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Site position: 1774 (in .com); 2706 (Global Alexa rank)

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Fitness Magazine: Weight-loss plans, video workouts, abs exercises, diet plans, beauty tricks, and health advice
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Weight loss, video workouts, workout playlists, diet and nutrition, food and recipes, health and beauty from the experts at FITNESS magazine.

Site position: 3824 (in .com); 6068 (Global Alexa rank)

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SELF Magazine, nutrition, health and advice:
(view complete information about

SELF Magazine: fashion, beauty, health, sex advice, news

Keywords: health, fitness, health magazine, subscription

Site position: 4156 (in .com); 6574 (Global Alexa rank)

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Prevention: Healthy Living Tips, Fitness, Recipes, Diet, Beauty
(view complete information about

Live a healthy life with trustworthy tips and advice on health, nutrition, fitness, anti-aging beauty, weight loss, and recipes from the experts at Prevention.

Keywords: diabetes,diabetes 2,natural remedies,home remedies,workouts,cholesterol,diet,diets,high blood pressure,depression,arthritis,cancer,heart disease,nutrition facts,nutrition data,exercise,fibromyalgia,pain,back pain,lower back pain,chronic pain

Site position: 4446 (in .com); 7038 (Global Alexa rank)

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Men's Fitness - Sports, Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Style and Sex
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Improve your strength, muscle growth, endurance, health and style with expert fitness and lifestyle tips from

Keywords: health,strength,training,fitness,endurance,stamina,exercise,extreme,sports,nutri tion,diet,advice,articles,recipes,workout,gym,sex,sexual,life,style,lifestyle,ca reer,dating,weider

Site position: 5608 (in .com); 8887 (Global Alexa rank)

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24 Hour Fitness | It's time for fitness on your terms | Gyms | Centers | Clubs
(view complete information about

Gyms and health club centers, locations worldwide, personal training, exercise classes

Keywords: San Francisco health club, San Francisco gym membership, fitness center in San Francisco, personal trainer San Francisco California, San Francisco athletic club, San Francisco fitness club, San Francisco fitness clubs, San Francisco gym, San Francisco gyms, Bay Area fitness club, Bay Area Gym, Bay Area health club

Site position: 11520 (in .com); 18180 (Global Alexa rank)

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Gold's Gym for Health and Fitness
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Our gyms are built to help people realize their goals and find their inner strength. We deliver the ultimate fitness experience.

Site position: 28155 (in .com); 43431 (Global Alexa rank)

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Personal Trainer Certification | Fitness Certifications | ACE
(view complete information about

The American Council on Exercise (ACE), the universal leader in group fitness, health coach and personal trainer certification. Start your fitness career now!

Keywords: ACE, Fitness, Personal, Trainer, Certification, Group Fitness, Health Coach, Exercise, American, Council

Site position: 1331 (in .org); 44496 (Global Alexa rank)

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IDEA Health Fitness Association
(view complete information about

The leading resource for fitness and wellness professionals. Health and fitness articles, fitness videos and fitness conferences all dedicated to professional level fitness education.

Keywords: health and fitness,fitness education,fitness,health,idea,fitness articles,fitness videos

Site position: 32223 (in .com); 49460 (Global Alexa rank)

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Curves Health Clubs and Fitness Centers for Women with Aerobic and Strength Training Workout
(view complete information about

A Curves 30 minute fitness center is a woman's gym that provides a total body workout. With both aerobic exercise for weight loss and strength training for toned muscles, a Curves workout provides an exercise plan that can burn up to 500 calories in just 30 minutes. Curves clubs also offer a nutrition program and diet solution that provides permanent results without permanent dieting. is an online subscription program that's the perfect nutritional complement to your Curves gym membership. Curves provide a complete solution for women to reach their weight loss, fitness, and health goals. Curves is the largest fitness and health club franchise in the world dedicated to providing affordable, one-stop exercise and nutritional information for women. Curves provides gyms for ladies in over 70 countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, England, South Africa, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Japan, Spain, Mexico, France, Greece, Netherlands, and many other countries in Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa.

