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Wed Nov 20 13:40:57 2019

Information about: ufiqac.org
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Title米联网 USA Federal International Qualification Authentication Corp. and Talent Exchange Center (view sites with similar title)
Description 米联网 UFIQAC-USA Federal International Qualification Authentication Corp. and Talent Exchange Center,美国联邦国际资格认证协会官方网站,美国联邦国际资格认证协会(USA Federal International Qualification Authentication Corp)简称UFIQAC是经美国联邦政府批准注册的联邦注册号110659388--4989737国际性资格认证权威机构.总部设在美国特拉华州,是当今世界最权威的专门从事国际资格认证机构之一,致力于资格认证的全球化,标准化,系统化,规范化和专业化.-美国联邦国际资格认证协会官方网站USA FEDERAL INTERNATIONAL QUALIFICATION AUTHENTICATION CORP.
Keywords米联网, UFIQAC, 美国联邦国际资格认证协会, USA Federal International Qualification Authentication Corp, 美式英语, 英式英语, 国际通用商务英语, 国际通用职业英语, 英语第二语言教育认证, 国际汉语教师教学技能合格证书, 国际化双语教学技能合格证书, 美国汉语外教教学技能合格证书, 国际英语教师教学技能合格证书
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米联网 usa federal international qualification authentication corp. and Talent Exchange Center.
Home Page. Certificate. Certificate Inquires. Certificate Manual. Certificate Samples.
Introduction. About Us. Contact Us. The News. Download. Inquiry. Guestbook. Talent Network.
Search all. Article. Pics. Download. Video. Mall. FLASH. Products. Certificate. Advanced Search.
About Us. usa federal international qualification authentication corp abbreviated as ufiqac, is internationally acknowledged authorized organization; approved and registered by USA Federal Government.(Federal Registration No. 1106599388-4989737). The headquarters is located in Delaware…
More. The Authentication Students. Name: Suping Ye. Sex:Female. Certificate Name: International English Teaching Skills Certificate.
Name: Qingfang Long. Sex:Female. Certificate Name: International English Teaching Skills Certificate.
Name: Wei Liu. Sex:Female. Certificate Name: International English ...

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866071 2013-05-15

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  1. Certificate
  2. Certificate Inquires
  3. Certificate Manual
  4. Certificate Samples
  5. Introduction
  6. Contact Us
  7. The News
  8. Download
  9. Inquiry
  10. Guestbook
  11. Talent Network
  12. Advanced Search
  13. International English Teaching Skills Certificate
  14. International Standardized American Oral English Certificate for Young Learners
  15. British English language standard test-the primary
  16. British English language standard test-high
  17. Teaching skill examination for International English
  18. The Teaching Knowledge Test
  19. Teaching Knowledge Test Syllabus
  20. Teaching Knowledge Test Module 2
  21. International Business English & Spok..
  22. International English Teaching Skills..
  23. international certified memory traini..
  24. International Standardized American O..
  25. Chinese International education Appe..
  26. International Business English Qualif..
  27. Andrew Moore
  28. The expert of CV_Mike Drews
  29. The expert Mr. Collis I. Rost
  30. The expert Jordan Kostelac
  31. The expert SANDRA WRIGHT
  32. The expert John
  33. More >>
  34. Apply for Friendlink
  35. >>More
  36. UFIQAC
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  39. The University of Tokyo
  40. Yale University
  41. MIT
  42. University of Oxford
  43. Harvard University
  44. University of Cambridge
  45. Baidu
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  49. www.ufiqac.org
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