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Mon Apr 23 10:36:22 2018

Information about: tpsc.go.tz
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TitleTanzania Public Service College - TPSC
Description Staff College of Tanzania About TPSC Capacity Facilities Academic Calendar Research Consultancy Training Programmes PSE review courses and exams July,2013 PSE Application form Postgraduate diploma programs Post Graduate Application Form Tender and...
Address http://www.tpsc.go.tz Add this site to your favorite list

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Tpsc Summary

Tanzania Public Service College - TPSC. Staff. College of Tanzania. About TPSC. Capacity Facilities.
Academic. Calendar. Research Consultancy. Training Programmes. PSE review courses and exams July,2013.
PSE Application form. Postgraduate diploma programs. Post Graduate Application Form. Tender and Vacancy.
Management Team. Application form for all campuses. TPSC Contacts. TRAINING PROGRAMS JULY 2013.
List of graduants for Dar es Salaam Campus. GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENT. List of graduants for Mtwara Campus.
Singida Campus graduants. Tabora Campus Graduants. Our Vision. The Vision of TPSC is to be.
a Centre of Excellence in delivering the highest quality , practical , responsive and competence - based training and.
development services to both Public and Private Sectors at all. Levels. Our Mission. The Mission of TPSC is to improve.
the quality efficiency and effectiveness of the public service. of Tanzania by providing comprehensive training , consultancy.
and applied research ...

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609302 2011-08-13

Server IP of tpsc.go.tz: (hosted by Department of Health (Canada))
Domain extension: .tz (list top sites in United Republic of Tanzania)

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  1. About TPSC
  2. Capacity Facilities
  3. Academic Calendar
  4. Research Consultancy
  5. Training Programmes
  6. PSE review courses and exams July,2013
  7. PSE Application form
  8. Postgraduate diploma programs
  9. Post Graduate Application Form
  10. Tender and Vacancy
  11. Management Team
  12. Application form for all campuses
  13. TPSC Contacts
  15. List of graduants for Dar es Salaam Campus
  17. List of graduants for Mtwara Campus
  18. Singida Campus graduants
  19. Tabora Campus Graduants
  20. Flash ("joinTPSC.swf")
  21. kafkas emlak

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