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Sun May 19 20:30:12 2019

Information about: theautismfactor.com
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TitleThe Autism Factor (view sites with similar title)
Description Guiding you step by step through Autism, helping your children overcome social and academic deficits.
Keywordsautism, parenting autism, autism symptoms, signs of autism, what causes autism, what is autism, autism in children, autism causes, autism support, autism spectrum, high functioning autism, autism treatment, cause of autism, autism help, charlene, proctor,
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The autism Factor. The autism Factor. Guiding You Step by Step Through autism. Home About.
Intervention. Contact. The Eye of the Storm… Jun 19 2012.When you think of the eye of the storm, you think calm and peaceful but surrounded by destruction.
So often we as people get sucked into others attacks, others destruction’s, other problems let alone having to cope with children that naturally have higher anxiety levels.  So often use up all our “calm” on the things that are Continue reading.
Posted by The autism Factor Parenting autism , Random Ramblings. No Responses » What do you Expect???
Apr 16 2012.Today I was thinking about expectation. There is a lot of expectation put into therapies, and rightfully so; but is there something missing.  I challenge you to take a step back and make note of what your expectations of your child may be.  And then make a new list of what your expectations may be when you are spending time with your child.
The list may look something like this: Continue

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  26. Autism and Discipline-Strategies
  27. High Functioning Autism and Aspergers Syndrome
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