Keywords: curves, gym, curves for women, womens fitness, ladies only workout, aerobic exercise, womens strength training, womens gym, curves fitness, womens health club, curves for woman, curves gym, 30 Minute Workout, Nutritional program, weight loss, diet, curves international, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, South Africa, Netherlands, Portugal, France, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Israel, Swaziland, Korea, Panama, Guatemala, Hungary, Switzerland, Bahamas, Brazil, Greece, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Argentina, Cyprus, Germany, Venezuela, Egypt, El Salvador, Taiwan, Turkey, Honduras, Iceland, Kuwait, Lebanon, Peru, Sweden, Bolivia, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Nicaragua, Norway, Bahrain, Barbados, Bermuda, Denmark, Jamaica, Morocco, Namibia, Saint Lucia, Singapore, Slovakia, Japan

Site position: 55173 (in .com); 82850 (Global Alexa rank)

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Health and Fitness Articles by Expert Personal Trainers and Health Professionals :
(view complete information about - An online magazine devoted to health and fitness, created by passionate expert personal trainers and health and fitness professionals.

Keywords: personal training, health advice, fitness advice, physical fitness, weight loss

Site position: 71841 (in .com); 108906 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2012-11-19 11:16:09

Exercise Classes+ Exercise DVDs | The Bar Method
(view complete information about

Exercise Classes and DVDs from The Most Targeted Body Sculpting Workout Any where.

Keywords: exercise dvds, workout dvds, body sculpting, exercise classes, core strengthening exercises

Site position: 80179 (in .com); 123788 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2012-11-19 14:12:45

Personal Trainer Certification | Fitness Certification | NASM
(view complete information about

My Courses 1-800-460-6276 Live Chat FAQs Account Contact Us Train Smart. Achieve More

Site position: 4160 (in .org); 126634 (Global Alexa rank)

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American College of Sports Medicine
(view complete information about

Skip to Navigation Skip to Content Events Media Room Foundation Store Volunteer Opportunities Advancing health through science, education and medicine About ACSM Who We Are 2013 Election Student Corner International Outreach Media Room Policy Center...

Site position: 4345 (in .org); 132115 (Global Alexa rank)

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Fitness Center, Dance Studio | Jazzercise
(view complete information about

Jazzercise fitness center offers exercise classes for all ages and fitness levels. Find a local Jazzercise dance studio for a total body workout!

Site position: 108371 (in .com); 173229 (Global Alexa rank)

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Natural Health - Feel Good | Look Good | Do Good
(view complete information about

Natural Health has everything you need to know about healthy eating, green living, the mind/body connection and fitness. Everything that impacts your well-being -- from the foods you eat, to the treatments you seek, to the way you live.

Keywords: natural,health,organic,Healthy Eating,Recipes,Fitness,Mind,Body,Beauty,Advice,Green Living,Green Companies,Pets,Deals,Promotions,Sweepstakes,Blogs,medicine,homeopathy,remedies

Site position: 114538 (in .com); 183642 (Global Alexa rank)

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Functional Movement Systems
(view complete information about

FMS Search query: Search Sign In | Register Shopping Cart ( 0 ) - Home A Powerfull Paradigm Shift in Fitness and Athlete Development. FMS is a Ranking and Grading System that Documents Movement Patterns. WHY FMS What is FMS FMS History FMS Team FMS...

Site position: 141001 (in .com); 228407 (Global Alexa rank)

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(view complete information about


Keywords: keywords

Site position: 8968 (in .org); 250646 (Global Alexa rank)

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Welcome to World Gym
(view complete information about

Home About Promotions Shop In 1976, it all began here. The iconic celebrity fitness scene. The serious, no-nonsense workout. The commitment to always remain a true gym, not a resort. A place where great shape is an authentic passion. Where you belong...

Site position: 171724 (in .com); 279179 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2012-12-10 23:01:34

Welcome | Nia | A sensory-based movement practice that leads to health, wellness and fitness
(view complete information about

Cart: 0 items Contact Log in / Sign up Find Nia Classes Trainings Events Find a Teacher Find a Trainer Training Training Overview White Belt Green Belt Blue Belt Brown Belt Black Belt Become a Trainer Nia 5 Stages Nia 52 Moves Nia Education Suggested...

Site position: 202677 (in .com); 329342 (Global Alexa rank)

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Personal Training Courses, Fitness Courses and Fitness Careers @ Australian Institute of Fitness - Australian Institute of Fitness
(view complete information about

Personal training courses and fitness courses at Australian Institute of Fitness. Start a personal trainer course and get a new fitness career!

