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vbforums.com screenshot

VBForums - Visual Basic and VB .NET Discussions and More!

(view complete information about vbforums.com)

Visual Basic Discussions plus .NET, C#, game programming, and more (http://www.VBForums.com)

Keywords: Visual Basic,.NET,programming,C#,CSharp,Microsoft,discussion,bulletin board

Site position: 12025 (in .com); 18956 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2013-02-19 04:41:27

xtremevbtalk.com screenshot

Xtreme Visual Basic Talk | Forum Discussions

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XVBT is an interactive discussion forum for Visual Basic programmers. Topics include game programming, DirectX, COM, .NET, and API. To visit the forum, go to http://www.xtremevbtalk.com/ .

Keywords: Visual Basic, VB, programming, help, forum, API, DirectX, game programming, MSDN, ASP, INET, COM, component, io, file system, registry, SQL, XML, schemas, database, directory, file, network, socket, protocol, web, forum

Site position: 63141 (in .com); 94482 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2013-02-19 14:01:07

Accusoft Imaging SDKs Document Viewers | Image Processing Compression

(view complete information about accusoft.com)

Accusoft provides the full spectrum of document, content and imaging solutions as applications and SDKs.

Keywords: Imaging sdk, image compression, image processing, dicom viewer

Site position: 88127 (in .com); 137899 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2012-12-01 09:31:50

vbdotnetforums.com screenshot

Visual Basic .NET Forums

(view complete information about vbdotnetforums.com)

Visual Basic .NET forum and discussion area. The exclusive Visual Studio VB.NET community. Membership is FREE

Keywords: vb,vb.net,visual basic,.net,winforms,asp.net,wpf,wcf,expression,silverlight,ado.net,gdi,gdi+,sql server,reporting,mvc,database,data access

Site position: 102300 (in .com); 162825 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2013-02-22 21:06:27

Visual Basic Code , vb code , vb.net code

(view complete information about a1vbcode.com)

Free visual basic code, vb code. Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, ASP, ASP.NET source code snippets and downloads in all categories including, Visual Basic database programming, game programming, networking, controls, graphics, security, activeX, API, ASP, .NET, and more.

Keywords: visual basic,visual basic code,vb code,vb.net,c#,asp,asp.net,.net,code,source code,vb source code,free vb code,database,visual basic game programming,win32 api,vb books

Site position: 105458 (in .com); 168210 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2013-02-21 07:15:30

FreeVBCode - High Quality Visual Basic and C# Source Code

(view complete information about freevbcode.com)

FreeVbCode.Com is a code repository for free Visual Basic code and samples. Visual Basic examples and articles are freely available to download and review.

Keywords: keywords

Site position: 108700 (in .com); 173801 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2013-01-17 15:56:01

vb-helper.com screenshot

VB Helper: Tips, Tricks, Example Programs for Visual Basic Developers

(view complete information about vb-helper.com)

VB Helper: Tips, Tricks, Example Programs for Visual Basic Developers

Keywords: VB Helper, Visual Basic, VB, tip, trick, example, tutorial, book, essay

Site position: 128740 (in .com); 207771 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2013-02-09 17:41:53

excel-vba-easy.com screenshot

Excel VBA Tutorial - Easy Excel Macros

(view complete information about excel-vba-easy.com)

Want to learn Excel VBA quickly? Looking for a fully illustrated Excel VBA tutorial? Looking for easy examples? Want to learn the basics and more?

Keywords: excel vba, macro, excel visual basic, tutorial, programming, learn macros, vba examples

Site position: 142944 (in .com); 231600 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2012-12-01 12:21:25

Welcome To The Home Of The Visual FoxPro Experts

(view complete information about foxite.com)

Free international Online Community Web Site for Visual FoxPro Developers and enthusiasts with over 34,000 members.

Keywords: Foxite, Eric den Doop, Visual FoxPro, VFP, Fox, FoxPro, FoxBase

Site position: 145764 (in .com); 236260 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2012-12-04 05:42:27

VBScript Forum

(view complete information about visualbasicscript.com)

Welcome ! Forum Menu Log in Registration / Sign up SiteMap | Mark All Forums Read [Welcome] Forum Description Topics Posts Last Post Forum Rules (1 visitors) Please read before posting for the first time. 1 1 Forum Rules.. Monday, July 18, 2005 9:38 PM...

Site position: 252656 (in .com); 407932 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2012-12-02 10:40:05

Aivosto - Analyze, Document and Flowchart Source Code

(view complete information about aivosto.com)

Programming tools for software developers. Visustin - Flow chart generator. Project Analyzer - VB code review and optimization. VB Watch - Profile and debug.

Keywords: VBShop, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Studio .NET, VB6, VB 6, VB.net, tools, utilities, shareware, analyze, analyzer, optimize, document, add-in, addins, diagramming, diagram, graph, flowchart, flow diagram

Site position: 327920 (in .com); 521535 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2012-12-05 10:13:57

andreavb.com screenshot

Andrea VB Programming - Visual Basic and VB.NET source code site

(view complete information about andreavb.com)

AndreaVB provides free Visual Basic and VB.NET source code, tips and tricks, printing and programming techniques, discussion board and downloads all for free

Keywords: visual basic, source code, programming, vb, tutorial, winapi, controls, tips, tricks, projects, API, print, Word, Access, registry, msaccess, VB3, VB4, VB5, VB6, script, VBA, VB.NET, ASP.NET, .NET, dotnet, dot net, game, OCX, OLE, DLL, ADO, DAO, ODBC, RDO, Win API, dbgrid, database, sql

Site position: 413662 (in .com); 644296 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2013-02-21 01:50:09

MZ-Tools - Productivity Tools for Visual Studio .NET (C#, VB.NET), Visual Basic and VBA

(view complete information about mztools.com)

Home MZ-Tools 7.0 for Visual Studio What's New Features Download (trial) Buy / Upgrade Online Documentation Version History (RSS) FAQ Support MZ-Tools 3.0 for VB6/VB5/VBA Features Download (freeware) Donations (Paypal) Online Documentation Version...

