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Sun Apr 22 13:10:22 2018

Information about: worden.com
Popularity/access rank: Site number 75700 (.com extension); 115833 (global rank)
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TitleWORDEN TC2000 & FreeStockCharts.com – Leader in Real-time Stock Charts, Market Scans, Technical Analysis and Alerts (view sites with similar title)
Description Stock Market research, stock data, charting software and online market web tools.
Address http://www.worden.com Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @wordenbrothers
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Worden Summary

WORDEN TC2000 & FreeStockCharts.com – Leader in Real-time Stock Charts, Market Scans, Technical Analysis and Alerts.
1-800-776-4940. Open 9am-9pm ET. Sign-In. Welcome Guest. TC2000 version 12.2. TC2000 version 7.
TC2000 Tablets Mobile. StockFinder 5.0. Activate Service. Nationwide Training Classes. TC2000 v12.2 Tutorial Videos.
TC2000 v7 Tutorial Videos. Webinar Archive. Home. Products. Training. Discussion. Support.
TC2000 New Version 12.2. TC2000 for iPad, iPhone, Android & Tablets. Nationwide Training Classes.
New TC2000 Version 12.3 Beta is now available. New starter templates make designing workspaces fast and easy. Overall improved workflow and navigation between windows. New "feeds" automatically gather and organize web stories, twitter and news for your active symbol. Platinum members can access chat trading rooms (synched from version 7) which let you swap charts, watchlists, EasyScans and workspaces.
View schedule of upcoming webinars... Webinar: See What's New in TC2000 Version ...

Popularity Rank of worden.com
Alexa Rank Alexa Rank Date
115833 2013-05-15
121981 2013-05-01
120458 2013-04-15
110790 2013-04-01
106937 2013-03-15
104978 2013-03-01
96794 2013-02-15
100504 2013-01-30
113669 2013-01-08
98407 2012-11-17
134402 2011-12-06
143855 2011-08-13
121691 2010-06-10
94634 2010-03-07
165286 2009-05-28
170869 2008-12-23

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Server IP of worden.com: (hosted by Peak 10)
Domain extension: .com (list top sites in .com (Commercial))

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  1. Sign-In
  2. TC2000 version 12.2
  3. TC2000 version 7
  4. TC2000 Tablets Mobile
  5. StockFinder 5.0
  6. Activate Service
  7. Nationwide Training Classes
  8. TC2000 v12.2 Tutorial Videos
  9. TC2000 v7 Tutorial Videos
  10. Webinar Archive
  11. Home
  12. Discussion
  13. Support
  14. New TC2000 Version 12.3 Beta is now available
  15. Activate TC2000
  16. View schedule of upcoming webinars...
  17. Webinar: See What's New in TC2000 Version 12.3
  18. Webinar: Writing Personal Criteria Formulas - Part 2
  19. Webinar: Simple Formulas for Custom Criteria
  20. Webinar: Understand and Apply Fibonacci Drawings
  21. Webinar: Identifying Risk/Reward and Measured Moves
  22. Webinar: Drawing Channels to Evaluate Trends
  23. Webinar: How to Use TC2000 Columns to Simplify WatchList Analysis
  24. Webinar: Seasonality Analysis using TC2000's Custom Date Sort Feature
  25. Webinar: Using the Right Indicators for Consolidating Markets
  26. Webinar: Creative Chart Construction
  27. Webinar: Using the Right Indicators for Trending Markets
  28. Webinar: Trading the Bullish Breakout
  29. Webinar: 2012 - A Look Ahead with Dan Fitzpatrick
  30. Webinar: Trade More Efficiently with Alerts Live Results
  31. Webinar : Organize Your Watchlists to Improve Your Trades
  32. Webinar: What's New in TC2000 Version 12.2
  33. Webinar: Trading the Flag/Pennant Pattern
  34. Webinar: Maximizing the Value of Component Lists
  35. Webinar: Creating Custom EasyScans in TC2000 version 12.1
  36. Webinar: Scanning with Indicator Conditions
  37. Webinar: Using ETF Proxies for Broader Markets
  38. Webinar: Create Custom Rankings in TC2000
  39. Webinar: Multiple Time Frame Analysis
  40. Webinar: Breadth plus Momentum - Two Tools are Better than One
  41. Webinar: Using Trendlines Effectively in TC2000.com
  42. Get Updates via Twitter
  43. Stocks Commodities Awards!
  44. Los Angeles, CA Nov 30th & Dec 1st
  45. Dallas, TX Dec 7th & 8th
  46. Raleigh, NC Dec 14th & 15th
  47. Worden Forums: Stock & Market Talk
  48. Write a PCF, Dollar Vol + ATR15
  49. SP500
  50. Volatile stocks
  51. An unbelievably simple plan or ?
  52. Finding Continuation Triangles And Wedges With Telechart
  53. Total price return
  54. Ascending Continuation Triangle Chart Pattern
  55. Swing trader scans that works for you?
  56. TCScan+ Honest Reviews
  57. Try TC2000 Free for 14 Days
  58. My Account
  59. My Affiliate Info
  60. Training
  61. Become an Affiliate
  62. Terms of use, trademarks, contact info and refund policy
  63. Privacy Policy

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