Keywords: personal training courses, personal training course, fitness course, fitness career, Australian Institute of Fitness, AIF, Michelle Bridges

Site position: 2280 (in .au); 330924 (Global Alexa rank)

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Club Industry | Comprehensive information for exercise athletic professionals, trainers, fitness instructor recreation professionals
(view complete information about

Comprehensive news and business information for fitness facility owners, operators, general managers, trainers, fitness instructors recreation professionals

Keywords: athletic, fitness, exercise, health, and recreation professionals ,business, magazine, sports,equipment, product, exercise, ,gym, facility, work out </p>,

Site position: 246415 (in .com); 398407 (Global Alexa rank)

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Personal Trainer Certification, Group Exercise Certification and Aerobics Certification - AFAA
(view complete information about

Personal Trainer Certification and Group Exercise Certification. Accredited Certifications for Personal Trainer and other fitness professionals from AFAA, the world's largest fitness and Telefitness educator.

Keywords: personal trainer certification, group exercise certification, kickboxing certification, step certification, yoga instructor training, pilates instructor training, aerobics, personal trainer, personal training, personal trainer textbook, fitness training, fitness trainer, personal fitness trainer, personal training certification, fitness certification, group exercise instructor certification, personal fitness trainer certification, certified personal trainer, aerobics certification, become a personal trainer, personal fitness training, personal trainer course, certified fitness trainer, physical trainer, aerobic fitness, fitness trainer certification, career in personal training, aerobic certification, personal fitness certification, primary aerobics certification, primary group exercise certification, telefitness.

Site position: 246620 (in .com); 398693 (Global Alexa rank)

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(view complete information about

NCPAD's 14-Week Program to a Healthier You! Sign up! Are you in need of motivation, support, new ideas and expert advice in regards to physical activity and healthy eating? Looking for a program that is tailored to your individual needs and interests ? ...

Site position: 16046 (in .org); 431720 (Global Alexa rank)

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FREE Exercise Programs - Workout Routines Weight Loss Diet Plans
(view complete information about

Exercise Nutrition Community FLogs Sign in - Free registration   FREETRAINERS.COM HAS PROVIDED OVER 1.8 MILLION PEOPLE WITH FREE CUSTOM DIET EXERCISE PLANS SINCE 2000 Free registration Join now for instant access to the Custom workout...

Site position: 279600 (in .com); 449285 (Global Alexa rank)

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Fitness - President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition - President's Council on Fitness, Sports Nutrition
(view complete information about

Skip Navigation Skip Navigation Blog News Highlights Photo Video Library twitter flickr you tube RSS Newsletter Search Site President's Council on Fitness, Sports Nutrition Be Active Why Is It Important? Ways to Be Active Real People, Real Stories...

Site position: 513 (in .gov); 479132 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2013-01-31 15:09:30 screenshot

(view complete information about

INFOFIT: BCRPA, ACE, ACSM, NSCA Fitness Education Certification Home Blog Certification Continuing Ed Fitness Personal Training Fitness Testing Sub Max VO2 Resting Metabolic Rate Test Pain, Posture, Function Analysis Exercise Handbook On-Line Personal...

Site position: 2509 (in .ca); 556662 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2012-11-19 11:31:39

Personal Trainer Certification, Become A Personal Fitness Trainer, Fitness Certification Education, Fitness Instructor Certification, Pilates Fitness Certification, Yoga Fitness Certification, Nutrition Certification
(view complete information about

Personal Trainer Certification, Fitness Trainer Certification, Nutrition Certification, Home Study Fitness Certification, Pilates & Yoga Certification for fitness professionals

Keywords: personal trainer certification, personal training certification, personal fitness trainer certification, fitness trainer certification, personal fitness trainer certification, fitness instructor certification, fitness training certification, fitness training, personal training, fitness trainer, personal trainer, personal fitness training, personal fitness trainer, fitness education, personal trainer education, personal trainer education, personal trainer ceus, nutrition certification, health and fitness certification, pilates certification, yoga certification, health and fitness education, fitness library, health and fitness articles, fitness articles, health articles, fitness trainer software, nutrition software, weight management certification, weight management, athletic trainer, senior fitness, exercise training, exercise and nutrition, nutrition and wellness, strength and conditioning, strength training, sports conditioning, dietary education, fitness instructor training, fitness consultant, professional fitness consult

Site position: 361655 (in .com); 570402 (Global Alexa rank)

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(view complete information about

canfitpro fitness certification conference trade show education

Keywords: fitness conference personal trainer fitness certification fitness trade show fitness education

Site position: 366011 (in .com); 576660 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2012-12-22 13:56:21

International Youth Fitness Association - Athletic Development - IYCA
(view complete information about

The World's best resource for youth fitness, athletic development and sports training education information

Keywords: youth fitness,athletic development,sports training,youth nutrition, youth speed & agility,Brian Grasso

Site position: 28507 (in .org); 742458 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2013-01-18 11:39:02

Personal Trainer Certification for Personal Training and Fitness Professionals | NFPT
(view complete information about

More than certification. We equip personal trainers for successful careers in personal training.

