legislation released by the passage of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act threatens to drown whole classes of consumer electronics 1 Jun 2006
  57. Robotics Quadrotor With Tilting Propellers Can Twist in Midair Some extra degrees of freedom give this quadrotor the ability to pitch and roll while hovering 8 May
  58. Geek Life Turning a DIY Project into a Product Making something for others, instead of yourself, poses different challenges 24 Feb 2012
  59. Computing Bitcoin ATM Robocoin Makes Money Laundering Easy As the Department of Homeland Security targets online Bitcoin exchanges, alternatives are beginning to emerge 17 May
  60. Aerospace How Kepler’s Pointing System Might Have Failed Launch damage or radiation are most likely causes, says CEO of reaction wheel company 17 May
  61. At Work Graphene Nanopump Zeroes in on the Perfect Ampere Quantum-dot single-electron pump opens door to defining amp, volt, and ohm on a single chip 17 May
  62. Telecom The Real Story of Stuxnet How Kaspersky Lab tracked down the malware that stymied Iran’s nuclear-fuel enrichment program 26 Feb
  63. Green Tech A Nanoscale Peek at Lithium-air Batteries Promises Better Electric Vehicles Ten times better charging capacity of Lithium-air batteries over the Li-ion variety just got a little closer 14 May
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