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Wed May 22 17:05:15 2019

Information about: tomsworkbench.com
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TitleTom's Workbench (view sites with similar title)
Description Part of the Wood Talk Online Community
KeywordsHobby, Woodworking, Wood, hand tools, power tools, joinery, techniques, shop talk
Address http://tomsworkbench.com/ Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @tomsworkbench
I'm a woodworker and Public Information Officer from Florida's west coast. So, I'm either talking wood or hurricanes...
@GrumpyOldFkr my wife loves it

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Tom's Workbench. Tom's Workbench. | part of the wood Talk Online community. Band saw basics.
April 1st, 2013. Translation.The band saw is a very versatile tool. It is also one of the safer power tools in the shop. With the blade cutting in only one direction, there is little chance of a kickback on the saw (unless you are trying to cut something that doesn’t sit firmly against the table.. then you can see some wild action…). And,with my sons both showing some interest in the craft, it was my duty to show him the safe way to work with it.
I figured the best way for him to learn was to take a piece of scrap for practice. This piece of cherry was mostly sapwood and had some serious wane on it, so I figured it would be a good thing to work with.
As you know, the first and most important safety rule is to wear safety glasses and ear protection. Dom wore my setup, while I put on a backup pair of glasses on. One day, I will need to buy that boy a set up of his own.  We also tensioned the blade, plugged ...

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