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Mon Aug 20 19:59:49 2018

Information about: statpages.org
Popularity/access rank: Site number 22249 (.org extension); 585361 (global rank)
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TitleInteractive Statistical Calculation Pages (view sites with similar title)
Category: Science / Math / Statistics
Description A large collection of links to interactive web pages that perform statistical calculations
Address http://www.statpages.org Add this site to your favorite list

Statpages - Site Review: Interactive Statistical Calculations Page - Collection of over 300 links to web pages that perform statistical calculations.

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Statpages Summary

Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages. Sections of the StatPages.net.web site. Interactive.
Stats. Free.Software. Books.Manuals. Demo's.Tutorials. Other.Links. About this.Website.
What's.New. My Home.Page. Web.Pages that Perform.Statistical Calculations! ( StatPages.org )
(Updated 07/20/2012 Updated link to HRI's Comparative Experiments web site)
The web pages listed below comprise a.powerful, conveniently-accessible, multi-platform statistical software package. There are also links to.
online.statistics books, tutorials, downloadable software, and related.resources. All of these resources are freely accessible, once you can get onto the.
Internet. FREE.dial-up Internet access is.available.from NetZero . These pages are located on servers all over the world, and are the.
result.of much cleverness and hard work on the part of some very talented.individuals. So if you find a page useful it would be nice to send the authors a.
short.e-mail expressing ...