Site position: 486968 (in .com); 746489 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2012-11-21 15:58:30

How to Gain Weight and Build Muscle Naturally
(view complete information about

How to gain weight blog dedicated to hard gainers, showing them healthy ways to gaining weight and building muscle.

Keywords: how to gain weight, gaining weight, building muscle

Site position: 10558 (in .nfo); 821730 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2012-12-03 04:32:44

abdominal exercises - how to get six pack abs for men and women - complete ab workout program
(view complete information about

How to get Six Pack Abs? Here at we'll help you get that Six Pack Stomach in as little as 6 weeks! Our #1 Rated System will remove body fat, increase lean muscle and sculpt ripped abs. Complete with Diet Plan, Abdominal Exercises and Workouts and lots more

Keywords: six pack abs, abdominal exercise, six pack abdominals, abs, exercises, how to get a six pack, stomach exercises, ab workouts, abdominal muscles, body fat loss, abdominal program, washboard abs, how to lose fat, plan to get abs, high protein diet, increase lean muscle

Site position: 561567 (in .com); 844731 (Global Alexa rank)

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Health Fitness Sports Magazine
(view complete information about

Health and Fitness Sports Magazine

Keywords: Health, Fitness, Sports, Houston, Magazine

Site position: 565021 (in .com); 849206 (Global Alexa rank)

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Personal Trainer Courses, Gym Fitness Instructor Courses | The Training Room
(view complete information about

Our Personal Trainer courses take just 6 weeks to complete and offer internationally recognised personal trainer qualifications. Apply today to Book your Personal Trainer Course with The Training Room

Site position: 592178 (in .com); 884351 (Global Alexa rank)

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The National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT)
(view complete information about

The National Council for Certified Personal Trainers offers the most affordable nationally accredit program. Study and test from home. Payment options available.

Keywords: personal training certification, online personal training course, personal training school, national personal training certification

Site position: 644424 (in .com); 950560 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2013-02-18 22:26:48 screenshot

Personal Trainer & UK Personal Trainers
(view complete information about

Find a personal trainer online with the NRPT. Using our UK personal trainers directory you can choose your desired expertise and from our 800+ members that are all REP's 3 accredited and insured.

Keywords: personal trainer trainers directory

Site position: 17525 (in .uk); 975909 (Global Alexa rank)

Visit date: 2012-11-23 05:43:02

Virtual Fitness Trainer
(view complete information about

Virtual Fitness Trainer: NO B.S. Fitness! Cutting Through the Fitness Hype. Real expert advice on fat loss, lean muscle, workouts and exercises. Cool, raw, fitness news and advice from the top fitness experts. By Mandy Gibbons, Australia

Keywords: virtual fitness trainer,fat loss,lean muscle,exercise,workouts,fitness,fitness experts,fitness advice,online fitness training,healthy eating,muscle building,leg butt thigh hips,leg exercises,butt and thigh toning,butt exercises,butt toning exercises,reduce body fat,summer workout,butt lifting exercises,flat butt ,mandy gibbons,australia

Visit date: 2012-11-21 07:21:23

Fit Pro
(view complete information about

PFP � Personal Fitness Professional is a multi-media fitness business resource providing a hard copy magazine, interactive website, e-newsletter, association and trade show to fitness professionals who wantto grow their careers with integrity, excellence and prosperity.