Site position: 472461 (in .com); 727021 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2013-01-11 09:23:56

C#/VB.Net Excel, Word, PDF Component - Welcome to e-iceblue Company Ltd

(view complete information about e-iceblue.com)

c#/vb.net excel,word,pdf component

Keywords: c# excel, c# word,vb.net excel,vb.net word

Site position: 495540 (in .com); 757953 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2012-11-19 16:43:16

Visual Basic Code at vbcode.com

(view complete information about vbcode.com)

Hundreds of Visual Basic source code snippets and files. Copy and paste code from your browser directly into Visual Basic. Download complete visual basic projects. Search our extensive Visual Basic source code database.

Keywords: Visual Basic Source Code, visual basic source code, visual basic code, Visual Basic Code,database code,database programming,VISUAL BASIC CODE, source code, api, API, routines, programs, subroutine, functions, game code

Site position: 617004 (in .com); 916162 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2013-02-21 07:15:49

startvbdotnet.com - Informationen zum Thema startvbdotnet. Diese Website steht zum Verkauf!

(view complete information about startvbdotnet.com)

startvbdotnet.com ist Ihre erste und beste Informationsquelle über startvbdotnet Hier finden Sie auch weitere interessante Links. Wir hoffen, dass Sie bei Ihrer Suche erfolgreich sind!

Visit date: 2014-05-05 17:22:28

VB.NET Heaven: Free Visual Basic .NET Source Code and Tutorials

(view complete information about vbdotnetheaven.com)

Free VB.NET articles, VB.NET tutorials, HTML 5, news, blogs, resources, forum for VB.NET programming.

Keywords: VB.NET, VB.NET Article, VB.NET Tutorial, HTML 5, Visual Basic .NET, Windows Vista, XAML, .NET, ASP.NET, WCF, WPF

Visit date: 2012-11-25 22:00:42

codeforexcelandoutlook.com screenshot

VBA Code Samples for Excel and Outlook - JP Software Technologies

(view complete information about codeforexcelandoutlook.com)

JP Software Technologies is the premier Internet site for VBA code samples for use in Office programming projects. Home of the VBA Search Engine.

Keywords: VBA, Excel, Outlook, code samples, programming, formulas, functions, automation

Visit date: 2012-12-11 03:18:18


(view complete information about vbmysql.com)

VB/MySQL.com Just another WordPress site Home Articles VB.NET-MySQL Tutorials The VB.NET-MySQL Tutorial – Part 1 The VB.NET-MySQL Tutorial – Part 2 The VB.NET-MySQL Tutorial – Part 3 The VB.NET-MySQL Tutorial – Part 4 The VB.NET-MySQL Tutorial – Part 5...

Visit date: 2012-12-14 09:26:59


(view complete information about vbexplorer.com)

Visit date: 2012-12-17 15:38:18

Visual Basic hundreds of free source codes, snippets,files,tips and tricks,example programs for Visual Basic programmers

(view complete information about justvb.net)

Visual Basic 6 resource centre which contains all the help files,tutorials,source codes, projects you need to learn or expand your knowledge

Keywords: visual basic 6,programming,vb,vb6,visual basic,resources,online tutorial,visual basic tutorial,advanced visual basic,

Visit date: 2012-12-19 15:55:18

vbrad.com - .NET/ASP.NET/COM/VB.NET/C# information/components

(view complete information about vbrad.com)

VbRad.com is devoted to the Visual Basic programming. This site contains advanced Visual Basic examples, tips and tricks.

Keywords: Visual Basic Programming Advanced, VB, ASP, IIS, DAO, ADO

Visit date: 2012-12-22 02:16:28

devcity.net screenshot


(view complete information about devcity.net)

Site sponsored by: Our network: Community | vbCity Blogs | DevCity.NET | VB Feeds Home | Search | Forums | Blogs | FAQ | Newsletter Archive | Site Map | Contact Us | Syndicate Advertise | vbCity.com Categories Visual Studio 2008 .NET Intermediate .NET...

Visit date: 2013-01-09 10:36:53

cryptosys.net screenshot

CryptoSys cryptography software tools for Visual Basic and C/C++/C# developers

(view complete information about cryptosys.net)

CryptoSys cryptography software tools for Visual Basic and C/C++/C# developers

Keywords: cryptography software, encryption software, computer security, cryptographic functions, e-commerce, Advanced Encryption Standard, AES, Rijndael Block Cipher, key wrap, blowfish, sha-1, sha1, secure hash algorithm, SHA-256, SHA-224, SHA-384, SHA-512, SHA-3, Keccak, DES, Triple DES, TDEA, 3DES, message digest algorithm, MD5, HMAC, secure random numbers, random number generator, application program interface, developer tool, visual basic, vb.net, C#, .NET, DotNet, VB2005, VB2008, linux, delphi, powerbuilder

Visit date: 2013-01-13 15:37:23

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