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Wed Mar 20 23:49:19 2019

Information about: sqcomic.com

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TitleStrange Quark Comics Mar 3, 2013 (view sites with similar title)
Description Strange Quark Comics - funny, sometimes nerdy, comic strips by Dallin S. Durfee, featuring Dr. Ingenio, his nerd son and grad students, an awsome robot, and many others. New comics posted daily.
Keywordscomic, comics, videos, funny, daily, comic strips, nerds, robots, science fiction, funny comic, bored
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Strange Quark comics Mar 3, 2013.C:\SQ-MENU> comics. Books. videos. Minions. Series. Misc.
comic keyword index. Hotlinking and other legal info.Some of my favorite key rings: Artificial Ingelligence.
Dating. Dr. Who. Football. Fundamental Constants. Girls. Graduate Students. Harry Potter. Homework.
Lasers. Linux. Math. Space Shuttle. Star Trek. Star Wars. Yellowstone. Zombies. #1284 Use the buttons below to navigate through the comic archive.
First Prev Mar 3, 2013 Next Last. Share. Rate This! votes. Click here for code to put this comic on your webpage, blog, forum, etc.
Leave a comment on this comic: This comic is part of the following keyword rings: Prev Ruth Smith (6 of 6) Next.
Prev Dr. Ingenio (312 of 312) Next. Prev Awards (3 of 3) Next. Prev Teaching (10 of 10) Next.
Prev Research (4 of 4) Next. Prev Overlooked (1 of 1) Next. Prev Plaques (1 of 1) Next. Prev Prizes (1 of 1) Next.
Prev Winners (1 of 1) Next. Prev Losers (3 of 3) Next.Searchable comic Text: (C) 2013 D. S. ...

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998513 2013-04-15
890603 2013-04-01
856068 2013-03-01

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  1. Comics
  2. Videos
  3. Minions
  4. Series
  5. Misc
  6. Comic keyword index
  7. Hotlinking and other legal info
  8. Artificial Ingelligence
  9. Dating
  10. Dr. Who
  11. Football
  12. Fundamental Constants
  13. Girls
  14. Graduate Students
  15. Harry Potter
  16. Homework
  17. Lasers
  18. Linux
  19. Math
  20. Space Shuttle
  21. Star Trek
  22. Star Wars
  23. Yellowstone
  24. Zombies
  25. First
  26. Prev
  27. Next
  28. Click here for code to put this comic on your webpage, blog, forum, etc.
  29. Strange Quark has now been online, posting a new comic every day, for THREE YEARS! Celebrate by getting a TShirt! I've uploaded several new designs. If there is a character or a theme you'd like to see on a shirt, or on a nook cover, or a tie, etc., let me know!
  30. Check out the tshirt that goes with today's comic!
  31. June 23 is the centennial of the birth of Alan Turing, a great pioneer in computer science. As such, Turing will be the focus of the next few comics. You can also click on the link to see several past comics about Alan Turing all on one page.
  32. It took some experimenting, but I was able to get my point-and-shoot camera with no manual settings to take some pictures of the eclipse last week.
  33. This image from "Talking About Strange Quark" seems appropriate for the Ides of March.
  34. Click here for older news

site visit date: 2013-03-03 04:45:08
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