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Sun May 19 20:30:43 2019

Information about: willstrohl.com
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Willstrohl information:

TitleThe Mighty Blog > The official web site for Will Strohl (view sites with similar title)
Description Welcome to "The Mighty Blog" Welcome to my personal web site. I plan to add plenty of information and freebies here for you to use, try, read, view, share, and ignore. Have fun! Will Strohl My Recent Blog Entries First CMS User Group Meeting in London...
Address http://www.willstrohl.com Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @JohnJRoyle
Co-owner of http://t.co/EGylKxdo9z. We do web stuff. I can spell.
RT @DnnSharp: We put the finishing touches on a new payments gateway integration with #DNNCMS. #DNN http://t.co/pmPvjBwUrs Add-on is around…
Facebook dotnetnuke

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Willstrohl Summary

The Mighty Blog > The official web site for Will Strohl. Welcome to "The Mighty Blog" Welcome to my personal web site. I plan to add plenty of information and freebies here for you to use, try, read, view, share, and ignore. Have fun!
Will Strohl. My Recent Blog Entries. First CMS User Group Meeting in London.It may surprise you to hear that in such a populated region such as London to hear that there has never been a DotNetNuke user group there.  That’s right!  There isn’t an area in the United Kingdom that is considered to be more metropolitan.  It’s also considered to be a leading global city in numerous areas such as arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, research and development, and more.  Yet DNN hasn’t reached their techie scene.  That’s changing!  The very first user group meeting that focuses on DNN will be held there in just a couple of short weeks.
It is with great pleasure that I can yet again introduce you to a brand new DNN user

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