Keywords: Personal Fitness Professional, Personal Trainer, Personal Training Business, Fitness studio owner, studio owner, fitness studio, Wellness facility, wellness management, Athletic Trainer, Athletic Trainer Business, Chiropractic Business, Physical Therapy Business, Fitness Professional, Fitness Business, Nutrition Business, Wellness Business, Fitness Equipment suppliers, Fitness Business Advertising, Fitness locator, Fitness Directory, Fitness Business News, Fitness Marketing, Fitness Sales, Fitness Coaching, Fitness Motivation, Fitness Retention, Fitness Coaching, Fitness Industry, Exercise Industry, RP Publishing, Phil Kaplan, Kelli Calabrese, Fitness Assessments, Fitness Technology, Online Fitness Training, Personal Trainer Business Forum, Personal Trainer Business Alliance, Fitness Professional Insurance, Personal Trainer Insurance, Fitness Business Magazine, Fitness Business Website, Fitness Business Media, Fitness Legal issues, Personal Trainer Legal issues

Visit date: 2013-01-10 22:35:20 screenshot

ISSA - Personal Trainer Fitness Certifications : ISSA
(view complete information about

ISSA allows you to earn your certification at your pace! Become an ISSA Personal Trainer today!

Visit date: 2012-12-01 01:17:17 screenshot

Lose Stubborn Fat!
(view complete information about

Hey, this is Josh Hillis, expert in helping people lose stubborn fat, kettlebell instructor, and certified personal trainer. I've been featured in USA Today and The Denver Post. Beyond the usual "of course" fat loss and fitness information you see all over the net. These are articles that help you lose stubborn fat and get the body you really want.

Be proud of and inspired by your body™

Keywords: celebrity, fitness, fat loss, workout, diet

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Personal Trainer Certification, Personal Training Certification School, Become a Personal Trainer
(view complete information about

Get Best Personal Training Certification, Best Personal Trainer Certification, Become a Personal Trainer, Personal Training School only at NPTI

Keywords: Personal Training Certification, Best personal training certification, best personal trainer certification, become a personal trainer, personal training school

Visit date: 2012-12-12 01:03:23

Health Club Directory  Find a Health Club, Fitness Center or 24 Hour Gym!
(view complete information about

Find a Health Club, Fitness Center or 24 hour Gym including Personal Training, Yoga or Pilates Studio -, Feature listings include amenities, programs, hours, website link, club photo, driving map, and more.

Keywords: health club directory, personal womens fitness, 24 hour fitness club -,health club directory, personal womens fitness, spa fitness center, fitness directory, personal fitness trainer, woman weight lifting, chicago health club, weight lifting plan, fitness trainer directory, health club chicago, weight lifting workout, california fitness center, womens health club, personal fitness training, gym directory, arizona health club, fitness personal trainer, weight lifting training, new york health club, weight lifting for woman, spa directory, sport health club, personal trainer fitness, womens fitness center, boston health club, weight lifting program, health club management, health club new york, weight lifting guide, exercise regimen, health fitness club, personal fitness program, womens weight lifting, spa health club, fitness personal trainer, beginner weight lifting, health club in chicago, weight lifting excercises, gym exercise, health club location

Visit date: 2012-12-14 12:11:06

Wellcoaches - Coaching You to Your Best
(view complete information about

Meta tags for search engine optimization, including page title, keywords and description.

Keywords: meta tags search engine optimization keywords description page title

Visit date: 2012-12-15 13:03:34

Home Page Index
(view complete information about

Find a Personal Trainer, become a Tactical Facilitator or Population Specialist, learn more about Strength and Conditioning Certification, find jobs and more with NSCA.

Visit date: 2014-05-29 12:11:33 - Home
(view complete information about

Home About Us Health Club Jobs Why A Club? Get Active! Magazine IHRSA Passport Joining Forces Get Active America! Home About Us Health Club Jobs Why A Club? Get Active! Magazine IHRSA Passport Joining Forces Get Active America! Top Home About Us Health...

Visit date: 2012-12-16 07:30:54

Personal Trainer Kickboxing Aerobics Sports Nutritionist Certifications
(view complete information about

Personal Trainer Certification and Group Exercise Certification. Online certifications for Kickboxing Aerobics, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist.

Keywords: personal trainer certification,group exercise certification,fitness instructor,personal training,personal trainer,certified personal trainer,fitness certification,group exercise certification,aerobics,exercise,karate,kickboxing,tae kwon do,bodybuilding,workout,muscle,aging,fitness,health

Visit date: 2012-12-17 01:08:16

Weight Loss, Fitness, Diet and Product reviews - Better Body Journal
(view complete information about

Better Body Journal is dedicated to providing quality product reviews, fitness and weight loss tips, and other information about keeping great overall health.

Keywords: fitness, weightlifting, weight loss, lose weight, weight loss products

Visit date: 2012-12-17 04:27:26

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