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701506 2013-02-15
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  1. Interactive Stats
  2. Free Software
  3. Books Manuals
  4. Demo's Tutorials
  5. Other Links
  6. About this Website
  7. What's New
  8. My Home Page
  9. NetZero
  10. johnp71@aol.com
  11. Statistical Decision Tree
  12. MicrOsiris
  13. Choosing a Statistical Test
  14. Intuitive Biostatistics
  15. Selecting Statistics
  16. OpenEpi Version 2.2
  17. SOCR -- Statistics Online Computational Resource
  18. VSUstat
  19. ProtoGenie
  20. Statlets
  21. The Calcugator
  22. SISA (Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis)
  23. The WebMath page
  24. Scientific Calculator (numeric expression evaluator)
  25. Expression Evaluator, similar to above
  26. Inverse Symbolic Calculator
  27. A simple 5-function calculator, with memory
  28. CoCalc -- an advanced RPN scientific calculator
  29. CoHort Software
  30. larger-font version
  31. Links to Other Online Calculators
  32. el.com
  33. Function plotter
  34. Linear Programming Grapher--
  35. Simplex Tool
  36. Indefinite Integrals
  37. Rweb
  38. SHAZAM
  39. Mx
  40. Xuru's page to calculate PDFs, CDFs, and their complementary and inverse, along with expected values, mean, variance, skewness kurtosis, for binomial, geometric, negative binomial, Poisson, hypergeometric, normal, chi-square, Student t and Fisher F distributions.
  41. Distribution/density calculators, plotters and random number generators
  42. Very sophisticated interactive page for over 65 continuous and discreet statistical distribution functions
  43. Normal, t, Chi-Square, and Binomial (density and cumulative) probabilities
  44. Central and tail areas for Normal, Student, F, Chi-Square, Binomial, and Poisson distributions
  45. Statistical probability distribution functions: Normal, Student t, Chi-Square, Fisher F
  46. P-values for the Popular Distributions
  47. Calculate p-value
  48. reverse
  49. Reverse computations
  50. Normal distribution areas, with nice graphical interpretations
  51. Another very good Normal Distribution calculator, with nice graphics
  52. A very attractive page for Normal distribution (and inverse), with detailed explanations
  53. Normal area (1-tailed)
  54. Cumulative area under the normal curve
  55. Chi-Square probabilities, and reverse, with a detailed explanation
  56. Chi-Square Distribution
  57. Student t Distribution
  58. inverse
  59. Probabilities for the Fisher F distribution
  60. Fisher F distribution p-value
  61. Critical Fisher F value
  62. Non-central F value
  63. Binomial, Poisson and Gaussian
  64. Binomial probability calculator
  65. Binomial Approximation of the Normal Distribution
  66. Cumulative frequency for the Binomial distribution
  67. Probabilities for Gamma, complete Beta, and Incomplete Beta distributions
  68. links to printable copies
  69. Normal Curve
  70. Student t
  71. Fisher F
  72. Studentized Range Statistic and Dunnett's Test
  73. Chi-Square
  74. Binomial Test
  75. Wilcoxon Ranked-Sums Test
  76. Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test
  77. Correlation Coefficient
  78. Converting r to Z
  79. Z Test
  80. t-Test for One Sample or Two Related Samples
  81. t-Test for Two Independent Samples
  82. Analysis of Variance
  83. Required Sample Size for various tests
  84. Random integers
  85. Generate tables
  86. Random fractional numbers
  87. Randomly assign subjects to treatment groups
  88. Research Randomizer
  89. Block Randomizer
  90. Random assignment of subjects to one or more groups
  91. Combinatorial Objects Server
  92. Statiscope
  93. WebStat
  94. Xuru's page for single variable descriptive statistics
  95. Descriptive Sampling Statistics
  96. Descriptive statistics (mean, SD, SEM, and CI of mean)
  97. Measuring for Accuracy
  98. Arithmetic, Geometric, and Harmonic Means
  99. The Data Applet
  100. A variety of descriptive statistics and a stem and leaf display
  101. Detect Outliers
  102. Combine Subgroups
  103. Empirical Distribution Function
  104. Multinomial Distributions
  105. Paired Data Sets Statistics
  106. Histogram
  107. Histogram from a set of numbers
  108. Determination and Removal of Outliers
  109. Generate a VRML file to view 3-dimensional (x,y,z) data
  110. VRML viewer
  111. Compute and plot a Kernel Density Estimate
  112. Compute Poisson change-point
  113. for the difference between two means, given N, mean, SD for each group
  114. Exact C.I.'s for Binomial (observed proportion) and Poisson (observed count)
  115. Excel spreadsheet
  116. Excel Add-In
  117. Exact and "modified Wald" C.I.'s for observed proportion or count
  118. Confidence interval around a proportion
  119. A related page
  120. Bayesian "credible" intervals around an observed proportion
  121. 95% or 99% C.I. for proportions for any specified sample size and population size
  122. Confidence interval around an observed sample SD
  123. Percentage: Estimation Testing
  124. Tolerance Intervals for the Normal Distribution
  125. tolintvl.xls
  126. Sign and Binomial test
  127. Mean, SD, confidence interval, etc. for a set of values
  128. An excellent One-Sample Student t Test page
  129. One-sample Student t test for Mean vs. a Specified Value
  130. Test for Asymmetry around zero
  131. Test for the mean being greater than some specified value
  132. Test observed vs. expected rates of occurrence of events
  133. Similar to above, but used to study the distribution of accidents and events at the individual level
  134. Exact confidence intervals around a rate-ratio
  135. Test observed vs expected proportions
  136. Similar to above, but deals with the probability of a particular sample size, given an observed 'x' number positive (or white, or car crashes) vs. an expected 'U' proportion positive
  137. Compatibility of Multi-Counts
  138. Runs Test for Randomness
  139. Testing the Variance
  140. Analyze observed proportions in samples from finite populations
  141. Test for Normality
  142. Test for Uniform Distribution
  143. Testing Poisson Process
  144. Lilliefors Test for Exponential Distribution
  145. Chi Square test
  146. Chi-Square test
  147. Chi-Square test (for up to 8 categories)
  148. Goodness-of-Fit for Discrete Variables
  149. Calculate how the standard error of one or two variables propagates through any function of those variables
  150. Compute confidence intervals of a sum, difference, quotient or product
  151. a very general Student t-test web page
  152. t-test
  153. paired
  154. unpaired
  155. t-test, paired
  156. Paired Student t Test
  157. Testing Two Populations
  158. Very general t-test program for comparing measured quantities, observed counts, and proportions between two unpaired samples
  159. One-way ANOVA, with graphical output
  160. One-way ANOVA for 3 Independent Samples
  161. ANOVA: Testing the Means
  162. One-way ANOVA for 4 Independent Samples
  163. One-way ANOVA from summary data (N, mean, and SD or SEM)
  164. Another 1-way ANOVA from summary data
  165. Two-way factorial ANOVA for 2 rows by 2 columns
  166. Two-way factorial ANOVA
  167. Two-Way ANOVA Test
  168. Two-Way ANOVA with Replications
  169. ANOVA for Condensed Data Sets
  170. One-way repeated-measures ANOVA for 3 correlated samples
  171. One-way repeated-measures ANOVA for 4 correlated samples
  172. ANOVA for repeated-measures or matched measurements
  173. Bartlett's Test for Equality of Multi-variances
  174. Post-hoc Tests
  175. Tukey LSD (Least Significant Difference)
  176. Scheffe Least Significant Difference
  177. Sign test for matched pairs
  178. Median test for unmatched pairs
  179. Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks test for matched pairs
  180. Another Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks test for matched pairs
  181. Comparing Two Random Variables
  182. K-S Test for Equality of Two Populations
  183. Wilcoxon Sum-of-Ranks (Mann-Whitney) test for comparing two unmatched samples
  184. Kruskal-Wallis test (non-parametric ANOVA) for 2 or more groups of unpaired data
  185. Least Significant Difference between mean ranks
  186. Friedman test for comparing rankings
  187. Two-group ordinal comparisons to assess how probable it is that the two groups come from a single ordering
  188. Two-group paired comparisons
  189. McNemar's test for the paired comparison of proportions (or for matched pairs of labels)
  190. Comparison of Binomial proportions
  191. Paired Preferences Test
  192. by Paired Preferences
  193. by Paired Differences
  194. 2-by-2 table analysis
  195. DAG_Stat
  196. EpiMax Table Calculator
  197. for 2-by-2 table
  198. for 2-by-N table, where the two rows represent dichotomies
  199. Chi-square Test for Relationship
  200. for any-size table
  201. another for any-size table
  202. Exhaustive analysis of 2-by-2 tables
  203. Paired Proportion Test
  204. Three-dimensional 2x2x2 table
  205. Log-Linear Analysis for a 2x2x2 Table of Cross-Categorized Frequency Data
  206. Fisher exact
  207. Contingency table for sequenced categories
  208. Spearman's correlation from cross-tabbed data with sequenced row and column categories
  209. McNemar's test to analyze a matched case-control study
  210. McNemar's test for paired contingency tables
  211. Exact Bayes test for independence in r by c contingency tables
  212. Quantify agreement with kappa
  213. Online Kappa Calculator
  214. Cohen's Kappa
  215. Kappa for nominal data as concordance between multiple raters
  216. Intraclass correlation for concordance between multiple raters
  217. Chi-Square test for equality of distributions
  218. Least squares regression
  219. Linear correlation and regression
  220. Linear regression
  221. logarithmic
  222. exponential
  223. power
  224. Simple Linear Regression
  225. Scatter Diagram and Test for Outliers
  226. Calculate partial correlation coefficients

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