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Wed Nov 20 13:41:07 2019

Information about: thubtenchodron.org
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Thubtenchodron information:

TitleVen. Thubten Chodron's Home Page (view sites with similar title)
Category: Society / Religion and Spirituality / Buddhism / Lineages / Tibetan / Teachers
Description Comprehensive and up-to-date information about Ven. Thubten Chodron, her Teachings, articles, Dharma Activity Schedules (Dharma Class, Meditation Retreats etc), Publications, Prison work, Inter-religious dialogues, and more.
KeywordsThubten, Chodron, Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhist teacher, nuns, monks, prison work, Prison Dharma, inter-religious dialogue, India, Tibet, Buddhism, American, Open Heart Clear Mind, bhikshuni, ordination, Buddhism in daily life, Science, Buddhist teachings, Dharma publications, Gelug, prayers, death and dying, meditation, audio, Sravasti Abbey, Liberation Park, abbey, Mahayana, Vajrayana, Lam Rim, , Tsongkhapa, Tsong Khapa, Atisha, Buddhist.
Address http://www.thubtenchodron.org Add this site to your favorite list

Thubtenchodron - Site Review: Thubten Chodron - American nun of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Includes biography, articles, teaching schedule, list of publications, prayers, and FAQ.

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Thubtenchodron Summary

Ven. thubten chodron's Home Page.<! 'Refresh image script': This script refreshes the centre picture on the home page automatically every time the page is refreshed. Important: maximum image size is ht:300 and width:200. Part 2 of the script is where the picture location is.>
Home. Menu: Select Section. What's New? Home. Biography.
Activities. audio Library. Video Library. Publications.
Bodhisattva Breakfast Corner English Transcripts. Bodhisattva Breakfast Corner Chinese Transcripts.
Bodhisattva Breakfast Corner Chinese Channel. ForThoseNewToBuddhism.
Health. Daily Life Dharma. Dealing With Emotions. Death Dying. prison dharma. Youth the Dharma.
Travels. Dharma Guidance on Current Events. FAQ. Gradual Path to Enlightenment (Lamrim)
Lamrim Articles/Transcripts. Thought Transformation Other ...

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  1. Home
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  5. See Letter in full.
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  7. Dana: The Way of Generosity.
  8. Help support Sravasti Abbey.
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  10. espanol
  11. Become a Vegetarian from Afar!
  12. Ven. Thubten Chodron's teaching schedule
  13. Sravasti Abbey events
  14. Venerable Chodron rejoices on 21 million recitations completion
  15. See details here
  16. office for sravastiabbey
  17. webmaster for thubtenchodron.org
  18. Sign Up to Receive Sravasti.org Event Updates
  19. Bodhisattva Breakfast Corner Chinese channel
  20. English
  21. Chinese
  22. El Camino a la Felicidad
  23. Insight into Emptiness
  24. Sandy Hook, Connecticut Tragedy
  25. More On Connecticut Tragedy
  26. First Reactions to Connecticut Tragedy
  27. Whisper
  28. Bhikku Bodhi: in this 2008 talk, Bhikkhu Bodhi discusses the five orders of causality according to the commentaries to the Pali canon.
  29. Conventional and ultimate reality: a 2008 talk by Ven. Chodron at Dharma Friendship Foundation in Seattle.
  30. reflections on monastic
  31. aspiration for monastic life
  32. resistance
  33. Talks through 13 December are currently available on the website.
  34. Buddha's Advice for a Better World Venerable Chodron at North Idaho College, Coeur dAlene, Idaho, USA recorded 12 October 2012
  35. The 18th Annual Buddhist Monastic Gathering: How to Develop and Sustain Bodhi Resolve - with Joy - in Challenging Times
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  37. animal_liberation-sp (Espanol)
  38. the_lion_of_pride_by_terri_chambers-sp (Espanol)
  39. Three Virtues Entwined by Julia Hayes (Espanol)
  40. 04 Presentation Of Mind And Awareness 8-30-12
  41. Abbey Events and Calendar
  42. January 14 - February 8, 2013: 26 day Winter Retreat
  43. Does karma influence whom we will meet and the relationships we'll have with them?
  44. Buddhism for Beginners
  45. Audio Library
  46. Video Library
  47. Publications
  48. For Those New to Buddhism
  49. Health
  50. Daily Life Dharma
  51. Dealing With Emotions
  52. Death Dying
  53. Prison Dharma
  54. Youth the Dharma
  55. Travels
  56. Dharma Guidance on Current Events
  57. Gradual Path to Enlightenment (Lamrim)
  58. Lamrim Articles/Transcripts
  59. Thought Transformation Other Commentaries
  60. Prayers Practices
  61. Meditation
  62. Retreat
  63. Monastic Life
  64. Science Buddhism
  65. Interreligious Dialogue
  66. Other Articles/Audio
  67. Other Resources
  68. Links
  69. About Us
  70. Email Webmaster

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