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Tue Nov 19 04:21:01 2019

Information about: thinkmobilefirst.net
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TitleThink Mobile First (view sites with similar title)
Description ThinkMobileFirst is a personal website dedicated to the design of web pages for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) in which I test various solutions for mobile navigation, fluid layouts, webperformance and content-first strategies
Address http://www.thinkmobilefirst.net Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @goetter
Intégrateur du Dimanche, dompteur de CSS et créateur d'Alsacréations.
@Gandoulfe @Darklg @piouPiouM @kaelig @DrDJo @HugoGiraudel mon coeur te dit non, la raison te dit oui.

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Thinkmobilefirst Summary

Think Mobile First. Think Mobile First. Mobile web and responsive playground. This website is condemned to die before 2013, but all its resources and tips will move to the following URL : Lab.goetter.fr.
Experiments on Mobile navigation. 11 resources ✽ updated : 2012/10/01.Because it is not always easy to propose an appropriate navigation for smartphones, here are some personal tests of various menus occurring on touch.
Tags : CSS3 :hover :target transition. All about responsive tables. 3 resources ✽ updated : 2012/06/17.
HTML tables or data layout are known to be difficult to adapt to the world of mobile web. Or not.
Tags : table display CSS3 media queries. Responsive, retina and images. 4 resources ✽ updated : 2012/11/125.
Images and media do not always adapt well to their context. I try to find solutions to this.
Tags : images videos max-width retina. Miscellaneous experiments. 7 resources ✽ updated : 2012/11/07.
The low connectivity of mobile devices makes great priority to ...

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  25. Alsacreations
  26. several books about web standards
  27. twitter
  28. personal website

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