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Fri May 24 03:10:29 2019

Information about: writingthrillers.com
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TitleThriller Writing (view sites with similar title)
Description Sean Durham blog about thriller writing and all aspects of learning to write Fiction of any kind. Thoughts and Ideas shared by the Author and contributors about the whole process of writing.
Keywordsfiction writing, blogging, thriller fiction writers, books, reading, learning to write, art, craft of fiction, inventing stories for beginners, beginning to create fiction, tips for writers, how to write fiction, blogging tips
Address http://writingthrillers.com/ Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @SeanDurhamArt
Sean Durham is an Oil Painter and writer living and working in Madrid , Spain.
Facebook MadridNotes

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Thriller Writing. Thriller Writing. fiction writing Blog. About Thriller Writing. Madrid Notes.
Creating Tension in Your Thriller Writing. thriller writing. No Responses » Jan 07 2013.
writing tools. Tension in Writing Thrillers is essential if we want to keep the reader turning pages. As writers we have to become aware of points in our story where we can introduce Tension. The Hook at the end of a chapter creates the type of tension that makes a reader want to turn the page and start another chapter, but where exactly does that tension come from? Character tension is a Key Element in Writing Thrillers, so we look at our Character and find out how we can exploit their inner and outer conflicts to find points of Tension.
1. The Goal of the character in your novel is a constant problem that should only be resolved in the Climax. Therefore throughout the story he or she will get close to achieving the goal but then be presented with a new set of problems that create a set back for the Character. The ...

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